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德訓篇 Sirach
1口不失言,又問心無愧的,是有福的人。1Happy the one who has not sinned in speech or who feels no remorse for his faults.
2不受良心譴責,而又不失望的,是有福的人。2Happy is he whose own conscience does not condemn him and who has not fallen from his ideals.
3財產為吝嗇的人,沒有好處;嫉妒的人雖有黃金,又有什麼用?3Wealth does not befit the small-minded man; why would you give the greedy man riches?
4過於儉省的人,是替人積蓄;他的財物.必被人浪費。4He who hoards, depriving himself, is hoarding for others: others will enjoy his goods.
5虐待自己的,怎能善待他人?他決不會享受他自己的財物。5He who is mean to himself, with whom will he be good? He does not even enjoy his own riches.
6沒有比吝嗇而自殘的人,更為卑劣;這是他自作孽的報應。6There is nothing worse than one who is mean to himself, this is how his evil repays him.
7縱使他行了善事,也是出於偶然,並非自願,最後,他的邪惡終於暴露出來。7If he does good, he does it without realizing it but, in the end, his evil will be revealed.
8吝嗇人見人就嫉妒,轉臉就輕視人。8Evil is the greedy-eyed man who does not pay attention to persons and looks down on people.
9貧得無厭的眼睛,看自己所得的一份,總是不夠;不義的惡毒,麻木了他的心靈。9The ambitious man is not content with what he has, wicked injustice shrivels up the heart.
10貪得無厭的人,吝惜飲食,他的餐桌上,幾乎一無所有。10The envious eye covets the food of others; there will be misery and famine at his table.
11我兒,該按你所有,好待你自己,並向上主奉獻相稱的祭品。11My son, use well whatever you have and give worthy offerings to the Lord.
12要記往:死亡決不遲延.陰府的約期,你又無從得知。12Remember that death will not delay and your time has not yet been revealed to you.
13未死以前,你要厚待你的朋友,按你的力量,伸手加惠於他。13Be good to your friend before you die and be generous to him in any way you can.
14不應取消你佳節的喜樂,連一點好希望,也不要輕易放過。14Enjoy happiness and do not reject lawful pleasure when it comes your way.
15難道你把你勞碌所得的留給別人?難道把你辛苦所得的,叫別人抽籤分得?15Will you not have to leave to another the fruit of your works? The fruit of your labor, will it not be shared out by lot?
16你要施捨,也要收受,總要使你的心靈愉快。16Give, take and treat yourself well, for in the netherworld there are no pleasures to seek.
17死前你應履行正義,因為在陰府裡,無福可尋。17All living things grow old like clothing. This is the eternal law: "You will die."
18凡有血肉的,有如衣服,逐漸陳舊,因為自古以來的定案是:你一定要死;又如蔥籠的樹上發的枝葉,18Like green leaves on a bushy tree: some sprout and others fall off, so are the generations of flesh and blood: one dies and another is born.
19有彫零的,有發芽的,有血肉的種類也是如此:這人死去,那人出生。19All finite things pass away and their maker with them.
20各種腐敗的工程,畢竟都要被遺棄,它的作者也要隨之而去;20Happy the one who is intent on wisdom and who can reply to those who question him;
21但一切優良的事業,必為人所公認,它的作者也要與它共享光榮。21who makes his own the ways of wisdom and meditates on her secrets;
22凡默思智慧,常注視明智,並思念天主鑒臨的是有福的人。22who pursues her like a hunter, lies in wait by her paths,
23他心中思念智慧的途徑,想暸解她的奧秘。他彷彿一個偵探,追隨在她的後邊,潛伏在她的路口,23peeps in at her windows and listens at her doors;
24從她的窗外窺視,在她的門口傾聽,24he sets up camp near her house, fixing his stakes in her walls.
25貼近她的房屋休息,在她的牆上釘上木橛,以便在她旁邊,搭起自己的帳幕,而在那幸福的房舍內永久安息。25He places his tent in the hands of wisdom; he stays in a happy lodging.
26他把自己的兒女,安置在智慧的蔭庇下,要在她的枝葉下留宿,26He places his sons beneath her protection and finds shelter beneath her branches.
27在她的蔭涼下避暑,在她的光榮中安息。27He is shaded by her from the heat and makes his camp in her glory.
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