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馬拉基亞 Malachi
1神諭:上主藉瑪拉基亞傳於以色列的話。1An oracle. These are the words that Yahweh directed to Israel through Malachi.
2上主說:我愛了你們,而你們卻說:你怎樣愛了我們?厄撒烏不是雅各伯的哥哥嗎?──上主的斷語──但是我卻愛了雅各伯,2When Yahweh says, "I love you," you reply, "How do you show that love?" So Yahweh asks you,
3而恨了厄撒烏。我曾使他的山荒涼,使他的產業變為豺狼所住的曠野。3"Was Esau not Jacob's brother? Yet I loved Jacob and hated Esau. See how I left his mountains desolate and abandoned his land to the jackals of the desert.
4如果厄東說:我們雖然被毀滅,但我們必要重建廢墟。萬軍的上主卻這樣說:他們可以重建,但我必加以破壞,人們將稱之為「邪惡的地區,」為「上主永遠憤恨的人民。」4If Edom decides to rebuild its ruins, after having been destroyed, Yahweh of hosts says: They may rebuild, but I will demolish. You will call them: 'Accursed country' and 'Nation with which Yahweh is forever displeased.'
5你們必要親眼看見,並且要說:上主連在以色列境界之外,也顯示了自己偉大。5You will see this with your own eyes, then you will exclaim: The power of Yahweh goes beyond the borders of Israel."
6兒子應孝敬父親,僕人應敬畏主人。但如果我是父親,對我的孝敬在那裡?如果我是主人,對我的敬畏在那裡?司祭們!萬軍的上主對你們說:「你們輕視了我的名。」但你們卻說:「我們在什麼事上輕視了你的名?」6The son honors his father, the servant respects his master. Now if I am a father, where is the honor due to me? If I am your master, where is your respect for me? This is what Yahweh of hosts wants you to know, priests who despise his name. But you will only ask: How have we despised your name?
7就在你們以不潔的食物供奉在我的祭壇上。你們又說:「我們在甚麼事上玷污了它?」就是在你們說:「上主的台桌是可輕賤的」的時候。7You present defiled foods on my altar, yet you say: How did we defile you? You think that my table does not deserve respect.
8你們將一隻盲目的畜牲獻為犧牲,不是罪過嗎!你們奉獻一隻跛腿的,或有疾病的,不是罪過嗎?將這樣的禮品,獻給你的省長罷!看他是否會喜歡,會悅納?──萬軍的上主說。8When you bring a blind animal as a sacrifice, or when you present one that is lame or sick, are you not doing wrong? Go, present these to the governor; will he be pleased and receive you well?" says Yahweh of hosts.
9現在你們懇求天主開恩,叫他憐恤我們!這事既然是你們經手,看他是否會對你們垂青?──萬軍的上主說。9So now, ask God that he may have mercy on us. But if it goes badly for us because of your sin, are you those who should entreat him?
10惟願你們中有人關閉殿門,免得你們在我的祭壇上白白地點火!我不喜歡你們──萬軍的上主說──也不悅納你們經手所獻的祭品,10Who among you would close my doors that you may no longer come to kindle fire upon my altar in vain? I am not pleased with you, says Yahweh of hosts, nor am I pleased with your offerings.
11因為從日出到日落,我的名在異民中大受顯揚,到處有人為我的名焚香獻祭,並奉獻潔淨的祭品,因為我的名在異民中大受顯揚──萬軍的上主說。11See, from the rising of the sun to its setting, all the nations revere my Name and everywhere incense is offered to my Name as well as a pure offering. I am rightly esteemed among the nations, says Yahweh of hosts.
12但你們卻褻瀆了它,即在你們說:「主的台桌是污穢的,上面的食物是可輕賤的」的時候。12But you despise my Name when you say: "The Lord's table is dirty and his food is good for nothing."
13你們還說:「唉,這是多麼麻煩!」你們且嗤之以鼻──萬軍的上主說。你們將奪來的,跛腿的和有疾病的拿來獻為祭品,我豈能從你們手中悅納?──上主說。13When you complain that you do not like this food you despise me, says Yahweh. You bring a stolen animal, lame or diseased, to offer to me in sacrifice. Do you think that I will accept it?
14那在家畜群中原有公的,且許了願,卻拿有殘疾的獻給上主的騙子,是可詛咒的!我是大王──萬軍的上主說:我的名在異民中必受敬畏。14Cursed be the cheater who, after promising me a bull from his herd, sacrifices a stunted animal. For I am a great King and my Name is respected through all the nations, says Yahweh of hosts.
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