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納鴻 Nahum
1關於尼尼微的神諭,厄耳科士人納鴻的神視錄:1Oracle against Nineveh. This is the book of the vision which Nahum of Elkosh has seen.
2上主是嫉惡和復仇的天主;上主要復仇,且憤怒填胸;上主必對敵人復仇,必向仇人洩怒。2Yahweh is a jealous and avenging God, Yahweh takes vengeance in his wrath;
3上主雖緩於發怒,但能力偉大,他決不全然免罰;他的行程是在狂風暴雨中,雲彩是他腳下的塵埃。3Yahweh is slow to anger though immense in power. He does not overlook the evil. In storm and whirlwind is his path; clouds are the dust of his feet.
4他一呵叱海洋,海洋即枯竭,眾河流也為之乾涸,巴商與加爾默耳於是枯槁,黎巴嫩的花卉也隨之凋謝。4He rebukes the sea and dries it; he drains rivers of their water. Bashan and Carmel wither; the blossoms of Lebanon fade.
5山岳在他面前震盪,丘陵動搖;大地寰宇及其中所有的居民,在他面前莫不戰慄。5Before him the mountains quake and the hills melt; the earth trembles and all the peoples.
6誰能抵得住他的怒氣?誰能忍受得住他的烈怒?他的憤怒如火冒出,連磐石也要在他面前破碎。6Who can stand before his fury? Who can face his blazing anger? His wrath is poured out like fire, and the rocks are rent asunder.
7上主原是良善的,是患難之日的避難所,他必照顧依賴他的人;7Yahweh is good for those who hope; in the day of trouble he shelters them. He remembers those who trust in him
8在洪流氾濫時,他必拯救他們;但對他的敵人,他必予以毀滅,將他的仇人驅入黑暗。8when the flood engulfs them. He utterly destroys his adversaries and pursues his foes into darkness. What are you plotting against him? Yahweh will bring it to an end,
9尼尼微,你們對上主有什麼圖謀?他必完全予以毀滅,不必二次降災。9oppression will not rise a second time. Yahweh gives his foe no quarter, he stores up fury for his enemy.
10他們像纏結的荊棘【又像大醉的豪飲者】,必如乾秸全被燒盡。10They will be entangled devoured like thorns, and be consumed like dry stubble.
11是由你中間出現了那妄想反抗上主,圖謀惡計的人。11Yahweh will take off Juda his enemy the one who plots evil.
12上主這樣說:「雖然他們裝備齊全而且眾多,但仍然要被剷除,歸於烏有。我雖然磨難了你,我必不再磨難你。12Thus Yahweh says to Judah: "Though they be strong and many they will be annihilated. Though I had afflicted you, no more shall I afflict you.
13現在我必由你身上打斷他的軛,打碎你的鎖鏈。13I will break their yoke from your neck and tear away your shackles."
14尼尼微,上主已對你下了命令:你的名字不再傳於後世;我要把雕像鑄像由你神廟內除去,並使你的墳墓成為辱罵的對象。」14To the people of Nineveh, here is Yahweh's decree. "No descendants shall bear your name. I will abolish from your temple the carved image and the molten idol. I will make your tomb an object of shame."
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