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聖詠集 Psalms
1科辣黑後裔的訓誨歌,交與樂官。1With our ears, O God, we have heard; our fathers have declared to us the works you did in their days of old.
2天主,我們親耳聽見過,祖先也給我們述說過:昔日在他們那一時代,你手所行的偉業。2You drove out the nations and settled our fathers in their land; you conquered the peoples to make room for them.
3你為栽培他們,曾親手驅散外人,你為發展他們,曾親自磨難異民。3For it was not with their own sword that they conquered the land nor were they victors by their own hand; but it was by your right hand and arm and by the light of your countenance; for you truly loved them.
4的確,他們佔領了那地,並非靠著自己的刀劍,他們獲得了勝利,並非靠著自己的臂腕;完全是賴著你的右手和你的腕能,並你儀容的光輝,因為你喜愛他們。4It is you, my King and my God, who ordain victories for Jacob.
5你是我的天主,我的君王,是你使雅各伯打了勝仗。5Through you we batter down our foes; through your name we shatter our enemies.
6仰仗著你,我們克勝了我們的對頭,因你的名,我們踐踏了我們的仇讎。6For it is not in my bow that I trust, nor in my sword to make me victorious.
7因我從未依恃過我的弓箭,拯救我的,也不是我的刀劍,7But it is you who give us victory, you who bring our adversaries to shame.
8而是你救我們脫離了我們的對頭,是你使痛恨我們的人都蒙羞受辱。8It is always in God that we find glory. Forever shall we praise your name.
9我們時時以天主而自豪,永永遠遠歌頌你的名號。(休止)9Yet now you have rejected and humbled us; you no longer go forth with our armies.
10然而現今你拋棄我們,使我們蒙羞受辱,你也不再與我們的軍隊,一同出征為伍;10You have let our enemies drive us back and our adversaries plunder us.
11反而使我們在敵人前,轉身敗走,讓那些憎恨我們的人,劫奪俘擄。11You have let us be driven for slaughter like sheep, scattered among nations as captives.
12你使我們有如待宰的羔羊,你使我們漂流而逃亡異邦;12You have handed us over to them for nothing: the sale was of no benefit for you.
13你將你的子民賤價出售,你由售價並未多獲財富。13You have made us the butt of our neighbors' insult, the scorn and laughingstock of those around us.
14你使我們遭受鄰邦的侮辱,四周人民對我們諷刺咒詛;14You have made us a byword among the nations; they look at us and shake their heads.
15你使我們成了異族的話柄,外邦人都向我們搖頭熱諷。15All day long my disgrace is before me and shame covers my face,
16我的恥辱終日擺在我的眼前,羞愧也常常籠罩著我的臉面:16at the voice of the one who mocks and reviles, in the presence of the enemy and the avenger.
17因我聽到侮慢與欺凌者的聲音,又面臨仇敵和尋隙報復的人民。17All this has happened to us, although we have not forgotten you, nor have we been untrue to your covenant.
18我們雖然從未把你忘記過,從來沒有違背過你的盟約,但我們身受了這一切災禍。18Our heart has not turned back nor have our steps faltered;
19我們的心志從來沒有萎靡退縮,我們的腳步也未偏離你的正道;19yet you have crushed us in the desert of the snakes and covered us with deep darkness.
20但你竟將我們拋棄在野犬的邊界,以死亡的陰影把我們遮蓋。20Had we forgotten the name of our God and stretched forth our hands to an alien god,
21如果我們忘卻了我們天主的聖名,並舉起我們的手朝向外邦的神明:21God would have discovered this, for the secrets of the heart are not hidden from him.
22難道天主究查不出這事?因為他洞悉人心的隱密。22For your sake we are slain all day and accounted as sheep for slaughter.
23我們卻是為了你,時常受傷受戕,他們竟將我們視作待宰的群羊。23Awake, O Lord! Why are you asleep? Arise! Reject us not forever.
24醒來!我主,你為什麼依舊沉睡?起來!你不要永遠把我們拋棄。24Why hide your face from us? Why forget our misery and woes?
25你為什麼掩起你的慈顏,不顧我們的痛苦和辛酸?25Our souls are humbled in the dust, our bodies smashed to the ground.
26請看,我們的靈魂已俯伏在灰間,我們的身體已緊貼於地面。26Come to our help, deliver us for the sake of your kindness.
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