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德訓篇 Sirach
1不要作惡,惡便不會勝過你;1Do no evil and evil will not take hold of you.
2遠離不義,不義也必遠離你。2Keep away from wrongdoing and it will leave you alone.
3我兒,不要在不義的犁溝中撒種,你就不會收七倍的災禍。3Son, do not sow in the furrows of injustice for fear of reaping its harvest sevenfold.
4不要向上主求做大官,也不要向君王求榮位。4Do not demand authority from the Lord nor from the king a place of honor.
5不要在上主面前,自以為義人,因為他認透人心;也不要在君王面前,自顯為明智。5Do not make yourself out to be a just man before the Lord nor a wise man in front of the king.
6不要謀求做判官,怕你無力拔除不義,而在有權勢的人前,恐懼畏縮,因而傷損你的廉潔。6Do not seek a position of responsibility lest you not be powerful enough to root out injustice and, overawed by a powerful man, you lose your integrity.
7不要得罪城中的民眾,免得你在民間,聲名掃地。7Do not offend the city's assembly; do not grovel before the people.
8不要存心再次犯罪,因為就是一次,你都不免要受懲罰。8Do not commit the same sin twice; once is enough to bring punishment upon you.
9祈求的時候,不要膽怯;9Do not say, "When I sacrifice to God, the Most High will take into account the number of gifts and he will accept them."
10也不要忽略施捨。10Pray with a strong spirit and do not neglect to give alms.
11不要說:天主必垂視我這許多的禮品;當我向至高者天主奉獻禮物時,他必會悅納。11Do not despise a man when he is downcast, for there is one who casts down and who raises up.
12心裡苦悶的人,你不要嘲笑他,因為,有一位貶抑和舉揚人的,鑒臨萬事的天主。12Do not lie about your brother; likewise, do not lie about your friend.
13不要捏造謊言,陷害你的兄弟;對你的朋友,也不要有類似的行為。13Do not allow yourself any kind of lie for nothing good will come of it.
14任何謊話都不要說,因為慣於說謊,不會有好結果。14Do not gossip in front of the council of the elders, nor keep on repeating your words in prayer.
15在權貴的集會中,不要多言;你祈禱時,言語不要重複。15Do not hate hard work nor the tilling of the land as instituted by the Most High.
16不要厭惡勞力的工作,和至高者制定的農業。16Do not join the company of sinners, remember that the wrath of God will not be delayed.
17不要參與罪人的集團;17Remain humble, because the godless are punished with fire and worms.
18應記住:義怒是不會遲延的。18Do not exchange your friend for money, nor a real brother for the gold of Ophir.
19你當極力謙卑你的心靈,因為,不虔敬人的罪罰,就是烈火與蟲子。19Do not separate yourself from a wise and good woman, because a gracious wife is worth more than gold.
20不可為了錢財而出賣朋友,也不可為了敖非爾的金子,而離棄你最親愛的兄弟。20Do not maltreat the servant who works honestly, nor the laborer who works diligently.
21不要離棄因敬畏上主所得到的,明智而有德行的妻子,因為她的可愛,貴於黃金。21Love the intelligent slave as yourself and do not deprive him of his freedom.
22不要虐待忠誠工作的僕役,和為你犧牲性命的傭工。22Have you any cattle? Take care of them. If they are profitable to you, keep them.
23你當愛護明智的僕役,如你自己的性命;不可剝奪他的自由,也不可讓他依然窮苦。23Have you children? Educate them and teach them to obey from their childhood.
24你有羊群麼?就該照顧;若為你有益,就該保存。24Have you any daughters? Guard their virginity and do not be indulgent towards them.
25你有兒子麼?就該教訓他們:從幼年,就該使他們的頸項屈服。25If you marry off your daughter you will have accomplished something of importance, but give her to an intelligent man.
26你有女兒麼?就該保護他們的身體,不要對她們常露笑容。26Have you a wife who is according to your liking? Do not send her away. As for the one you dislike, do not trust her.
27叫你的女兒出嫁,你算是做了一件大事;但應把她嫁給一個明智的人。27Honor your father with your whole heart and do not be forgetful of the sufferings of your mother.
28一個婦女若合你的心意,你不要離棄她;若是一個可惱恨的,切不可信賴她。28Remember that they gave you birth. How can you repay them for what they have done for you?
29你要全心孝敬你的父親,不要忘掉你母親的痛苦。29Reverence the Lord with all your being and respect the priests.
30你要記住:沒有他們便沒有你;他們對你的恩惠,你如何報答呢?30Love your Creator with all your strength and do not abandon his ministers.
31你當全心敬畏上主,並尊敬他的司祭。31Fear the Lord and honor the priest. Give him the share which has been commanded: the first harvest, the sin-offering, the shoulders of the victims, the holy offerings and the first fruits of sacred things.
32你當全力愛慕你的創造者,不要拋棄他的臣僕。32Stretch out your hand to the poor and you will receive a blessing from the Lord.
33你當全靈恭敬上主,尊敬司祭,33May your gifts benefit the living and do not forget the dead.
34並依照定例,給他所應得的一分:即首批成熟的出產,贖罪的祭品,平安犧牲的右腿,聖潔的祭物,和高尚的獻儀。你要用少許祭品,洗淨你無心的過犯。34Do not turn away from those who weep, and grieve with those who are in sorrow.
35你應將平安犧牲的一切胳臂,聖潔的祭品,與貴重的獻儀,都獻給上主。35Do not neglect to visit the sick because it is for such acts that you will be loved.
36應向窮人伸手施惠,好使你的祝福和憐憫,完備無缺。36In all your actions remember your last end and you will never sin.
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