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箴言 Proverbs
1人若屢受譴責,仍然頑固,他必突然喪亡,無法挽救。1He who resists correction will be broken suddenly and without remedy.
2義人執政,人民喜慶;惡人專權,人民嘆息。2When the virtuous rule, the people are happy, but they groan when the wicked are in power.
3喜愛智慧的,使父親喜悅;尋花問柳的,必傾家蕩產。3He who loves wisdom makes his father happy, but whoever maintains prostitutes will lose his wealth.
4君王秉公行義,必將興邦;但若暴歛橫徵,必將喪邦。4Through justice a king makes his country prosper; but the extortioner brings it to ruin.
5對自己的友伴阿諛的人,是在他腳下張設羅網。5The one who flatters his neighbor lays a snare at his feet.
6作惡的人,滿路絆索;正義的人,載欣載奔。6In the wicked man's sins lies a snare for himself, while the upright man runs on rejoicing.
7義人關注窮人的案情,但是惡人卻毫不知情。7The virtuous man is concerned about the problems of the poor; the evildoer, however, understands nothing.
8輕狂的人,煽動城市作亂;明智的人,設法挽回狂瀾。8Mockers create disturbances in the city but the wise turn troubles away.
9智愚爭辯,或怒或笑,終無結果。9When the wise man argues with the fool, whether he is annoyed or joking, he will get nowhere.
10嗜殺的人,常憎恨正人君子;正直的人,卻關懷他的性命。10The violent hate the blameless man but the virtuous seek out his presence.
11愚人忿怒,必盡情發洩;明智的人,必自知抑制。11The fool gives free rein to his rage; while the wise man restrains it.
12作首長的,如聽信讒言,他的臣僕,必盡屬小人。12When a ruler listens to false reports, all his ministers will be scoundrels.
13窮人與壓迫者彼此相遇,二者皆由主獲得光明。13The poor man and usurer have something in common: both receive the light of day from God.
14君王如秉公審判窮人,他的寶座必永久穩立。14The king who judges the poor with justice will affirm his throne forever.
15杖責與懲戒,賜予人智慧;嬌縱的孩子,使母親受辱。15Both the stick and rebuke bring wisdom, while the spoilt child brings shame to his mother.
16惡人掌權,罪惡隨之增多;正義的人,必親見其崩潰。16When the wicked rule, sin abounds, but the virtuous shall witness their downfall.
17懲戒你的兒子,他必使你安心,令你心曠神怡。17Correct your son and he will bring you rest; you will be happy in him.
18神視缺乏時,人民必放縱;遵守法律的,纔蒙受祝福。18Where prophets are lacking, the people get out of hand; happy is he who obeys the Law.
19要糾正奴才,不宜用言語;即使他明白,他仍不服從。19A slave is not corrected by words; even if he understands he will take no notice.
20你是否見過信口開河的人?寄望於愚人勝於寄望於他。20You see a man dying to speak? There is more hope for a fool.
21對奴才自幼加以嬌養,他日後終必反僕為主。21If you spoil your slave from childhood, he will end up a rebel.
22易怒的人,極易引起紛爭;性急的人,必犯很多過錯。22The hot-tempered man provokes disputes, his anger multiplies his sins.
23驕傲自大,使人屈辱;虛心謙下,使人受榮。23A man's pride results in his humiliation, but he who humbles himself will achieve honors.
24誰與盜賊合夥,實是痛恨自己;他雖聽見咀咒,卻不敢發一言。24He who shares with the thief harms himself; even you who kept silent when you should have denounced him.
25對人畏懼,必陷入羈絆;信賴上主,必獲得安全。25To be afraid of men is a trap; but whoever trusts in Yahweh will be safe.
26許多人尋求王侯的慈惠,但每人的判決出自上主。26Many seek a ruler's favor but each one's fate comes from God.
27為非作歹的人,為義人所憎惡;行為正直的人,為惡人所憎惡。27The upright man detests the wicked and the evildoer hates the honest man.
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