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戶籍紀 Numbers
1上主訓示梅瑟和亞郎說:1Yahweh spoke to Moses and Aaron. He said:
2「以色列子民每人應隨自己的旗幟,在自己宗族的標誌下紮營,都向著會幕,在四周稍遠的地方紮營。2"The Israelites are to camp, every man by his own banner, under the flag of his tribe. They are to camp all around the Holy Tent of the Testimony, but at some distance from it.
3在前面,即東方,是猶大軍團紮營的旗幟:猶大子孫的首領是阿米納達布的兒子納赫雄;3Those who are to camp on the east side, towards the sunrise: the camp of Judah around his banner, in battle arrangement. Leader of the sons of Judah: Nahshon son of Amminadab.
4他的部隊登記的,是七萬四千六百。4His command: 74,600 men.
5在其傍紮營的是依撒加爾支派;依撒加爾子孫的首領是族阿爾的兒子乃塔乃耳;5Encamped next to him: The tribe of Issachar. Leader of the sons of Issachar: Nethanel son of Zuar.
6他的部隊登記的,是五萬四千四百。6His command: 54,400 men.
7隨後是則步隆支派;則步隆子孫的首領是赫隆的兒子厄里雅布;7The tribe of Zebulun. Leader of the sons of Zebulun: Eliab son of Helon.
8他的部隊登記的,是五萬七千四百。8His command: 57,400.
9猶大軍團登記的,共計十八萬六千四百;他們應首先出發。9The assembled strength of the camp of Judah numbers in all 186,400. These are to be first in marching.
10南方是勒烏本軍團紮營的旗幟:勒烏本子孫的首領是舍德烏爾的兒子厄里族爾;10On the south side, the banner of the camp of Reuben, in battle formation. Leader of the sons of Reuben: Elizur son of Shedeur.
11他的部隊登記的,是四萬六千五百。11His command: 46,500 men.
12在其傍紮營的,是西默盎支派;西默盎子孫的首領是族黎沙待的兒子舍路米耳;12Beside him shall camp: the tribe of Simeon. Leader of the sons of Simeon: Shelumiel son of Zurishaddai.
13他的部隊登記的,是五萬九千三百。13His comand: 59,300 men.
14隨後是加得支派;加得子孫的首領是勒烏耳的兒子厄肋雅撒夫;14The tribe of Gad. Leader of the sons of Gad: Eliasaph son of Reuel.
15他的部隊登記的,是四萬五千六百五十。15His command: 45,650 men.
16勒烏本軍團登記的,共計十五萬一千四百五十;他們其次出發。16The assembled strength of the camp of Reuben numbers in all 151,450. They are to be second in order of marching.
17隨後,會幕與肋未營在各營中心啟程前行;各營怎樣紮營,就怎樣出發前行,各依自己的位置,各隨自己的旗幟。17Next the Tent of Meeting will move, since the camp of the Levites is located in the middle of the other camps. The order of marching is to be the same order as in camping, every man under his own banner.
18西方是厄弗辣因軍團紮營的旗幟:厄弗辣因子孫的首領是阿米胡得的兒子厄里沙瑪;18On the west side, the banner of the camp of Ephraim, in battle formation. Leader of the sons of Ephraim: Elishama son of Ammihud.
19他的部隊登記的,是四萬五百。19His command: 40,500 men.
20在其傍是默納協支派;默納協子孫的首領是培達族爾的兒子加默里耳;20Next to him: the tribe of Manasseh. Leader of the tribe of Manasseh: Gamaliel son of Pedahzur.
21他的部隊登記的,是三萬二千二百。21His command: 32,200 men.
22隨後是本雅明支派;本雅明子孫的首領是基德敖尼的兒子阿彼丹;22The tribe of Benjamin. Leader of the sons of Benjamin: Abidan son of Gideoni.
23他的部隊登記的,是三萬五千四百。23His command: 35,400 men.
24厄弗辣因軍團登記的,共計十萬八千一百;他們作第三隊出發。24The assembled strength of the camp of Ephraim numbers in all 108,100. They are to be third in order of marching.
25北方是丹軍團紮營的旗幟:丹子孫的首領是阿米沙待的兒子阿希厄則爾;25On the north side, the banner of the camp of Dan, in battle formation. Leader of the sons of Dan: Ahiezer son of Ammishaddai.
26他的部隊登記的,是六萬二千七百。26His command: 62,700 men.
27在其傍紮營的是阿協爾支派;阿協爾子孫的首領是敖革蘭的兒子帕革厄耳;27Beside him shall camp
28他的部隊登記的,是四萬一千五百。28the tribe of Asher. Leader of the sons of Asher: Pagiel son of Ochran. His command: 41,500 men.
29隨後是納斐塔里支派;納斐塔里子孫的首領是厄南的兒子阿希辣;29The tribe of Naphtali. Leader of the sons of Naphtali: Ahira son of Enan.
30他的部隊登記的,是五萬三千四百。30His command: 53,400 men.
31丹軍團登記的,共計十五萬七千六百;他們隨著自己的旗幟,最後出發。」31The assembled strength of the camp of Dan numbers in all 157,600. They are to be last in order of marching."
32這就是以色列子民依照家系登記的數目;各營的部隊登記的總數,共六十萬三千五百五十。32Such was the total count of the sons of Israel when the census was made according to tribes. The full count of the entire camp, grouped under the various commands, was 603,550.
33照上主對梅瑟所吩咐的,肋未人沒有在以色列子民中登記。33The Levites, as Yahweh had commanded Moses, were not included in this census of the sons of Israel.
34以色列子民全照上主吩咐梅瑟的做了,都隨著自己的旗幟紮營,各隨宗族和家系出發進行。34The sons of Israel did exactly as Yahweh had commanded Moses. This was how they camped, grouped by banners. This was how they broke camp, each in his own clan, every man with his own family.
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