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聖詠集 Psalms
1達味的聖詠。我要歌頌仁愛與公正,上主,我還要向你吟詠。1I will sing of your love and justice; to you, O Lord, I will sing praise.
2我要走齊全的路,你何時來我這裡﹖我要在我的家中,以純潔的心度日。2I will walk the way of integrity - O Lord, when will you come to me? With a blameless heart I will walk within my house.
3我決不把邪僻的事情,放置在我的眼前;我痛恨為非作歹的人,不讓他與我相聯。3I will not set before my eyes anything that is base. I hate the deeds of faithless people; I will have no part in them.
4敗壞的心,我要遠離;邪惡的事,我不認識。4I will banish all wicked hearts, and evil I will not know.
5暗中設計毀謗同僚的人,我要消滅他;高視闊步,心高氣傲的人,我不容忍他。5He who deals with others treacherously, I will silence. He who talks and acts arrogantly, I will not endure.
6我眼注視國內忠誠的人,讓他們與我同住,在齊全道路上行走的人,才可作我的忠僕。6I will choose from the faithful of the land those who may dwell with me; only the upright shall be my servant.
7詭詐欺騙的人,不得住在我的宮內,說謊不實的人,不得在我眼前存在。7No double-dealer shall live in my house; no one who utters falsehood shall stand before my eyes.
8我每日清早要滅絕在國內所有的罪人,我要由上主的城內剷除所有作惡的人。8Each morning I will clear the land and silence all the wicked; I will uproot all the evildoers from the city of the Lord.
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