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格林多前书 1 Corinthians
1我确实听说在你们中间有淫乱的事,且是这样的淫乱,连在外教人中也没有过,以至有人竟同自己父亲的妻子姘居。1You have become news with a case of immorality, and such a case that is not even found among pagans. Yes, one of you has taken as wife his own stepmother.
2你们竟还傲慢自大!你们岂不更该悲哀,把行这事的人从你们中除去吗?2And you feel proud! Should you not be in mourning instead and expel the one who did such a thing.
3至于我,身体虽不在你们那里,但心神却与你们同在,我好像亲自在你们中间一样,因我们的主耶稣的名,已判决了行这样事的人;3For my part, although I am physically absent, my spirit is with you and, as if present, I have already passed sentence on the man who committed such a sin.
4当你们聚会时,我的心神也与你们同在,以我们的主耶稣的大能,4Let us meet together, you and my spirit, and in the name of our Lord Jesus and with his power,
5将这样的人交与撒殚,摧毁他的肉体,为使他的灵魂在主【耶稣】的日子上可以得救。5you shall deliver him to Satan, so that he may lose everything and his life, but his spirit be saved in the day of Judgment.
6你们自夸实在不当;你们岂不知道少许的酵母,能使整个面团发酵吗?6This is not the time to praise yourselves. Do you not know that a little yeast makes the whole mass of dough rise?
7你们应把旧酵母除净,好使你们成为新和的面团,正如你们原是无酵饼一样,因为我们的逾越节羔羊基督,已被祭杀作了牺牲。7Throw out, then, the old yeast and be new dough. If Christ became our Passover, you should be unleavened bread.
8所以我们过节,不可用旧酵母,也不可用奸诈和邪恶的酵母,而只可用纯洁和真诚的无酵饼。8Let us celebrate, therefore, the Passover, no longer with old yeast, which is sin and perversity; let us have unleavened bread, that is purity and sincerity.
9我先前在信上给你们写过:不可与淫荡的人交结,9In my last letter I instructed you not to associate with immoral people.
10这话并不是泛指这世上所有淫荡的人,或贪婪的人,或勒索人的人,或拜偶像的人;若是这样,你们就非出离这世界不可。10I did not mean, of course, those who do not belong to the church and who are immoral, exploiters, embezzlers or worshipers of idols. Otherwise you would have to leave this world.
11其实,我写给你们的,是说:若有称为弟兄的,是淫荡的,或贪婪的,或拜偶像的,或辱骂人的,或酗酒的,或勒索人的,你们就不要同他交结;并且同这样的人,连一起吃饭也不可。11What I really meant was to avoid and not to mingle with anyone who, bearing the name of brother or sister, becomes immoral, exploiter, gossip, drunkard, embezzler. In which case you should not even eat with them.
12审断教外的人,关我何事?教内的人,岂不该由你们审断吗?12Why should I judge outsiders? But you, are you not to judge those who are inside?
13教外的人,自有天主审断他们。你们务要把那坏人从你们中间铲除!13Let God judge those outside, but as for you, drive out the wicked person from among you.
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