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德訓篇 Sirach
1智慧要稱揚自己,因天主而受光榮,在她的民族中,要取得榮耀;1Listen to wisdom singing her own praises and extolling herself in the midst of her people.
2在至高者的集會中,要開啟自己的口;在他的軍旅前,要誇耀自己;2See, she opens her mouth in the assembly of the Most High, she glories in herself before the Almighty.
3在他的百姓中,要受舉揚;在聖民間,要受景仰;3I came out from the mouth of God and covered the face of the earth like a mist; although
4在被選者的群眾中,要被稱讚;在蒙祝福者中,要蒙祝福;說:4my dwelling place is in the highest heavens, my throne is within a pillar of cloud.
5我由至高者的口中出生,我在一切化工以先,是首先出生的。5I alone have seen and understood the vault of the skies and strolled through the depths of the abyss,
6我使天上發出不滅的光明,彷彿是遮蓋大地的一片雲彩。6taking possession of the raging sea and of the earth as well, with all its peoples and nations.
7我住在極高之處,我的寶座是在雲柱之上。7In all of these, I looked for a place to rest; in which territory would I set up my abode?
8惟有我繞行周天,走遍深淵的深處;8Then the creator of the universe commanded me, he who created me assigned the place of my rest, "Pitch your tent in Jacob; Israel will be your homeland."
9行走在滄海的波濤上,站立在普世上。9He created me from the beginning, before time began, and I will never cease to be,
10我在萬民和列國中,掌握無上威權。10I celebrate in his presence the liturgy of his Holy Dwelling and this is why I settled in Zion.
11我以德能,平定了一切顯貴與卑微人的心;在這一切當中,我曾尋找安息之處,但我究竟應在誰家?11The Lord let me rest in his beloved city and Jerusalem is the heart of my kingdom.
12那時,創造萬物的主宰,給我出了命令,也告訴了我;那造化我的,給我的帳幕指定了位置,12I took root in the people God has favored, in the land of the Lord, in their inheritance.
13說道:你要住在雅各伯那裡,在以色列中建立產業,在我的選民中生根。13I grew like a cedar in Lebanon, as the cypress on Mount Hermon.
14起初,當世界未有以前,他就造了我,我永遠不會消滅。在神聖的帳幕裡,我曾在他面前供職。14I grew like the palm trees in Engedi and the rosebuds of Jericho; as a magnificent olive on the plains and like a plane tree I grew tall.
15這樣,我就定居在熙雍山上;同樣,他使我在他鍾愛的城裡安息,使我在耶路撒冷有權勢。15I poured out my perfume like a fragrant flower, like exquisite myrrh I have given choice scent; like fragrant plants and as the smoke of incense which burns in the Sanctuary of God.
16我在顯耀的民族中,就是在上主的地域,他的家業內生根;我的居所,是在滿是聖者的中間。16I spread out my branches like a vine; these are Glory and Grace.
17我長高,如黎巴嫩的香柏,又如赫爾孟山上的扁柏;17As a vine I put out graceful shoots and my blossoms are riches and glory.
18我高峻,如恩革狄的棕樹,又如耶里哥的玫瑰樹。18Come to me, you who desire me and take your fill of my fruits.
19我好像平原上一棵美麗的橄欖樹,又像一棵聳立在街道溪畔的白楊。19To experience me is sweeter than honey and to possess me sweeter than any honeycomb.
20我發散馨香如肉桂,如芬芳的防風;我散布甘美的芳香,有如精製的沒藥。20Those who eat me will hunger still; those who drink me will thirst for more.
21我好像安息香樹、白松香、紅螺、安息油液,又好像帳幕裡乳香的煙氣;我的芳香像純粹的防風露。21Those who obey me will not be put to shame; those who serve me will not fall into sin.
22我如同篤耨香樹,伸展了我的枝葉;我的枝葉壯麗而雅緻。22All this is in the Bible, the Testament of the Most High God, the book of the Law which Moses entrusted to us, the inheritance of the congregations of Israel.
23我如同葡萄樹,發出美麗的枝芽;我的花結的果實,光鮮而味美。23This Law feeds the springs of wisdom, like the Pishon or Tigris in the season of fruit.
24我是純愛、敬畏、智德和聖望的母親。24Waters overflowing with understanding come from it, as from the Euphrates and Jordan at harvest time;
25我具有真道和真理的一切優美;我具有生命和道德的一切希望。25the floods of instruction run like the Nile or the Gihon in time of vintage.
26凡渴望我的,請到我這裡來,飽食我的果實:26He who comes first is unable to grasp her fully and neither will the last exhaust her.
27因為,我的紀念,比蜜還甜;我的遺產,勝過蜂蜜和蜂房;27For her thoughts are wider than the sea and her designs, deeper than the abyss.
28我的紀念,萬世常存。28I, for my part, went forth like a brook from a river, a stream diverted into a delightful garden.
29凡食我的,還要饑餓;凡飲我的,還要飢渴。29I thought, "Let me irrigate my orchard and water my flowers." But now my brook has grown into a river and the river, into a sea.
30聽從我的,不會蒙羞;因我而行事的,不會犯罪;30May my teaching shine forth like the dawn; may I carry its light to faraway places.
31傳揚我的,必得常生。31I will spread my teaching like a prophecy and leave it to future generations.
32生命的道理和真理的智識,這一切都包含在至高天主的盟約書上。32See, all of you, that I have not worked for myself alone but for all those who seek wisdom.
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