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1上主訓示梅瑟說:1Yahweh spoke to Moses and said:
2「你命以色列子民把患任何癩病、任何淋病及所有為死屍沾染不潔的人送出營外,2"Order the Israelites to put out of the camp all lepers, and all who suffer from a contagious infection, or who have become unclean by touching a corpse.
3不論男女,都應送到營外去,免得我住在他們中的營幕沾染不潔。」3Man or woman, you must put them out and forbid them to return to the camp. The Israelites must not allow the camp where I dwell among them to become unclean in this way."
4以色列子民就如此做了,將他們送到營外;上主怎樣吩咐了梅瑟,以色列子民就怎樣做了。4The Israelites did so: they put them out of the camp. The Israelites did as Yahweh had commanded Moses.
5上主訓示梅瑟說:5Yahweh spoke to Moses and said,
6「你訓令以色列子民:不論男女,對近人作了什麼不義的事,因此得罪上主而自覺有罪,6"Tell the people of Israel: If anyone commits a fault against another person, and thus is unfaithful to Yahweh,
7他該承認自己所作的不義,除賠償全部損失外,還應另加五分之一給他所害的人。7that person must confess the sin committed and give back in full the amount which was taken plus 20' more. Payment is to be made to the person who was wronged.
8若此人沒有近親可向他賠償,這賠償就歸上主,屬於司祭。此外尚應獻一贖罪的公綿羊,為自己贖罪。8If, however, that person has died and there is no near relative to whom the ill-gotten goods can be returned, this payment owed to Yahweh shall be given to the priest, in addition to the ram of atonement with which the priest makes atonement for the guilty person.
9以色列子民在奉獻的各種聖物中,凡是給司祭的獻儀,即歸於司祭。9For of everything consecrated by Israelites and brought to the priest he has a right to the share set aside.
10每人所奉獻的聖物,應歸自己;但人給與司祭的,應歸於司祭。」10Whatever a person consecrates is his own; whatever is given to the priest belongs to the priest."
11上主訓示梅瑟說:11Yahweh spoke to Moses and said,
12「你告訴以色列子民說:若某人的妻子背離丈夫,12"Say this to the people of Israel: If anyone has a wife who goes astray and is unfaithful to him,
13對他不忠,瞞著丈夫讓人與她同睡交媾,在暗中玷污了自己,又沒有見證,也沒有被捉住;13sleeping with some other man without the husband's knowledge, and she disgraces herself in secret in this way, without any witness against her, and without anyone catching her in the act;
14若丈夫心生疑忌,疑忌他的妻子受了玷污;或者心生疑忌,疑忌他的妻子,但她實在沒有受玷污;14then, perhaps the spirit of jealousy will come over the husband and make him jealous for the wife who has disgraced herself. But perhaps the spirit of jealousy comes upon the husband, and makes him jealous of his wife even though she is innocent.
15丈夫就應帶他的妻子到司祭前,為她獻祭,獻十分之一『厄法』的大麥粉,其上不可倒油,也不可加乳香,因為這是因疑忌所獻的素祭,是一回憶罪過的素祭。15In these cases the man must bring his wife before the priest, and on her behalf make an offering of two pounds of barley flour. He is not to pour oil on it or put incense on it, because this is an 'offering for jealousy,' a memorial offering to record a fault.
16司祭令她前來,站在上主面前;16The priest is then to bring the woman forward and stand her before Yahweh.
17然後用陶器取些聖水,再由會幕地上取些塵土,放入水內。17Then he shall take living water in an earthen jar, and on the water throw dust that he has taken from the floor of the Holy Tent.
18司祭叫這女人站在上主面前,鬆開她的頭髮,將回憶的素祭品,即為疑忌所獻的素祭品,放在她的掌上,司祭手內拿著給人招致咒罵的苦水,18After he has placed the woman before Yahweh, he shall loosen her hair and put in her hands the commemorative offering (that is, the offering for jealousy). In his own hands the priest will hold the bowl containing bitter water that brings a curse.
19然後司祭命那女人起誓,對她說:「若沒有人與你同睡,若你沒有背離丈夫受玷污,願這招致咒罵的苦水於你無害。19He is then to make the woman agree to an oath. He shall say to her: If it is not true that a man has slept with you, that you have gone astray and disgraced yourself while under your husband's authority, then may this water of bitterness and cursing do you no harm.
20但是,如果你背離了丈夫受了玷污,讓丈夫以外的男人與你同睡,──20But if it is true that you have gone astray, and have disgraced yourself by sharing your bed with a man other than your husband,
21在此司祭叫那女人以詛咒的誓辭起誓,然後對她說:──願上主使你在你民族中成為可咒罵和詛咒的人,使你大腿萎縮,使你肚腹腫脹!21may Yahweh make of you an example and a curse among your people, making your breast shrink and your stomach swell!
22願這招致咒罵的水進入你的五臟,使你肚腹腫脹,使你大腿萎縮!」女人答說:「阿們、阿們。」22May this water of cursing enter your body to swell your stomach and to shrink your breast! The woman must answer: Amen! Amen!
23隨後司祭將這些咒文寫在紙上,用苦水洗去,23Then the priest shall write these curses down and wash them off in the bowl of bitter water.
24令女人喝這招致咒罵的苦水。這招致咒罵的水一進入她內,就給她帶來苦楚。24He must make the woman drink this water of bitterness and of cursing, and this water of cursing shall go into her and be bitter inside her.
25司祭再由這女人的手內,接過為疑忌所獻的素祭祭品,在上主面前行過搖禮後,放在祭壇上;25The priest shall then take the offering for jealousy from the woman's hands, and hold it up before Yahweh with a gesture of offering, and so carry it up to the altar.
26再由這素祭祭品內取出一把來作為紀念,放在祭壇上焚燒;以後,纔令女人喝這水。26He shall take a handful of the flour as a memorial, and burn it on the altar. He shall then make the woman drink the water.
27司祭命她喝水以後,事必靈驗:如果她受了玷污,對丈夫不忠,這招致咒罵的水一進入她內,就給她帶來苦楚;她的肚腹必腫脹,大腿必萎縮;這女人在她的民族中,必成為可咒罵的人。27After he has made her drink it, if it is true that she has disgraced herself, deceiving her husband, then the water of cursing that goes into her shall indeed be bitter: her belly will swell and her breast shrink, and she will be a curse among her people.
28但是,如果這女人沒有受玷污,而是貞潔的,就不致受害,反要生育子女。28But if she has not disgraced herself and is clean, then she will go unharmed and will bear children.
29這是關於疑忌事的法律:幾時一個婦人,背離丈夫,受了玷污;29This is the law in cases of jealousy, when a woman has gone astray and disgraced herself while under her husband's authority,
30或是一個男人心生疑忌,疑忌自己的妻子,他應帶妻子站在上主面前,司祭應對她執行這法律所規定的一切。30or when a spirit of jealousy has come over a man and made him jealous for his wife. When a husband brings such a woman before Yahweh, the priest must apply this law to her in full.
31如此,男人可免無罪,女人應自負罪債。」31The husband shall be guiltless, but the woman must bear the punishment for her sin."
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