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德訓篇 Sirach
1上主用塵土造了人,又使人歸於塵土;1The Lord created man from the earth and let him return to earth.
2給他限定了日數和時期,賜給他治理世上事物的權力。2He settled a fixed time for them and a set number of days, giving them power over everything on earth.
3按照自己的本性,賦給他德能;依照自己的肖像,造成了他。3He endowed them with a strength like his own, making them in his own image.
4使一切生物都畏懼他,使他能制服禽獸。4He put the fear of men in all living things, thus they had mastery over the animals and birds.
5天主又從他,造了一個與他相似的伴侶,賜給他們理智、唇舌、眼目、耳朵和能思想的心,使他們充滿知識與理解力。5He endowed them with knowledge; he gave them tongue and eyes, ears and a mind to think with.
6給他們創造精神的知識,使他們的心富於辨別力,使他們能分別善惡。6He filled them with wisdom and knowledge; he taught them good and evil.
7天主又把自己的靈光放在他們的心中,為將自己偉大的工程,顯示給他們,7He put his own eye in their hearts so they would understand the greatness of his works.
8好使他們能讚美他的聖名,光榮他奇妙的化工,並傳述他偉大的工程。8They will praise his holy Name and relate the magnificence of his creation.
9他賜給他們理智,又賜給他們生命的法律,作為產業;9He gave them revealed knowledge as well and handed over to them the Law of life.
10和他們立了永久的盟約,使他們認識正義和自己的法令。10He established an everlasting covenant with them and let them know his judgments.
11他們的眼目看見了他偉大的光榮,他們的耳朵也聽見了他莊嚴的聲音。天主對他們說:「要戒避一切不義!」11Human eyes saw the splendor of the Glory of God; their ears heard the grandeur of his voice.
12並吩咐他們,每人要關心別人。12He said to them, "Keep yourselves from all wrongdoing," and to each of them he gave commands regarding his neighbor.
13他們的道路,時常在他面前,絲毫隱瞞不了他的眼目。13Their conduct is always before the Lord; they cannot escape his sight.
14他給每個民族,立了一個統治者;14He has placed a leader over each nation, but Israel is the Lord's own portion.
15但是,以色列顯然是上主的一分子。15Their deeds are as clear as the sun to him, he always observes their ways.
16他們所行的一切,像太陽一般,擺在他面前,他的眼目,時常注視他們的行徑。16Their misdeeds cannot be hidden from him, all their sins are before the Lord.
17他們的惡行,隱瞞不了他,他們一切的罪惡,都擺在上主的面前。17He holds a man's almsgiving dear as a priceless signet ring; he cherishes a good deed like the apple of his eye.
18人的慈愛,為天主有如印璽;他保存人的慈愛,有如保護瞳孔。18One day he will rise and reward them; he will place their prize on their heads.
19此後,他必起來,回報惡人,給他們施與每人應得的報應,使他們轉入地的深處。19He allows those who repent to return; he comforts those whose hopes are fading.
20但是,給悔改的人,指出返回正義的歸路;鼓舞那些失望的人,給他們指定真理的產業。20Be converted to the Lord and give up your sins, plead with him to lessen your offense.
21你應歸向上主,離棄罪惡;21Return to the Almighty, turn aside from wrongdoing and totally detest evil.
22你應在他面前祈禱,並減少你的過失。22For who in the grave will praise the Almighty, if the living do not give him glory?
23你應歸向至高者,遠離邪惡,痛恨一切可憎惡的事。23The dead man is as if he did not exist and cannot give praise; he who has life and health can praise the Lord.
24你應認識天主的正義和判斷,堅持他為你所指定的身分,及對至高者天主所應有的祈禱。24How great is the mercy of the Lord and his forgiveness for those who turn to him!
25你應往世界神聖的那一面去,與活著而頌揚天主的人在一起。因為在陰府裡,有誰代替活著而稱讚他的人,頌揚至高者呢?25Man cannot have everything in his power since he is not immortal.
26不要在不虔敬者的錯誤裡停留,你要在死前讚頌上主。從死者方面,他既然等於無,也就中止了讚頌。26What is brighter than the sun? Yet it disappears. Man is no more than flesh and blood, yet he thinks of doing evil.
27惟有那活著而健在的人,能讚美上主。你要稱頌天主,你就必能因他的慈惠而自豪。27While the sun surveys the stars in the lofty sky, all men remain dust and ashes.
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