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智慧篇 Wisdom
1「列祖的天主,仁慈的上主!你用你的言語,創作了一切,1God of our fathers and Lord of mercy, whose word has created everything and
2以你的智慧造了人,使他統治你所造的萬物,2who in Wisdom formed man to govern your creation,
3吩咐他以聖德和正義,管理世界,以正直的心,施行權力:3to rule the world in holiness and justice, passing sentence with right judgment,
4求你賜給我侍立於你座旁的智慧,不要將我從你僕人中開除;4give me Wisdom that sits beside your throne and do not reject me from among your children.
5因為,我是你的僕人,是你婢女的兒子,是病弱短命,對正義與法律絕少認識的人。5For I am your servant, son of your handmaid, a weak and mortal man with little understanding of judgment and laws.
6在人子中,即便有人是完人,如果沒有出於你的智慧,他實算不了什麼。6Even the most perfect among the sons of men counts for nothing, unless he has received Wisdom that comes from you.
7你曾選拔我,作你百姓的君王,作你子女的判官。7You have chosen me as king for your people, as judge over your sons and daughters.
8你曾命令我,在你的聖山上建造聖殿,在你居住的城邑內修築祭壇,仿照你起初所備置的聖幕的式樣。8You have ordered me to build a temple on your holy mountain and an altar in the city where you live, in imitation of the holy Tent that was yours from the beginning.
9智慧與你同在,她洞悉你的工作;當你創造世界的時候,她已在場,知道你喜悅什麼,知道按你的法律,甚麼是正當的。9With you is Wisdom that knows your works, that was present when you made the world and is aware of what is pleasing in your eyes and what is right according to your commandments.
10求你從你的聖天上,遣發智慧,從你榮耀的寶座旁,派遣她來,與我共處同勞,教我知道什麼是你喜悅的事。10Send her from the holy heavens, dispatch her from your holy throne to work beside me so that I may know what is pleasing to you.
11因為她知道一切,通達一切,能引導我行事明智,以自己的德能保護我。11For she knows and understands everything; she will direct my actions with prudence and protect me with her power.
12這樣,我的工作必蒙悅納,治理你的百姓可以公正,配坐我父親的寶座。人無智慧,不能獲得救恩。12Then my deeds will please you, and I shall judge your people in justice and be worthy of the throne of my father.
13有誰能知道天主的計劃,有誰能想像上主的意願?13Indeed, what man can know the intentions of God? Who can discern the plan of the Lord?
14有死的人的思想,常是不定的,我們人的計謀常是無常的;14For human reasoning is timid, our notions misleading;
15因為,這必腐朽的肉身,重壓著靈魂;這屬於土的寓所,迫使精神多慮。15a perishable body is a burden for the soul and our tent of clay weighs down the active mind.
16世上的事,我們還難以測度;目前的事,我們還得費力追求;那麼,天主上的事誰還能探究?16We are barely able to know about the things of earth and it is a struggle to understand what is close to us; who then may hope to understand heavenly things?
17你若不賜予智慧,從高天派遣你的聖神,誰能知道你的旨意?17Who has ever known your will unless you first gave him Wisdom and sent down your holy spirit to him?
18這樣,世人的道路纔得修直了,人們纔可學習你喜悅的事,18In this way you directed the human race on the right path; they learned what pleases you and were saved by Wisdom.
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