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雅歌 Song of Songs
1萬望你是我的兄弟,吮過我母親的乳房,好叫我在外邊遇見你時,能親吻你,而不致受人輕視。1If only you were my brother, nursed at my mother's breasts, I could kiss you outside if we met, without anyone despising me for it.
2我要引領你走進我母親的家,進入懷孕我者的內室;給你喝調香的美酒,石榴的甘釀。2I would lead and bring you into the house of my mother, and you would teach me there. I would give you wine with spice and the juice of my pomegranates.
3他的左手在我頭下,他的右手緊抱著我。3His left hand is under my head; his right arm embraces me.
4耶路撒冷女郎!我懇求你們,不要驚醒,也不要喚醒我的愛,讓她自便罷!4I beg you, daughters of Jerusalem, by the powers of nature, not to arouse or stir up love before her time has come.
5如同在「默示錄」裡,末世的預言常有重覆,卻也常有演進:「雅歌」的題目亦然。在這一幕內,最大的演進是8:1-3一段。新娘(天主的百姓)用這些話,表示她如何切盼上主可見的來臨,希望他在默西亞的身上藉人性親自顯現,成為「厄瑪奴耳」(「天主與我們同在」,依7:14; 8:8)。她盼望天主取人性成為她可見的哥哥和凈配,而她則為新娘,為妹妹。總而言之,這熱誠的新娘,是在渴望天主聖子降生。5Who is this coming from the wilderness leaning upon her lover? I woke you under the apple tree, where you were conceived by your mother, where she who bore you was in travail.
6從曠野裡上來,那偎依著自己的愛人的,是誰?在蘋果樹下我喚醒了你,在那裡你的母親懷孕了你,在那裡生養你的,為你受了產痛。6Set me as a seal on your heart, set me as a seal on your arm. For love is strong as death; its jealousy lasting as the power of death, it burns like a blazing fire, it blazes like a mighty flame.
7請將我有如印璽,放在你的心上,有如印璽,放在你肩上,因為愛情猛如死亡,妒愛頑如陰府:它的焰是火焰,是上主的火燄。7No flood can extinguish love nor river submerge it. If a man were to buy love with all the wealth of his house, contempt is all he would purchase.
8洪流不能熄滅愛情,江河不能將它沖去,如有人獻出全副家產想購買愛情,必受人輕視。8We have a little sister with her breasts yet unformed. What shall we do for her when her courtship is begun?
9我們的妹妹尚小,還沒有乳房;到了她議婚之日,為我們的妹妹,我們將作什麼?9If she were a rampart, we would build towers of silver on it. If she were a gate, we would enclose it with panels of cedar.
10她若是牆,我們就在上面建造銀垛她若是門,我們就用香柏木閂來關鎖。10I am a rampart and my breasts are towers; thus I have become, in his eyes, like one who brings peace.
11我是一道牆,我的乳房如同塔。我在他眼裡,實如獲得和平的女郎。11At Baal-hamon Solomon had a vineyard, which he gave over to caretakers; for its fruit, each had to pay: a thousand pieces of silver.
12撒羅滿在巴耳哈孟有個葡萄園,他將這葡萄園委托給看守的人;每人為園中的果子,應交一千兩銀子。12But my vineyard is mine and I myself keep it. You, Solomon, may have the thousand, and the fruit keepers two hundred pieces.
13那屬我的葡萄園,就在我面前;撒羅滿!一千兩銀子歸你,二百兩歸看守果子的人。13You wh-o dwell in the gardens, with your friends in attendance, let me hear your utterance.
14你這住在果園中的女郎,願你使我聽到你的聲音!同伴們都在等候細聽。14Make haste, my love; be like a gazelle or a young stag on the spice-laden hills!
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