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德訓篇 Sirach
1譴責勝於發怒;凡承認過錯的,必能保全自己不受損害。1There are rebukes which are inopportune; there is the silence of a sensible man.
2閹人想姦污處女,2Better to rebuke than nurse a grudge. He who recognizes his fault diminishes its consequences.
3就如用暴力施行不公平的審判。3Like a eunuch desiring to violate a girl, such is he who uses force in pretending to be just.
4受責而表示悔改,是多麼美好!若能如此,你便可以躲避故意的罪。4One keeps silent and is thought to be wise, the other makes himself hated because of his gossiping.
5有的人緘口不言,而被認為是智慧人;有的人因為多言,而為人所憎惡。5One remains silent because he does not know how to reply; the other keeps quiet, waiting for the right moment.
6有的人不出聲,是因為他不知所答;有的人不出聲,是因為他知道何時該說話。6The wise man keeps silent until the right moment; the chatterer and fool speak out of turn.
7明智人緘口不言,直等相宜的時候;自誇和愚昧的人,卻不看時機。7He who speaks too much makes himself hated; he who wishes to impose himself stirs up ill will.
8多言的人,必招人厭惡;專權的人,必被人惱恨。8Man can turn his troubles to his advantage; a lucky chance can turn to loss.
9有的人在患難中,得到成功;有的人在順境中,反而失敗。9There is a type of generosity which will not reward you and another which will repay you double.
10有的餽贈,為你沒有益處;有的餽贈,卻獲得雙倍的酬報。10One is humiliated for having had honors; another is humiliated, and then lifts up his head.
11有的屈辱來自尊榮,但也有人從卑微中抬起了頭。11One buys much with little money; another pays seven times its value.
12有的人用低價大批收買,然而卻因此賠了七倍。12The wise man makes himself lovable through his words alone, while the favors of the fool are lost.
13明智人說話,叫人喜愛;愚昧的人溫和,卻是白費。13The fool's gift is not to your advantage; he gives with greedy eyes.
14愚昧人的禮物,為你沒有益處,因為他不是睜著一隻眼,而是睜著七隻眼。14He gives little but puts on a great outward appearance and exclaims for all to hear; he lends today and recovers the loan tomorrow; he is a despicable man.
15他給的少,而責難的卻多;他張開口,就如一個傳令員。15The fool says, "I have no friends, no one welcomes my favors.
16今日借錢,明日就要還。像這樣的人,實在可恨。16Those who eat my bread have evil tongues." How often they will mock him, and by how many!
17愚人說:「我沒有朋友;我做好事,也得不到感謝。」17Better to stumble on the ground than to make a slip with the tongue; this is how easily the wicked fall.
18吃他飯的人,口舌欺人。多少次,多少人要譏笑他呢?18The rough-mannered man is like an indiscreet story that ill-mannered people tell out of time.
19愚昧人對自己擁有的東西,還不正經使用,對不是他所有的東西,就更漠不關心了。19The proverb told by a fool will fail, since he does not speak it at an appropriate time.
20跌倒地下,比失言更好;惡人的崩潰,常是忽然而來的。20One keeps himself from sin because he does not have the means to act; when he gets the chance, he will have no remorse.
21無禮的人,好像無知的人口中,不斷重述的一個乏味的故事。21One loses his soul out of false shame; he loses himself for fear of what a foolish man thinks.
22出自愚人口中的比喻,不受歡迎,因為他說的不合時機。22Out of false shame he wants to win a friend; he gets an enemy, in fact, for nothing.
23有人因貧乏不能犯罪,所以在安靜中,不感到良心的剌激。23Lying is a shameful defect in a man; fools are used to it.
24有人因害羞而損害自己,因愚昧的顧慮而犧牲自己,因顧及情面而使自己喪亡。24Better to be a thief than a liar, yet both are heading for disaster.
25有人因害羞而對朋友應許過甚,無故使他成了仇人。25Habitual lying is detestable; disgrace never leaves the liar.
26謊言為人是一種可惡的污點,然而常在無知人的口裡。26The wise man's words advance his cause; the shrewd man will gain favor with the powerful.
27盜賊也比一個常說謊的人好,但是這兩等人將承受的,都是滅亡。27He who tills the earth increases his produce; he who pleases the great is forgiven his wickedness.
28說謊人的品行,是不光彩的,恥辱常在他們身上。28Presents and gifts blind a wise man's eyes; like a muzzle they silence the conscientious.
29智慧人在言談上,必增高自己的身價;明智人,會使偉人喜悅。29Concealed wisdom and hidden treasure: what good are these?
30耕種田地的,必使自己的收穫堆積如山;行正義的,必被舉揚;使偉人喜悅的,過錯必蒙寬恕。30The man who conceals his stupidity is better than one who conceals his wisdom.
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