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聖詠集 Psalms
1達味詩歌,交與樂官,八度低音。1Help us, O Lord, none of the godly are left, the faithful have vanished.
2上主,求你拯救,因為熱心者已缺少,忠誠的人在人間也已絕跡不見了。2Everyone lies; with flattering lips they speak from a double heart.
3人們彼此言談虛偽,嘴唇圓滑,口是心非,3May the Lord cut off insincere lips, every glib tongue that utters deceit.
4願上主將一切欺詐的口唇除去。把大言不慚的舌頭剪除!4Many say, "Our strength lies in our tongue. We know how to speak, who will lord it over us?"
5他們揚言說:「我們以口以舌取勝;有口有唇護衛我們,誰能作我們的主人?」5"The poor are despoiled and the needy suffer, now I will save them," says the Lord. "I will give them security."
6「為了貧苦者的委屈,為了窮困者的歎息,我要立刻站起──上主說:將渴望救援的人救起。」6The promises of the Lord are sure and lasting - silver refined in the furnace seven times and freed from dross.
7上主的聖言是真誠的聖言,如同純銀經過七次的鍛鍊。7Hold us, O Lord, in your keeping; protect us always from this generation,
8上主,懇求你護祐我們,由這一代常拯救我們。8where the wicked prowl on all sides, and the basest are exalted.
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