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德訓篇 Sirach
1許多人為了財利犯罪;圖謀發財的,必轉眼不顧正義。1Many sin for love of gain, he who desires riches silences his conscience.
2像木橛插在兩塊石頭之間,罪惡亦鑽進買賣之中。2Just as the stake is settled between two stones, so sin wedges itself between buying and selling.
3但罪惡與犯罪的人,都要同歸於盡。3The house of him who does not keep himself firmly in the fear of the Lord will soon be knocked to the ground.
4你若不用心堅持敬畏上主,你的家庭,必要迅速破落。4When a sieve is shaken the dirt falls through; so, too, the defects of a man are seen when he begins to speak.
5篩篩子,總留下一些渣滓;人的言談,也總有一些不乾不淨。5The kiln tests the potter's handiwork; a man is tested by his conversation.
6爐火試煉陶人的陶器,言談試驗人的人格。6A well-tended tree is shown by its fruits so a man's feelings can be detected in what he says.
7一棵樹的栽培,可由它所結的果實看出;同樣,一個人的心意,可從他思想後所說的話看到。7Praise no one before he has spoken, since this is the acid test.
8在人未發言以前,不要讚美他,因為人的好壞,從言談中纔可見到。8If you pursue righteousness, you will achieve it and wear it like a festive garment.
9如果你追求正義,你必能獲得,披戴她有如光榮的禮服;同她一起居住,她要永遠保護你,在審判之日,你就有了依靠。9Birds associate with their own kind, so, too, does truth greet those who are faithful.
10鳥獸與同類相聚,真理也必歸於實行真理的人。10The lion lurks in wait for its prey; so, too, does sin lie in wait for those who do wrong.
11獅子時常伏擊獵物,罪惡也同樣暗算作惡的人。11The wise man's conversation follows wisdom all the time. In contrast, the fool changes like the moon.
12虔敬人的言論,常是智慧的;愚人的變化,好以月亮。12When among fools, be sparing with your time; among thoughtful people, be lavish with it.
13往愚人中間去,要看時間;往有思想的人那裡,卻可常去。13The conversation of fools is hateful, their laughter is coarse and raucous.
14愚人的談論,令人生厭;他們在罪惡的放蕩中,纔有歡笑。14No one can bear those who swear all the time. Their quarrels make you cover your ears.
15好發誓的人所說的話,使人毛髮悚然;他的爭辯,令人塞耳不聞。15Blood is spilt when proud men quarrel and their insults are painful to the ear.
16驕傲人爭鬥,必發生流血事件;他們的辱罵,駭人聽聞。16He who betrays a secret is no longer trusted; he will no longer find reliable friends.
17誰洩漏朋友的秘密,就失了信任,他再不會找到一個知心的朋友。17Love your friend and be loyal; if you have revealed his secrets, go with him no longer.
18你應愛你的朋友,對他要忠信,18It is like having lost some of your relatives: his friendship to you has died.
19但若你洩漏了他的秘密,就不必再追隨他了。19Like a bird, you have let your friend go, you will not get him back. When you open your hand, the bird flies off;
20誰失掉近人的友誼,就如喪失了自己的產業。20do not pursue him: he is far away and has fled like a gazelle from the snare.
21你拋棄了的朋友,正如從你手中放走的飛鳥,莫想他再回來。21For a wound can be bandaged and an insult forgiven, but if you betray a secret there is no hope.
22不要追趕他,因為他已遠去,他已逃走,像一隻脫了羅網的羚羊一樣;因為他的心已受了創傷,22The man who winks an eye is plotting evil, no one can persuade him to change.
23你再不能和他交接。有了傷痕,還可以包紮,辱罵之後,還可以言歸於好;23He is all sweetness to your face, praising your words, but behind your back he speaks differently and twists your words.
24但是,若洩漏了朋友的秘密,不幸的心靈就沒有希望了。24I hate many things but nothing more than this man; the Lord, also, hates and curses him.
25以目示意而作惡的人,逃不了災禍。25When one tosses a stone in the air it falls back on his head; whoever deals a treacherous blow, wounds himself.
26在你面前,他會口甜如蜜,欽佩你的言辭;但以後卻要改口,攻擊你的言論。26He who digs a pit will fall into it; he who sets a snare will be caught in it.
27我憎恨的事很多,但都不如他,連上主也要憎恨他。27If you do evil, evil will befall you and you will not know from where it comes.
28那往上扔石頭的,石頭反而砸在他的頭上;那陰險打擊人的,自己反而受傷。28The proud man makes use of mockery and insults, but vengeance lies in wait for him like a lion.
29挖掘陷阱的,自己反而跌在裡面;給人放絆腳石的,自己反被絆倒;架設羅網的,自己反被捉捕;29Those who gloat over the downfall of good men will fall into the snare; suffering will consume them before they die.
30作惡造孽的,自己反受其累,他還不知道禍患從何而來。30Grudge and wrath, these also are abominations in which sinful people excel.
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