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德訓篇 Sirach
1不要猜忌你懷中的妻子,怕你教給她危害你的智識。1Do not be jealous of your own wife; do not give her reason to disgrace you.
2不要任意順從你的妻子,免得她侵佔你的權柄,使你蒙羞。2Do not put yourself into the power of any woman to the point where she can dominate you.
3不要逢迎淫婦,怕你落在她的羅網裡。3Do not go near a woman of ill-repute for fear of falling into her nets.
4不要同歌女交往,也不要聽她,怕你跌在她的陷阱裡。4Do not dally with a singing girl for fear of being caught in her snare.
5不要注視處女,怕你為了愛她,而失足跌倒。5Do not fix your gaze on a young girl for fear of being involved in her condemnation.
6不要傾心於妓女,怕你蕩盡了你的產業。6Do not deliver yourself into the power of prostitutes lest you lose your inheritance.
7不要在城市的街道上,東張西望,也不要在城中無人的地方遊蕩。7Do not glance about you in the streets of the town; do not loiter in lonely places.
8當轉移眼目,不看美麗的婦女,也不要注視別人妻子的美容;8Turn your eyes away from a good-looking woman and do not stare at a beautiful foreigner. For the beauty of a woman has caused many to fall; in her presence love blazes up like a fire.
9為了婦女的美容,許多人走入迷途;從此,慾情熾燃,有如烈火。9Never sit near a married woman or drink wine with her, for fear that your feelings towards her be roused and that in your passion you slide towards your downfall.
10所有的淫婦,都像路上被人踐踏的糞土。10Do not abandon an old friend, for a new one has not the same value. New wine, new friend; let them mature, then you will enjoy them with pleasure.
11許多人因羨慕別人妻子的美貌,而變壞了;因為她的言語,熾燃有如烈火。11Do not envy the success of the sinner, you do not know what his end will be.
12不要與有夫之婦同坐,也不要與她同席燕飲,飲酒時也不要同她辯論,12Do not take pleasure in what pleases the godless, remember that they will be punished before they die.
13怕你的心轉向她,因你的情慾而陷於喪亡。13Keep well away from the man who has power to kill and you will not experience the fear of death. But if you go with him avoid all offense for fear that he will deprive you of life: realize that you are passing through deathtraps and that you are walking on top of the wall.
14不要離棄舊友,因為新知不如故交;14As far as you can, be sociable and take counsel with learned men.
15新友有如新酒,若成了陳酒,你纔喜歡痛飲。15Love to speak with intelligent men and let all your discourses be about the law of the Most High.
16不要羨慕惡人的光榮和財富,因為你不知道他將來的結局怎樣。16Let just men be your companions at table; take pride in your fear of the Lord.
17不虔敬者喜愛的事,你不要喜愛;要記住:他們到死,絕免不了受懲罰。17An artisan is judged by his work and a leader of the community, by the wisdom of his words.
18當遠離那有殺身之權的人,如此,你就沒有怕死的疑慮;18A talkative man is dreaded in his town and the gossip makes himself disliked.
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