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瑪竇福音 Matthew
1耶穌由聖殿裡出來前行,門徒前來把聖殿的建築指給他看。1Jesus left the Temple and as he was walking away, his disciples came to him and boasted about the imposing Temple buildings.
2耶穌回答他們說:「你們不是看見這一切嗎?我實在告訴你們:將來這裡決沒有一塊石頭,留在另一塊石頭上,而不被拆毀的。」2But he said, "You see all this? Truly I say to you: not one stone will be left upon another here. All will be thrown down."
3他在橄欖山上坐著的時候,門徒前來私下對他說:「請告訴我們:什麼時候要發生這些事?又什麼是你來臨和時代窮盡的先兆?」3Later when Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples approached him privately and asked, "Tell us when this will take place. What sign will be given us before your coming and the end of history?"
4耶穌回答說:「你們要謹慎,免得有人欺騙你們,4Jesus answered, "Be on your guard and let no one mislead you.
5因為將有許多人假冒我的名字來說:我就是默西亞;他們要欺騙許多人。5Many will come, claiming my title and saying: 'I am the Messiah,' and they will mislead many people.
6你們要聽到戰爭和戰爭的風聲。小心,不要驚慌!因為這是必須發生的,但還不是結局,6You will hear about war and threats of war, but do not be troubled, for these things must happen, but it is not yet the end.
7因為民族要起來攻擊民族,國家要起來攻擊國家;並且到處要有饑荒、瘟疫和地震。7Nations will fight one another, and kingdom oppose kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in several places,
8但是,這一切只是痛苦的開始。8but all these are only the beginning: the first pains of childbirth.
9那時,人要交付你們去受刑,要殺害你們;你們為了我的名字,要為各民族所憎恨。9Then they will arrest you, and they will torture and kill you. All nations will hate you for you bear my name.
10那時,必有許多人要跌倒,互相出賣,互相仇恨;10In those days, many will stumble and fall; they will betray one another and become enemies.
11許多假先知要起來,欺騙許多人;11False prophets will appear and mislead many people,
12由於罪惡的增多,許多人的愛情必要冷淡。12and because of such great wickedness, love will grow cold in many people.
13唯獨堅持到的,纔可得救。13But the one who holds out to the end will be saved.
14天國的福音必先在全世界宣講,給萬民作證;然後結局纔會來到。14The Good News of the Kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the world for all the nations to know; then the end will come.
15所以,幾時你們見到達尼爾所說的『招致荒涼的可憎之物』已立於聖地,──讀者應明白:15When you see what the prophet Daniel foretold: the idol of the invader set up in the Temple (may the reader understand!),
16那時在猶太的,該逃往山中;16then let those in Judea flee to the mountains.
17在屋頂上的,不要下來,從自己的屋裡,取什麼東西;17If you are on the housetop, do not come down to take anything with you.
18在田野裡的,也不要回來取他的外衣。18If you are in the field, do not turn back to fetch your cloak.
19在那些日子內,懷孕的和哺乳的,是有禍的。19How hard it will be for pregnant women and mothers with babies at the breast!
20你們當祈禱,不要叫你們的逃遁遇到冬天或安息日。」20Pray that it may not be in winter or on a sabbath that you flee.
21因為那時必有大災難,是從宇宙開始,直到如今從未有過的,將來也不會再有;21For there will be great tribulation such as was never known from the beginning of the world until now, and is never to be known again.
22並且那些時日如不縮短,凡有血肉的,都不會得救;但為了那些被選的,那些時日,必將縮短。22And if that time were not to be shortened, no one would survive. But God will shorten it for the sake of his chosen ones.
23那時,若有人對你們說:看,默西亞在這裡!或說:在那裡!你們不要相信,23Then, if anyone says to you: 'Look! The Messiah is here! He is there!', do not believe it.
24因為將有假默西亞和假先知興起,行大奇蹟和異蹟,以致如果可能,連被選的人也要欺騙。24For false Messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and wonders so great that they would deceive even God's chosen people, if that were possible.
25看,我預先告訴了你們。25See, I have told you everything ahead of time.
26為此,如果有人對你們說:看,他在曠野。你們不要出來。或說:看,在內室。你們也不要相信。26So, if anyone tells you: 'He is in the desert,' do not go. If they say: 'He is in such a secluded place,' do not believe it.
27因為如同閃電從東方發出,直照到西方,人子的來臨也要這樣。27For the coming of the Son of Man will instead be like lightning which flashes from the east even to the west.
28無論在那裡有死屍,老鷹就聚集在那裡。」28'Wherever the body is, the vultures will gather.'
29「那些時日的災難一過,立時太陽就要昏暗,月亮也不發光,星辰要從天上墜下,天上的萬象也要動搖。29For later, after that distress, the sun will grow dark, the moon will not give its light, the stars will fall from the skies, and the whole universe will be shaken.
30那時,人子的記號要出現天上;地上所有的種族,都要哀號,要看見人子帶著威能和大光榮,乘著天上的雲彩降來。30Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven: as all the nations of the earth beat their breasts, they will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with divine power and the fullness of Glory.
31他要派遣他的天使,用發出洪聲的號角,由四方,從天這邊到天那邊,聚集他所揀選的人。」31He will send his angels to sound the trumpet and gather the chosen ones from the four winds, from one end of the earth to the other.
32「你們應該由無花果取個比喻:幾時它的枝條已經發嫩,葉子出生了,你們就知道夏天近了。32Learn a lesson from the fig tree. When its branches grow tender and its leaves begin to sprout, you know that summer is near.
33同樣,你們幾時看見這一切,你們就該知道:他已近了,就在門口。33In the same way, when you see all that I have told you, know that the time is near, even at the door.
34我實在告訴你們:非到這一切發生了,這一世代決不會過去。34Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things have happened.
35天地要過去,但是我的話,決不會過去。」35Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.
36「至於那日子和那時刻,除父一個外,誰也不知道,連天上的天使都不知道。36But as for that Day and that Hour, no one knows when it will come, not even the angels of God nor the Son, but only the Father.
37就如在諾厄的時日怎樣,人子的來臨也要怎樣。37At the coming of the Son of Man it will be just as it was in the time of Noah.
38因為就如在洪水前的時日,人照常吃喝婚嫁,直到諾厄進入方舟的那一天,38In those days before the Flood, people were eating and drinking, and marrying, until the day when Noah went into the ark.
39仍然沒有覺察;直到洪水來了,把他們都捲了去;人子的來臨,也必要這樣。39Yet they did not know what would happen until the flood came and swept them away. So will it be at the coming of the Son of Man.
40那時,兩個人同在田間,一個被提去,一個卻被遺棄;40Of two men in the field, one will be taken and the other left.
41兩個女人同在磨旁推磨,一個被提去,一個卻被遺棄。41Of two women grinding wheat together at the mill, one will be taken and the other left.
42所以,你們要醒寤,因為你們不知道:在那一天你們的主人要來。42Stay awake, then, for you do not know on what day your Lord will come.
43這一點你們要明白:如果家主知道,盜賊幾更天要來,他必要醒寤,不讓自己的房屋被挖穿。43Just think about this: if the owner of the house knew that the thief would come by night around a certain hour, he would stay awake to prevent his house to be broken into.
44為此,你們應該準備,因為你們不料想的時辰,人子就來了。」44So be alert, for the Son of Man will come at the hour you least expect.
45「究竟誰是那忠信聰明的僕人,主人派他管理自己的家僕,按時配給他們食糧呢?45Imagine a capable servant whom his master has put in charge of his household to give them food at the proper time.
46主人來時,看見他如此行事,那僕人纔是有福的。46Fortunate indeed is that servant whom his master will find at work when he comes.
47我實在告訴你們:主人必要委派他管理自己的一切財產。47Truly, I say to you, his lord will entrust that one with everything he has.
48如果那惡僕心裡說:我主人必要遲延,48Not so with the bad servant who thinks: My master is delayed.
49於是開始拷打自己的同伴,甚或同醉漢一起吃喝。49And he begins ill-treating his fellow servants while eating and drinking with drunkards.
50正在他不期待的日子,和想不到的時刻,那僕人的主人要來到,50But his master will come on the day he does not know and at the hour he least expects.
51剷除他,使他與假善人遭受同樣的命運;在那裡要有哀號和切齒。」51He will dismiss that servant and deal with him as with the hypocrites, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
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