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德訓篇 Sirach
1碧空青天,是高空的美麗;蒼天的景色,光耀壯觀。1The pride of the heights above is the clear firmament. How glorious is the spectacle of the heavens!
2太陽升出,發散熱氣。-的確是至高者奇異的化工!2When the sun rises and appears, it proclaims: "I am your marvelous work, Most High!"
3中午的太陽烘熱大地,誰能抵抗它的炎熱?人吹火爐,使它生熱;3At noon, it dries up the land; who can bear its burning heat?
4太陽的熱,比火爐更強三倍:它燒毀山岳,放射火光,眩耀人目。4You may stoke a furnace to produce heat, but three times greater is the heat of the sun burning the mountains, and sending out fiery vapors, blinding the eyes with its rays.
5創造太陽的上主是偉大的,太陽依照他的號令,急速運行。5How great is the Lord who made it and whose word directs its rapid course!
6月亮,這指明時節的永久標誌,常是準時的;6He also made the moon, exact in marking the months and the passage of time.
7月亮,這圓而復缺的光體,節期由它來劃定,7With its full light gradually decreasing, the moon determines and rules over the feast days.
8月份因它而得名;它由缺而盈,極其微妙;8The month also takes its name from the moon. How marvelously does it increase in its phases, providing a signal for the heavenly hosts, brightly shining in the expanse of the sky!
9它是高天軍旅的燈塔,在天空照耀。9The bright radiance of the stars accounts for the beauty of the sky. What a brilliant ornament they are for the heights of the Lord!
10繁星的光芒,造成天空的美麗,它們是上主高天上的燦爛裝飾;10At the command of the All Holy they stand as appointed and never fail to keep watch.
11它們遵照聖者的號令,執行任務,看守黑夜,總不疲倦。11Look at the rainbow and praise the One who made it. How magnificent it is in splendor!
12你看見虹霓,就當讚美它的創造者;它的光彩極其燦爛。12It forms a circle of glory in the sky, a bow that is bent by the hands of its Maker.
13它用光輝的弧形環繞天空,至高者的手,將它伸長。13At his order the snow falls and lightning strikes according to his decrees.
14天主一命令,雪花即迅速降下;天主一決定,電光就急速閃爍。14The storerooms of heaven are opened and clouds fly away like birds.
15為此,倉庫一開啟,雲霧就像群鳥飛翔而出。15It is his power that thickens the clouds, making them freeze and break into hailstones.
16他以自己的大能,使雲凝結,冰雹如碎石落下。16He has only to look and the mountains are shaken; the voice of his thunder terrifies the earth.
17他一出現,山岳動搖;他的雷聲,震撼大地;17At his will the south wind blows, as do cyclones and hurricanes from the north.
18他一願意,南風吹起,北風怒號,旋風滾動。18The snow flutters down like birds and alights on the ground like locusts. The eye marvels at the beauty of its whiteness and the mind is amazed to see it fall.
19他使雪片飛落,有如群鳥飛下;雪片降落,又如飛蝗落下。19He sprinkles frost on the earth like salt; it freezes and becomes like thorny spikes.
20它那皎潔的麗光,令人眼花目眩;雨雪霏霏,使人心中讚賞。20The cold north wind blows and turns the water into ice. Ice forms on all stagnant water giving it a freezing coat of armor.
21天主又傾撒冰霜,彷彿是撒鹽,掩蓋大地;霜一凝結,豎立有如針尖。21He wears down the mountains and scorches the desert, withering the green grass as if by fire.
22寒冷的北風一吹,整個水面都凝結成冰,彷彿使水穿上了盔甲。22A mist is a timely remedy, and dew after the heat restores it all to life.
23天主如火一樣,吞沒山岳,燒焦曠野,焚毀青草。23According to his plan he stilled the great deep and planted islands in it.
24補救這一切災禍的,只有及時的雲霧;甘露一降,即使暑氣頓消。24Those who cross the seas tell of its dangers, and we listen in astonishment to what they relate:
25他一發令,風即停止;他一計議,深淵遂即沉沒,其中的島嶼於是突出。25It is all about strange and marvelous adventures with marine animals and monsters of all kinds.
26航海的人,述說海中的危險,我們聽見,都感覺驚奇;26Thanks be to God, all turns out well and everything is held together by his word.
27在海裡有奇突驚異的化工,有各種獸類、生物和海怪。27We shall not give further examples; one last word: He is everything.
28依靠天主而過海的人,必能安然渡過,因為一切的事,都是依照他的號令而措施的。28Where shall we find the strength to glorify him? For he is the Mighty One, greater than all his works.
29我們述說了許多,但總是辭不達義,總結一句:他是萬有。29The Lord is awesome and sovereignly great, and admirable in his power.
30為頌揚他,我們能做什麼?因為他是偉大的,他超越他的一切化工。30Let your praise exalt the Lord as best you can, he is greater than you could even express. Honor him with all your strength and do not tire, for you can never praise him enough.
31他是可敬可畏,極其偉大的上主;他的德能是非常奇異的。31Who has seen him and can describe what he has seen? Who can glorify him as he merits?
32雖然你們盡力頌揚上主,但仍不能相稱他的偉大;他的莊嚴,是奇妙的。32Many mysteries greater than these still remain, for we have only seen a fraction of his works. The Lord has created all things and to upright men he has given wisdom.
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