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聖詠集 Psalms
1達味在阿彼默肋客前佯狂,被逐逃走時作。1I will bless the Lord all my days; his praise will be ever on my lips.
2我必要時時讚美上主,對他的讚頌常在我口;2My soul makes its boast in the Lord; let the lowly hear and rejoice.
3願我的心靈因上主而自豪,願謙卑的人聽到也都喜躍。3Oh, let us magnify the Lord, together let us glorify his name!
4請你們同我一起讚揚上主,讓我們齊聲頌揚他的名字。4I sought the Lord, and he answered me; from all my fears he delivered me.
5我尋求了上主,他聽了我的祈求:由我受的一切驚惶中,將我救出。5They who look to him are radiant with joy, their faces never clouded with shame.
6你們瞻仰他,要喜形於色,你們的面容,絕不會羞愧。6When the poor cry out, the Lord hears and saves them from distress.
7卑微人一呼號,上主立即俯允,並且救拔他出離一切的苦辛。7The Lord's angel encamps and patrols to keep safe those who fear him.
8在那敬畏上主的人四周,有上主的天使紮營護守。8Oh, see and taste the goodness of the Lord! Blessed is the one who finds shelter in him!
9請你們體驗,請你們觀看:上主是何等的和藹慈善!投奔他的必獲真福永歡。9Revere the Lord, all you his saints, for those who fear him do not live in want.
10上主的聖民,你們該敬畏上主,因敬畏他的人,不會受到窮苦。10The mighty may be hungry and in need, but those who seek the Lord lack nothing.
11富貴的人竟成了赤貧,忍飢受餓,尋求上主的人,卻不缺任何福樂。11Come, listen to me, my sons; I will show you how to fear the Lord.
12孩子們,你們前來聽我指教,我要教你們敬畏上主之道。12If you desire long life, if you want to enjoy prosperity,
13誰是愛好長久生活的人?誰是渴望長壽享福的人?13keep your tongue from falsehood, keep your lips from deceit;
14就應謹守口舌,不說壞話,克制嘴唇,不言欺詐;14turn away from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.
15躲避罪惡,努力行善,尋求和平,追隨陪伴。15The eyes of the Lord are fixed on the righteous; his ears are inclined to their cries.
16因為上主的雙目垂顧正義的人,上主的兩耳聽他們的哀聲。16But his face is set against the wicked to destroy their memory from the earth.
17上主的威容敵視作惡的人民,要把他們的紀念由世上滅盡。17The Lord hears the cry of the righteous and rescues them from all their troubles.
18義人一呼號,上主立即俯允,拯救他們出離一切的苦辛。18The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves the distraught.
19上主親近心靈破碎的人,他必救助精神痛苦的人。19Many are the troubles of the just, but the Lord delivers them from all.
20義人的災難雖多,上主卻救他免禍;20He keeps all their bones intact, and none of them will be broken.
21把他的一切骨骸保全,連一根也不容許折斷。21Evil will slay the wicked; the enemies of the just will be doomed.
22邪惡為惡人招來死亡,憎恨義人者應該補償。22But the Lord will redeem the life of his servants; none of those who trust in him will be doomed.
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