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多俾亞傳 Tobit
1那時,多俾亞叫了辣法耳來,對他說:1Tobias called Raphael and said to him,
2「阿匝黎雅兄!請你帶上四個僕人,兩匹駱駝,到辣傑斯,往加貝羅那裡去,把契據交給他,好把銀子索回來;並請他與你同來參與婚禮。2"Brother Azarias, please take with you a manservant and two camels and go to Rages in Media.
3你知道我父親在計算著日期,若我耽誤了一天,必使他十分掛心。3Call on Gabael, give him the receipt and recover the money. Then invite Gabael to the wedding feast. You saw that Ragouel made me swear an oath, so I may not depart from this house without breaking the oath.
4你也看見辣古耳發了什麼誓,因此,我不能反抗他的誓約。」4Yet you know that my father is counting the days and if I delay longer than necessary he will be worried.
5辣法耳於是帶了四個僕人,兩匹駱駝,往瑪待辣傑斯去了,住在加貝羅的家裡,把契據交給了他,並且把托彼特的兒子多俾亞娶妻,和請他參與婚禮的事,也報告了給他。他便起來,給他按原數數了幾個尚封著口的袋子,放在駱駝上,5Raphael set out for Rages in Media and stayed the night in Gabael's house. Raphael presented him with the receipt, and Gabael brought out the sealed bags of money and gave them to him.
6清早一起動身,前來參與婚禮。當他們進到辣古耳家時,看見多俾亞正在坐席。多俾亞便跳起來,向他請安。加貝羅不禁哭起來了,祝福他說:「善良無比的人啊!你是善良無比和正義好施的人的兒子,願上主賜予你、你的妻子和你的岳父岳母天上的祝福!願天主受讚揚!因為我看見了肖似我表弟托彼特的多俾亞。」6The next morning they arose early and set off to the wedding. When they entered Ragouel's house, they found Tobias at the table. Gabael went to him and embraced him. He wept and blessed Tobias saying, "Good and worthy man, son of a good and honest father, a man who is just and compassionate, may the Lord of Heaven bless you and your wife. May he also bless the father and mother of your wife. Blessed be God because I have seen Tobias, my cousin, who is so like his father."
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