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默示錄 Revelation
1以後我看見:當羔羊開啟七個印中第一個印的時候,我聽見四個活物中第一個,如打雷的響聲說:「來!」1I saw the Lamb opening the first of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures cry out with a voice like thunder, "Come and see!"
2我就看見,有一匹白馬出現,騎馬的持著弓,並給了他一頂冠冕;他像勝利者出發,必百戰百勝。2A white horse appeared, and its rider had a bow. He was crowned, and he went out as a conqueror and he will conquer.
3當羔羊開啟第二個印的時候,我聽見第二個活物說:「來!」3When he opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature cry out, "Come!"
4就出來了另一匹馬,是紅色的,騎馬的得到從地上除去和平的權柄,為使人彼此殘殺;於是給了他一把大刀。4Then another horse the color of fire came out. Its rider was ordered to take peace away from the earth, that people might kill one another; so he was given a great sword.
5當羔羊開啟第三個印的時候,我聽見第三個活物說:「來!」我就看見,出來了一匹黑馬,騎馬的手中拿著天秤。5When he opened the third seal, I heard the third creature cry out, "Come!" This time it was a black horse, and its rider held a balance in his hand.
6我聽見在那四個活物當中彷彿有聲音說:「麥子一升值一『德納』,大麥三升也值一『德納』,只不可糟蹋了油和酒。」6Then from the midst of the four living creatures a voice was heard: "A measure of wheat for a piece of silver, and three measures of barley for a piece, as well! Do not spoil the oil or the wine."
7當羔羊開啟第四個印的時候,我聽見第四個活物的聲音說:「來!」7When he opened the fourth seal, I heard a cry from the fourth living creature, "Come!"
8我就看見,出來了一匹青馬,騎馬的名叫「死亡」,陰間也跟著他;並給了他們統治世界四分之一的權柄,好藉刀劍、饑荒、瘟疫,並藉地上的野獸,去執行殺戮。8A greenish horse appeared, its rider was called Death, and the Netherworld rode behind him. He was allowed to utterly destroy by sword, famine, pestilence and wild beasts a fourth of the inhabitants of the earth.
9當羔羊開啟第五個印的時候,我看見在祭壇下面,那些曾為了天主的話,並為了他們所持守的證言,而被宰殺者的靈魂,9When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the spirits of those who proclaimed the word of God and were slain for its sake.
10大聲喊說:「聖潔而真實的主啊!你不行審判,不向世上的居民為我們的血伸冤,要到幾時呢?」10They began to cry aloud, "Holy and righteous Lord, how long will it be before you render justice and avenge our blood on the inhabitants of the earth?"
11遂給了他們每人一件白衣,並告訴他們還要靜候片時,直到他們的同僕,和那些將要如他們一樣被殺的弟兄,達到了圓滿的數目為止。11Then each one of them was given a white garment, and they were told to wait a little while, un-til the number of their brothers and sisters and fellow servants who would be killed as they had been would be completed.
12以後我看見,當羔羊開啟第六個印的時候,發生了大地震,太陽變黑,有如粗毛衣;整個月亮變得像血,12And my vision continued. When the Lamb opened the sixth seal, there was a violent earthquake. The sun became black as a mourning dress, and the whole moon turned blood-red,
13天上的星辰墜落在地上,有如無花果樹為大風所動搖而墜下的未熟的果實;13and the stars in the sky fell to the earth like dry figs falling from a fig tree shaken by a hurricane.
14天也隱退,有如捲起的書卷;一切山嶺和島嶼都移了本位。14The sky was folded up like rolled parchment; there was no mountain or continent that was not removed from its place.
15世上的君王、首領、軍長、富人、勇士,以及一切為奴的和自由的人,都隱藏在洞穴和山嶺的巖石中,15The kings of the earth and their ministers, the generals, the rich and the powerful, and all the people, slaves as well as free persons, hid in caves or among rocks on the mountains,
16向山嶺和巖石說:「倒在我們身上,遮蓋我們罷!好避免那坐在寶座上的面容和那羔羊的震怒,16saying, "Fall on us, mountains and rocks, and hide us, for we are afraid of him who sits on the throne, and of the wrath of the Lamb.
17因為他們發怒的大日子來臨了,有誰能站立得住?」17The great Day of his wrath has come, and who can endure it?"
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