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1勒烏本的子孫和加得的子孫,擁有很多的家畜;他們一見雅則爾地方和基肋阿得地方,是適於畜牧的區域,1The tribes of Reuben and Gad owned great herds of fine cattle. Now they saw that the land of Jazer and Gilead was good for raising livestock.
2便前來對梅瑟和厄肋阿匝爾大司祭及會眾的首領說:2Because of this they went to Moses, Eleazar the priest, and the leaders of the community, and said to them,
3「阿塔洛特、狄朋、雅則爾、尼默辣、赫市朋、厄肋阿肋、色班、乃波和貝紅,3"The land around Ataroth, Dibon, Jazer, Nimrah, Heshbon, Elealeh, Sebam, Nebo and Beon,
4這些地方是上主為以色列會眾所征服的,是適於畜牧的地方,而你的僕人們正有牛羊。」4which Yahweh has conquered in the sight of the community of Israel, is good land for raising cattle, and we have livestock.
5他們又說:「若是我們在你眼中獲得寵幸,希望你將這地方賜給你的僕人們作產業,不必叫我們過約但河。」5If we have deserved your friendship, give us this land for our own; do not make us cross the Jordan River."
6梅瑟回答加得的子孫和勒烏本的子孫說:「怎麼!你們的兄弟去打仗,你們卻要住在這裡?6Moses replied, "Shall you stay here while your brothers are off to the war?
7為什麼你們要叫以色列子民喪氣,使他們不敢進入上主賜給他們的土地?7Why do you discourage the people of Israel from entering the land that Yahweh has given them?
8當我由卡德士巴爾乃亞派遣你們的祖先去窺探這地時,他們也這樣做過。8This is what your fathers did when I sent them from Kadesh-barnea to inspect the land.
9他們上到厄市苛耳山谷,窺探了那地方,回來就使以色列子民喪了氣,致使他們再不願進入上主賜給他們的土地。9They went up as far as the Valley of Eshcol and inspected the land; but they kept the people of Israel from entering the land Yahweh had given them.
10為此上主在那天發怒起誓說:10Because of this Yahweh was angry that day and swore this oath,
11『凡由埃及出來過了二十歲的人,不得看見我誓許給亞巴郎、依撒格和雅各伯的土地,因為他們沒有一心一意地隨從我;11'These men of twenty years and over, who came out from Egypt, will never see the land that I promised on oath to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. For they have not followed me faithfully,
12只有刻納次人耶孚乃的兒子加肋布和農的兒子若蘇厄除外,因為他們一心一意地隨從了上主。』12except Caleb son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite, and Joshua son of Nun: these indeed have followed Yahweh faithfully.'
13因為上主對以色列發了怒,遂使他們在曠野中漂泊了四十年,直到在上主眼前作惡的那一世代完全死盡。13The anger of Yahweh blazed out against Israel and he made them wander in the desert for forty years, until the generation that offended Yahweh had all disappeared.
14現在,看,你們這些罪人的苗裔,竟起來替代你們先人,再增加上主對以色列的忿怒!14And now, will you do as your fathers did? You, new generation of sinful people, will you add still more to the burning anger of Yahweh against Israel!
15如果你們背離了他,他再把民眾拋在曠野裡;這樣,你們就要使這整個民族毀滅了。」15If you turn away from him, he will make your roaming in the desert still longer, and all this people will perish because of you."
16他們遂上前來,對他說:「我們願在這裡為我們的牛羊築圈,為我們的家眷建城。16But they explained their purpose to Moses, "We would like to build sheepfolds here for our flocks and towns for our young children.
17但我們必武裝起來,在以色列子民前頭上陣,直到我們領他們進入了自己的地方;至於我們的家眷,為預防本地的居民,應叫他們安居在堅固的城內。17Then we ourselves will take up arms to lead the people of Israel until we have brought them to the place appointed for them: only our young children will stay in the fortified towns, safe from the inhabitants of the country.
18不到以色列子民各個都佔有了產業,我們決不回家。18As for us we will not return to our homes until every one of the Israelites has taken possession of his inheritance.
19我們既然在約但河東得到了產業,在約但河西,就不再同他們分產業了。」19For we shall have no inheritance with them on the other bank of the Jordan River or beyond, since our inheritance has fallen to us here, east of the Jordan."
20梅瑟答覆他們說:「若是你們這樣做,若是你們武裝起來,在上主面前作戰;20Moses said to them, "If you mean what you have said, if you are prepared to go to battle in the presence of Yahweh,
21若是你們個個都武裝著在上主面前過約但河,直到他將自己的敵人驅散,21and if all your fighting men cross the Jordan River under the command of Yahweh, until he has defeated all his enemies,
22直到上主把那地征服以後,你們纔回家,你們對上主,對以色列就算無罪。那麼,這地照上主的允許,歸你們作為產業。22then, once Yahweh has taken possession of the land, you may go back; you shall be free of your obligation toward Yahweh and Israel, and this country shall be your inheritance before Yahweh.
23但是,如果你們不這樣去做,你們必獲罪於上主,要知道你們必自招罪罰。23But if you do not, you will sin against Yahweh, and you can be sure that your sin will follow you.
24你們可為家眷建城,為牛羊築圈;但是你們口頭所許的,卻必要實踐。」24Build towns, then, for your young children and fenced places for your sheep; but do what you have promised."
25加得的子孫和勒烏本的子孫回答梅瑟說:「你僕人們必照我主所吩咐的去做。25The sons of Gad and the sons of Reuben said to Moses, "Your servants will do as you order, sir.
26我們的孩童、婦女、牛羊和一切牲畜,都留在這裡,留在基肋阿得的城裡;26Our children, our wives, our sheep and all our livestock will stay in the towns of Gilead,
27至於你的僕人們,凡武裝起來的,都要過河,在上主面前上陣作戰,如我主所吩咐的。」27but we, every man armed for war, will cross over the Jordan before Yahweh to fight as you have ordered."
28梅瑟遂為他們向大司祭厄肋阿匝爾、農的兒子若蘇厄,以及以色列子民各支派的家長下了指示,28Then Moses gave instructions about them to Eleazar, the priest, to Joshua, son of Nun, and to the other leaders of Israel.
29向他們說:「若是加得子孫和勒烏本子孫,都武裝起來與你們同過約但河,在上主面前作戰,在你們征服那地以後,就把基肋阿得地方給他們作為產業。29Moses said to them, "If the sons of Gad and the sons of Reuben, all who are armed for battle, cross the Jordan before Yahweh to fight with you, then once you have conquered the land, you will give them the country of Gilead for their possession.
30但是,如果他們不武裝起來同你們一起過河,就應在客納罕地與你們同分產業。」30But if they do not cross over and go into battle with you, then they must have their possessions among you in the land of Canaan."
31加得子孫和勒烏本子孫回答說:「凡上主關於你僕人所說的,我們必照做。31The sons of Gad and the sons of Reuben replied, "What Yahweh has said to us, we will do.
32我們必武裝起來在上主面前過河,往客納罕地去;但約但河東的地方應給我們作產業。」32We will cross into the land of Canaan and go into battle under Yahweh's command; but our inheritance shall be beyond the Jordan."
33梅瑟遂將阿摩黎人王息紅的國土和巴商王敖格的國土,那地域及其境內的城池,以及那地域四周的城池,都給了他們;給了加得的子孫、勒烏本的子孫和若瑟的兒子默納協半支派。33Moses gave to the tribes of Gad and Reuben and to half the tribe of Manasseh, the territory of Sihon, king of the Amorites, as well as that of Og, king of Bashan, and all the land and towns surrounding them.
34加得的子孫重建了狄朋、阿塔洛特、阿洛厄爾、34The sons of Gad built Dibon, Ataroth, Aroer,
35阿特洛特芍番、雅則爾、約革波哈、35Atroth-shophan, Jazer, Jogbehah,
36貝特尼默辣和貝特哈蘭:這些都是堅固的城邑,並築有羊圈。36Beth-nimrah, Beth-haran, fortified towns, and fenced places for the sheep.
37勒烏本的子孫重建了赫市朋、厄肋阿肋、克黎雅塔因、37The sons of Reuben built Heshbon, Elealeh, Kiriathaim,
38乃波、巴耳默紅──有些名字已改──和息貝瑪;他們給重建的城邑另起了別名。38Nebo, Baal-meon (their names were changed), and Sibmah. They gave names to the towns they had built.
39默納協的兒子瑪基爾的子孫去了基肋阿得,佔據了那地方,驅逐了那裡的阿摩黎人。39The sons of Machir son of Manasseh went to Gilead. They conquered it and drove out the Amorites who were there.
40梅瑟遂將基肋阿得給了默納協的兒子瑪基爾;他就在那裡住下了。40Moses gave Gilead to Machir son of Manasseh, and he settled there.
41默納協的兒子雅依爾去佔據了阿摩黎人的村落,遂稱這些村落為哈沃特雅依爾。41Jair son of Manasseh attacked and captured some villages and called them villages of Jair.
42諾巴黑去佔據了刻納特及其屬鎮,給那地方起了自己的名字,叫諾巴黑。42Nobah attacked and captured Kenath with its outlying villages, and called it Nobah after himself.
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