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多俾亞傳 Tobit
1厄撒哈冬為王時,我回了家,我的妻子亞納和我的兒子多俾亞也歸還了給我。在我們的五旬節日,即七七節日,他們為我預備了盛筵,我便坐下準備進膳。1When I returned to my house, my wife Anna and my son Tobias were given back to me. At the feast of Pentecost, the sacred feast of the Seven Weeks, they prepared a good meal for me and I sat down to eat.
2在給我預備桌子,擺上豐盛的食品時,我對我的兒子說:「孩子!你去,在擄到尼尼微的同族兄弟中,尋找一個全心懷念上主的窮人,領他來與我們一同進膳。孩子,我等你回來。」2I saw the many dishes and said to my son: "Go and bring as many as you can find of our relatives who are in need and who remember the Lord. I will wait here for them."
3多俾亞便出去,在同族兄弟中尋找一個窮人,他回來時說:「父親!」我對他說:「孩子!我在這裡。」他接著說:「父親!我看見了我們同族的一個人被殺,扔在市場上,他是剛纔在那裡被絞死的。」3When Tobias returned, he said: "Father, one of ours has been strangled and thrown into the public square."
4我立刻跳起來,離開了筵席,連什麼都沒有嘗,就去把他從大街上抬回來,放在一間小屋裡,等到太陽西落以後,再去埋葬。4Before I ate anything I hurried out and carried this man into the house and waited till sunset to bury him.
5我回來沐浴之後,悲傷著吃了些食物;5When I returned home I washed myself and ate my food in sorrow.
6於是記起了亞毛斯先知對貝特耳發的預言說:「你們的慶節將變為悲哀,你們的一切歌曲將變為傷歎。」我便哭起來。6I remembered the prophecy which Amos uttered against Bethel: "Your feasts will be turned into mourning. All your songs will be turned into lamentations,"
7太陽西落以後,我去掘了墳,把他埋葬了。7and I wept. After sunset I went out and, after I had dug a trench, I buried the man.
8我的鄰居譏諷說:「他還不怕!他以前為了這事曾被通緝處死,以致必須逃命。看,他又埋葬死人。」8My neighbors mocked me, saying: "He no longer fears to be put to death for doing that; he had to flee but look he is again burying the dead."
9當夜,我沐浴之後,便進了我的庭院,靠著庭院的牆睡下了。當時因為天熱,我的臉沒有蓋上,9That same night, after I had buried the body, I returned home. I washed myself and went out into the courtyard to sleep against the wall; my face was uncovered because of the heat.
10也沒有看見小鳥在我上面的牆上,牠們的熱糞落到我的眼裡,即起了一層白膜;我去求醫診治,但是愈給我敷藥,我的眼睛愈被白膜所遮蔽,以致完全失明。四年之久,我甚麼也看不見。我的眾兄弟都為我悲傷,阿希加養了我兩年,直到他去厄藍為止。10I did not see that there were sparrows on the wall of the courtyard and, as my eyes were open, the hot droppings from the sparrows fell into my eyes and formed a white film on my eyes. I went to find doctors to attend to me for medical treatment but the more ointments they smeared on my eyes, the more blind I became because of the film. Finally I became totally blind. I suffered from blindness for four years. All my brothers were burdened because of me. Ahikar kept me for two years before he departed for Elymiade.
11那時,我的妻子亞納去作各種女工,11My wife Anna worked hard at a woman's task, weaving.
12她把做好的工作交給雇主,雇主便付給她工錢;到「狄斯托」月七日,她把布疋剪下,交給雇主,雇主便付給她全部工資,並且還送給她一隻小山羊吃。12On the seventh day of the month of March she cut the cloth and delivered it to her employers. They paid her wages and gave her, over and above, a young goat for food.
13但是,小羊一到了我的家裡,便開始叫起來;我便叫她來,對她說:「這隻小山羊是那裡來的?是不是偷來的?妳應該把牠還給原主,因為我們不可以吃偷來的東西。」13When she returned home the kid began to cry. I said to her, "Where does the little kid come from? Did you steal it? Return it to its owners for we are not allowed to eat anything that is stolen."
14她對我說;「這是在工資以外送給我的。」但是,我仍不相信,命她歸還原主;我且為了這事替她害羞。但是,她回答我說:「你的施捨在那裡?你的善行在那裡?看,人都知道你得到了什麼報應!」14But she said, "It is a gift which has been given to me in addition to my wages." "I don't believe it. I tell you to return it to its owners." I was ashamed of her. She replied, "What about your own almsgiving and your good deeds? I have to put up with all this from you."
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