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德訓篇 Sirach
1約史雅的紀念,就如精製香料的人,用各種香味配成的香料,1The memory of Josiah is like blended incense carefully prepared by the perfumer; it is like delicious honey to every mouth, like music during a banquet.
2在眾人口裡,甜如蜂蜜,又如酒會中的音樂。2He followed the right way in converting the people and removing the horror of idolatry.
3他悲痛人民的背信,因此剷除了邪惡的可憎之物;3He set his heart on the Lord and succeeded in having godliness prevail over wickedness.
4他使自己的心,歸向上主;他在罪惡橫流的時代,實行了熱心敬主的事。4With the exception of David, Hezekiah and Josiah, the kings were very sinful men. they abandoned the Law of the Most High bringing an end to the kings of Judah.
5除達味、希則克雅和約史雅外,別的都犯了錯誤;5They surrendered their power and their honor to foreign nations.
6猶大的君王們,由於離棄了至高者的法律,蔑視了對天主應有的敬畏,因而都已喪亡:6Their enemies set fire to the holy city, making its streets desolate
7因為,他們將自己的權力,讓給外人,把自己的光榮,交於外方民族。7as Jeremiah had foretold.
8這民族燒毀了蒙選的聖城,使城中的道路不見人跡,全照耶肋米亞預言過的。8It was Ezekiel who saw the vision of Glory when the Lord showed it to him above the chariot of the cherubim.
9因為猶太人虐待了他,雖然他從母胎就被選為先知,來擔負剷除、推翻、毀滅、建設、栽培和復興等工作。9He also remembered Job, the one who always followed the way of justice.
10厄則克耳看見上主在革魯賓的車上,顯示給他的輝煌異像;10As for the twelve prophets, may their bones spring to life from the tomb, for they comforted the people of Jacob and saved them with confident hope.
11他也提到遵行各樣正道的約伯。11Can we ever adequately praise Zerubbabel who was like a ring at the finger of God, and
12願十二先知的骨骸,從自己的塋地再放異彩,因為他們曾安慰了雅各伯,以自已堅固的信仰拯救了他。12likewise Joshua, son of Jozadak? They were men who, in their days, built the Temple to the Lord, a sanctuary destined for everlasting glory.
13我們要怎樣讚頌則魯巴貝耳?他像右手所帶的印章指環,13Lasting too is the memory of Nehemiah, who rebuilt our ruined walls, provided gates and bars and rebuilt our homes.
14約匝達克的兒子耶叔亞,也是如此:他們二人在任期內,建造了殿宇,並為上主高建了一座永遠輝煌的聖殿。14No one on earth was created to equal Enoch for he was taken up from the earth.
15乃赫米雅值得紀念的事更多:他給我們重修了倒塌的城墻,安門加閂,並修葺了我們的房屋。15And never was there a man like Joseph, the greatest among his brothers, the leader of his people; his bones were honored.
16世上受造的人中,沒有一個像哈諾客這樣的人,因為他從世上被提升天。16Shem and Seth were exalted among men, but Adam's glory was greater than any other living being.
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