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1基督耶穌的僕人保祿,蒙召作宗徒,被選拔為傳天主的福音──1From Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, an apostle called and set apart for God's Good News,
2這福音是天主先前藉自己的先知在聖經上所預許的,2the very promises he foretold through his prophets in the sacred Scriptures,
3是論及他的兒子,我們的主耶穌基督,他按肉身是生於達味的後裔,3regarding his Son, who was born in the flesh a descendant of David,
4按至聖的神性,由於他從死者中復活,被立為具有大能的天主之子,4and has been recognized as the Son of God endowed with Power, upon rising from the dead through the Holy Spirit. Through him, Jesus Christ, our Lord,
5藉著他,我們領受了宗徒職務的恩寵,為使萬民服從信德,以光榮他的聖名,5and for the sake of his Name, we received grace and mission in all the nations, for them to accept the faith:
6其中也有你們這些蒙召屬於耶穌基督的人──6All of you, the elected of Christ, are part of them, you, the beloved of God in Rome, called to be holy:
7我保祿致書與一切住在羅馬,為天主所鍾愛,並蒙召為聖徒的人:願恩寵與平安由我們的父天主,和我們的主耶穌基督賜與你 們。7May God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ, give you grace and peace.
8首先我應藉耶穌基督,為你們眾人感謝我的天主,因為你們的信德為全世界所共知。8First of all, I give thanks to my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is spoken of all over the world.
9有天主為我作證,即我在宣傳他聖子的福音上,全心所事奉的天主,可證明我是怎樣不斷在祈禱中,時常記念著你們,9And God, whom I serve in spirit by announcing the Good News of his Son, is my witness that I remember you in my prayers at all times.
10懇求天主,如果是他的聖意,賜我終能有一個好機會,到你們那裡去。10I pray constantly that, if it is his will, he make it possible for me to visit you.
11因為我切願見你們,把一些屬於神性的恩賜分給你們,為使你們得以堅固,11I long to see you and share some spiritual blessings with you to strengthen you.
12也就是說:我在你們中間,藉著你們與我彼此所共有的信德,共得安慰。12In that way, we will encourage each other by sharing our common faith.
13弟兄們!我願告訴你們:我已多次決定要往你們那裡去,為在你們中,如在其他外邦人中一樣,得到一些效果;然而直到現在,總是被阻延。13You must know, brothers and sisters, that many times I have made plans to go to you, but till now I have been prevented.
14不但對希臘人,也對化外人,不但對有智慧的人,也對愚笨的人,我都是一個欠債者。14I would like to harvest some fruits among you, as I have done among other nations. Whether Greeks or foreigners, cultured or ignorant, I feel under obligation to all.
15所以,只要由得我,我也切願向你們在羅馬的人宣講福音。15Hence my eagerness to give the message also to you who are in Rome.
16我決不以福音為恥,因為福音正是天主的德能,為使一切有信仰的人獲得救恩,先使猶太人,後使希臘人。16For I am not ashamed at all of this Good News; it is God's power saving those who believe, first the Jews, and then the Greeks.
17因為福音啟示了天主所施行的正義,這正義是源於信德,而又歸於信德,正如經上所載:『義人因信德而生活。』17This Good News shows us how God makes people upright through faith for the life of faith, as the Scripture says: The upright one shall live by faith.
18原來天主的忿怒,從天上發顯在人們的各種不敬與不義上,是他們以不義抑制了真理,18God is now ready to condemn the wickedness and any kind of injustice of those who have silenced the truth by their wicked ways.
19因為認識天主為他們是很明顯的事,原來天主已將自己顯示給他們了。19For everything that could have been known about God was clear to them: God himself made it plain.
20其實,自從天主創世以來,他那看不見的美善,即他永遠的大能和他為神的本性,都可憑他所造的萬物,辨認洞察出來,以致人無可推諉。20For, though we cannot see him, we can at least discover him through his works; for he created the world and through his works we understand him to be eternal and all-powerful, and to be God. So they have no excuse,
21他們雖然認識了天主,卻沒有以他為天主而予以光榮或感謝,而他們所思所想的,反成了荒謬絕倫的;他們冥頑不靈的心陷入了黑暗;21for they knew God and did not glorify him as was fitting, nor did they give thanks to him. On the contrary, they lost themselves in their reasoning and darkness filled their minds.
22他們自負為智者,反而成為愚蠢,22Believing themselves wise, they became foolish:
23將不可朽壞的天主的光榮,改歸於可朽壞的人、飛禽、走獸和爬蟲形狀的偶像。23they exchanged the Glory of the immortal God for the likes of mortal human beings, birds, animals and reptiles.
24因此,天主任憑他們隨從心中的情慾,陷於不潔,以致彼此玷辱自己的身體。24Because of this God gave them up to their inner cravings; they did shameful things and dishonored their bodies.
25因為他們將虛妄變作天主的真理,去崇拜事奉受造物,以代替造物主──他是永遠可讚美的,阿們!──25They exchanged God's truth for a lie; they honored and worshiped created things instead of the Creator, to whom be praise for ever, Amen!
26因此,天主任憑他們陷於可恥的情慾中,以致他們的女人,把順性之用變為逆性之用;26Because of that, God gave them up to shameful passions: their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones.
27男人也是如此,放棄了與女人的順性之用,彼此慾火中燒,男人與男人行了醜事,就在各人身上受到了他們顛倒是非所應得的報應。27Similarly, the men, giving up natural sexual relations with women, were lustful of each other, they did, men with men, shameful things, bringing upon themselves the punishment they deserve for their wickedness.
28他們既不肯認真地認識天主,天主也就任憑他們陷於邪惡的心思,去行不正當的事,28And since they did not think that God was worth knowing, he gave them up to their senseless minds so that they committed all kinds of obscenities.
29充滿了各種不義、毒惡、貪婪、凶殘、滿懷嫉妒、謀殺、鬥爭、欺詐、乖戾;任憑他們作讒謗的、29And so they are full of injustice, perversity, greed, evil; they are full of jealousy, murder, strife, deceit, bad will and gossip.
30詆毀的、恨天主的、侮辱人的、高傲的、自誇的、挑剔惡事的、忤逆父母的、30They commit calumny, offend God, are haughty; they are proud, liars, clever in doing evil. They are rebellious towards their parents,
31冥頑的、背約的、無情的、不慈的人。31senseless, disloyal, cold-hearted and merciless.
32他們雖然明知天主正義的規例是:凡作這樣事的人,應受死刑;但他們不僅自己作這些事,而且還贊同作這些事的人。32They know of God's judgment which declares worthy of death anyone living in this way; yet not only do they do all these things, they even applaud anyone who does the same.
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