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德訓篇 Sirach
1若子女不敬畏上主,雖然眾多,你也不要因此而喜歡。1Do not long for a brood of worthless children, and take no joy in godless sons.
2不要依賴他們的生命,也不要依靠他們的後裔;2However many you have, do not rejoice in them if they have no fear of God.
3因為,有一個敬畏天主的兒子,勝過一千個不虔敬的兒女。3Do not depend on their having a long life, or trust in their number, because one is better than a thousand and their death is preferable to their being godless.
4沒有兒子而死,比留下不虔敬的兒子更好。4A city can arise from one man who is prudent. Yet, even though the wicked become a great tribe, they will be destroyed.
5因為一位智慧人,就能使一城人煙稠密,而罪人的家族,卻可使城池荒涼。5I have seen such things with my own eyes and my ears have heard of still greater things.
6我親眼見許多這樣的事,我親耳聽到的比此更多。6Fire has come upon the meeting of sinners and God's wrath is kindled against rebellious people.
7烈火在罪人的集會中燃燒,義怒向背信的民族怒吼。7God did not pardon the leaders of old who rebelled in their pride of strength.
8對那些倚仗己力而背叛的古代巨人,上主沒有息怒;8He did not spare the city where Lot lived; he detested their pride.
9與羅特同城的人,天主也沒有寬恕,因為他們的驕傲招了天主的厭惡。9He showed no pity on the people doomed to destruction; they were annihilated for their sins.
10他沒有憐憫喪亡的子民,即那些因罪惡,而自高自大的人;10In the same way, he dealt with the six hundred thousand men who, in the hardness of their hearts, had revolted.
11也同樣對待了六十萬步兵,即那些因心硬,而齊集反抗的人。如果有一個倔強的人而未受罰,纔是奇事。11Had there been only one stubborn man it would have been amazing if he had escaped unpunished, since mercy and anger belong to the Lord who is powerful both in forgiveness and in punishment.
12因為,憐憫和義怒全屬於上主;他大施寬恕,但也傾注義怒。12His justice is as great as his mercy and he judges men by their deeds.
13他的仁慈大,他的懲罰也同樣大;他依照每人的行為審判人。13Just as the sinner will not escape with his booty, the patience of the upright man will not go unrewarded.
14罪犯及其贓物,逃遁不了;虔敬人的忍耐,不會落空。14God will reward every act of mercy; each person will be treated according to his deeds.
15凡施捨行善的人,必會獲得賞報;各人按自己的行為,及其旅行時所有的明智,必會得到酬報。上主曾硬了法郎的心,致令他不認識上主,和他在天下顯示的工程。萬物都見到了他的仁慈,他賜給了人光明和黑暗。15Do not say, "I will hide from the Lord; who will remember me up there? I will not be recognized in the midst of so many. What am I in the immensity of creation?"
16不要說:「我能逃避上主,在至高處,還有誰會想到我?16Look: the sky and the heavens above the sky, the sea and the earth tremble when he comes.
17在廣大的人民中,必然無人認識我;我的性命,在這無量的造物中,又算得什麼?」17The mountains, together with the foundations of the earth, are filled with dread before his sight.
18請看天,天外天,深淵,大地和地上的一切所有,當他視察時,都要動搖;18But nobody thinks of such things: who is interested in the ways of God?
19山岳和大地的基礎,天主一觀看,都要顫慄搖撼。19Most of his works go unnoticed and man does not see where the storm originates.
20對於這些事,人心怎麼還不領悟?對眾人的心,天主是洞悉的。20"Who tells us of the interventions of God? Who expects them? The Covenant is far away."
21誰能洞察他的道路?正如風暴,人難預見。21Such are the thoughts of the man of little sense, the foolish, dissolute man who loves his illusions.
22同樣,天主的許多作為,也是隱而不見的。「誰能傳述他正義的作為?誰能等待那事?因為,他的盟約離一些人尚遠。」到末日他纔審問眾人。22Listen to me, my sons; acquire knowledge and apply your heart to my words.
23心中愚蒙的人,是如此設想;不明智而自欺的人,只思慮狂妄的事。23I will expound the teaching step by step and impart knowledge carefully.
24我兒,你要聽從我,你要學習智慧的教訓,你要留心注意我的話:24God created his works from the beginning and, as he made them, he assigned to each its place.
25我要指出思量過的道理,我要詳細陳述智慧;所以,你要在心留意我的話,我要公正地,述說天主從起初就賦與萬有的神力:我要真實地,陳述他的智慧。25He arranged them for all time, their beginning and their unfolding. They do not hunger or grow weary and they never cease from their duties.
26太初,上主造化了萬物;在創造時,分別了萬物的種類。26Not one has collided with its neighbor; they will never disobey his commands.
27永遠把自己的化工佈置就序,連續給它們派定了統帥。它們不感覺飢餓,也不感覺疲勞,因為統帥總不停頓自己的工作。27Afterwards, the Lord looked down on the earth and filled it with his riches.
28它們彼此不相侵犯,28He covered its surface with all kinds of living things which must return to it.
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