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箴言 Proverbs
1智慧的婦女,足以興家;愚昧的婦女,親手將家拆毀。1Wisdom builds her house, foolishness destroys it with her own hands.
2履行正路的人,敬畏上主;愛走曲徑的人,輕視上主。2Upright living is fear of Yahweh, but he who is devious in his ways scorns him.
3愚昧人口中,有傲慢的根苗;智慧人的唇舌,是自己的保障。3From the fool's mouth comes the rod of his pride, the wise man's lips protect him.
4沒有耕牛,沒有五穀;耕牛愈雄壯,收穫愈豐富。4Where there's no oxen, there's no wheat, in the oxen's strength there's abundant harvest.
5忠實的證人,決不說謊;虛偽的證人,謊言連篇。5The truthful witness does not lie; the false witness breathes deceit.
6輕狂人求智,只屬徒然;明智人求知,卻很容易。6The mocker searches for wisdom in vain; knowledge comes easily to the discreet man.
7你應遠離愚昧的人,由他口中決得不到明哲。7Keep away from the fool for you will find no wisdom in his words.
8明智人的智慧,在於審察自己的行徑;愚昧人的昏愚,在於自欺欺人。8The wisdom of the discreet man lies in guarding his conduct, but the foolishness of fools is full of deceit.
9罪孽住在愚昧人中,恩愛與正直人為伍。9Fools never make amends, while goodwill dwells among the upright.
10心頭的愁苦,唯有自己知;心中的喜樂,他人無分享。10The heart understands its own grief; no stranger can share in its joy.
11邪僻人的家庭,必遭破壞;正直人的帳幕,卻要興隆。11The house of the wicked will be destroyed, but the tent of the upright will stand firm.
12有些道路,看來正直;走到盡頭,卻是死路。12To one, his way appears correct, but in the end it leads to death.
13連在歡笑中,心亦有感傷;歡笑的結局,往往是痛苦。13The heart feels pain in the midst of laughter, and joy ends in sorrow.
14變心的人,必自嘗其果;良善的人,必得其善報。14The reckless man reaps the fruit of his ways; the good man will earn reward.
15幼稚的人,有話必信;明智的人,步步謹慎。15The simpleton believes all he's told, the prudent man watches his step.
16智慧人戒避邪惡,愚昧人驕矜自負。16The wise man fears and avoids evil, the fool goes near and feels safe.
17易怒的人,做事昏愚;慎思的人,事事含忍。17The angry man does foolish things, the crafty man makes himself hated.
18愚昧的人,以愚昧為基業;明智的人,以知識為冠冕。18Foolishness is the inheritance of fools, the prudent choose wisdom as their crown.
19歹徒將伏在善人面前,惡人將跪在義人門前。19The wicked shall kneel before the good, and the godless, before the gates of the virtuous.
20貧窮的人,為親朋所厭;富貴的人,則高朋滿座。20The poor man is detestable even to his neighbor while the rich man has many friends.
21藐視近人,便是犯罪;憐憫苦人,纔是有福。21A sinner is he who looks down on his neighbor, happy is he who shows pity to the poor.
22陰謀邪惡的人,豈非走入歧途?策劃行善的人,必獲慈惠忠誠。22Does evil plotting not lead to ruin? Do goodness and sincerity not belong to those devoted to good?
23一切勞苦,皆有利益;只有閒談,引人貧窮。23Hard work yields a profit but the idler brings misfortune.
24智慧人的冠冕,是他們的機智;愚昧人的冠冕,是他們的糊塗。24Wealth is the wise man's crown, foolishness the diadem of fools.
25忠實的見證,救人性命;作假證的人,危害他人。25A truthful witness saves lives; he who lies will be lost.
26敬畏上主,是穩固的靠山;為他的子孫,也是個避難所。26There is great security in the fear of Yahweh, his sons find refuge in him.
27敬畏上主,是生命的泉源,使人脫免死亡的羅網。27The fear of Yahweh is a life-giving fountain for escaping the snares of death.
28人民眾多,是君王的光榮;庶民缺少,是王侯的沒落。28Numerous people are a king's glory; lack of subjects ruins a prince.
29緩於發怒的人,必甚有見識;脾氣暴躁的人,必大顯愚昧。29The discerning man is slow to anger, the impatient one displays stupidity.
30心平氣和,使身體康健;心懷嫉忌,使骨骸腐蝕。30A peaceful heart is the body's life but the passions are a cancer in the bones.
31欺壓窮人的,就是淩辱他的造主;憐恤苦人的,就是尊敬他的造主。31Oppression of the weak insults their creator, he is honored by those who have compassion on the needy.
32惡人因自己的邪惡,必被毀滅;義人因自己的正義,有所憑藉。32The evildoer is overthrown by his own evil, the upright man feels safe up to death.
33智慧居於哲人的心中,愚人的懷中一無所見。33Wisdom resides in the heart of the discerning; who ever sees her among fools?
34正義能以興邦立國,罪惡卻使人民衰落。34Virtue makes a nation great; the sinner disgraces a people.
35明哲的臣僕,蒙受君王的寵幸;無用的臣僕,必遭君王的盛怒。35The clever servant enjoys the king's favor but the fool has to suffer his anger.
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