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聖詠集 Psalms
1阿撒夫的訓誨詩。天主,你為何常久棄捨不管,對你牧場的羊群怒火炎炎?1O God, have you rejected us forever? Why vent your anger on the sheep of your own fold?
2求你懷念你自古所佔有的會伴,你所贖回而給你作產業的族團,及你在那裡設置寶座的熙雍山,2Remember the people you have formed of old, the tribe you have redeemed as your inheritance. Remember Mount Zion where you once lived.
3求你舉步踏向久存的荒野:敵人在聖所中摧毀了一切。3Climb and visit these hopeless ruins, the enemy has ravaged everything in the sanctuary.
4你的仇人在你的會場上咆哮狂謾,豎立起自己的旗幟作為凱旋紀念。4Your foes have roared triumphantly in the holy place, and set up their banner of victory.
5他們相似高舉斧子的樵夫,在森林中砍伐堅硬的樹木。5Like lumbermen felling trees,
6他們竟用斧頭鐵鎚,搗毀了聖殿的門扉;6they smashed the carved paneling with hatchets, hammers and axes.
7他們又縱火焚燒了你的聖殿,把你聖名的居所褻瀆於地面。7They defiled your sanctuary and set aflame the dwelling place of your name.
8心裡說:我們把它們全部摧毀,燒盡天主在地上所有的殿宇。8They said in fury, "Let us destroy them all." They razed to the ground all the shrines of God in the land.
9我們的標幟,已再不見,一個先知也不復出現,我們都不知幾時纔完。9With no signs and no prophets, no one can tell how long this will last.
10天主,仇人欺凌辱罵要到何時?敵人豈能永遠褻瀆你的名字?10How long, O God, will the foe blaspheme? How long will the enemy revile your name?
11為何你把你的手收回,將你的右手插入懷裡?11Why do you hold back your right hand? Why keep your hand hidden?
12天主,從古以來是我的君主,是他在人世間實行了救助。12Are you not O God, my king since birth, you who bring salvation to the land?
13你以你的權能分開了大海,在水中擊破了毒龍的頭蓋。13You split the sea in two by your power; you broke the monsters' heads in the water;
14打碎了里外雅堂的頭顱,且將牠作為海怪的食物。14you crushed the heads of Leviathan and fed him to the dolphins.
15你引源泉溪水流滾涓涓,卻使洶湧江河涸竭枯乾,15You opened up rivers and springs and dried up ever-flowing streams.
16白日屬於你,黑夜也屬於你,月亮和太陽都是由你佈置。16You own the day as well as the night; you have set the course of the sun and the light.
17你劃出了大地的界限,你制定了冬夏的時間。17You fixed the earth's borders, you created summer and winter.
18上主求你切記:仇人褻瀆了你,無知的百姓侮辱了你的名字。18Remember, O Lord, how the lawless scoff at your name, a party of fools cast you off.
19求你不要將你斑鳩的性命交給野鷹,永遠也不要忘記你的窮苦人的性命。19Do not betray your turtledove to the beast, do not forget forever the life of your poor.
20求你回顧你所立的誓盟,因各地暗處充滿了強橫。20See how they keep your covenant in the dark caves of the land.
21願受壓迫的人不要含羞回程,願貧苦窮乏的人歌頌你的名。21Do not let the oppressed be put to shame; may the poor and needy praise your name.
22天主,求你速來處理你的案件,切記糊塗人天天對你的侮慢。22Arise, O God, and defend your cause, see how the thoughtless laugh at you all day long.
23千萬不要忘了你敵人的喧囂,和反抗你的人們不斷的狂叫。23Do not forget the clamor of your foes, the continuous uproar of your enemies.
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