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肋未紀 Leviticus
1到了第八天,梅瑟召集亞郎和他的兒子以及以色列的長老,1On the eighth day Moses called Aaron and his sons and the elders of Israel.
2然後對亞郎說:「你牽一頭公牛犢來,作為贖罪祭,一隻公綿羊來,作為全燔祭,都應是無瑕的,牽到上主前。」2He said to Aaron, "Take a calf to offer a sacrifice for sin, and a ram for a burnt offering, both without any defect, and bring them before Yahweh.
3又吩咐以色列子民說:「你們應牽一隻公山羊來,作為贖罪祭;一頭公牛犢和一隻一歲的公羔羊來,都應是無瑕的,作為全燔祭;3Then say to the people of Israel, 'Take a goat to be offered as a sacrifice for sin, and as burnt offering a calf and a lamb both one year old and without any defect,
4再牽一頭公牛和一隻公綿羊來,作為和平祭,祭獻在上主面前;再帶些油調的素祭祭品來,因為今天上主要顯現給你們。」4and for peace offering an ox and a ram to be slaughtered before Yahweh; and finally a grain offering mixed with oil. For Yahweh will appear to you today."
5他們遂將梅瑟所吩咐的,都帶到會幕前;全會眾都前來,站在上主面前。5They brought what Moses had commanded in front of the Tent of Meeting; then the whole community gathered and stood before Yahweh.
6梅瑟遂說:「這是上主命你們做的事,好使上主的榮耀顯現給你們。」6Moses said, "This is what Yahweh has commanded to be done, so that his glory may appear to you."
7以後,梅瑟對亞郎說:「你走近祭壇,奉獻你的贖罪祭和全燔祭,為你自己和你的家族贖罪;然後奉獻人民的祭品,為他們贖罪,如上主所吩咐的。」7Moses then said to Aaron, "Go to the altar and offer your sacrifice for sin and your burnt offering to take away your sins. Then present the people's offering to take away their sins as Yahweh has commanded."
8亞郎於是走近祭壇,宰殺了那為自己作贖罪祭的公牛犢。8Aaron went to the altar and slaughtered the calf as a sacrifice for his own sin.
9亞郎的兒子將血遞給他,他把手指浸在血裡,抹在祭壇的四角上,剩下的血都倒在祭壇腳旁。9Then the sons of Aaron presented the blood to him; he dipped his finger in it and put some on the corners of the altar, and then poured out the rest of the blood at the foot of the altar.
10贖罪祭犧牲的脂肪、兩腎和肝葉,都放在祭壇上焚燒,照上主對梅瑟吩咐的。10The fat of the sacrifice for sin and the kidneys and the best part of the liver, he burned on the altar, as Yahweh had commanded Moses;
11至於肉和皮,都在營外用火燒了。11the flesh and the skin he burned outside the camp.
12然後亞郎宰殺了全燔祭犧牲,亞郎的兒子將血遞給他,他將血灑在祭壇四周。12Next Aaron slaughtered the animal which was for his own burnt offering; his sons handed him the blood and he poured it on the sides of the altar.
13以後,他們將切成塊的全燔祭犧牲和頭遞給他,他就放在祭壇上焚燒。13Then they handed him the quartered animal and its head too, and he burned these on the altar.
14內臟和腿洗淨後,也放在祭壇上同全燔祭犧牲一起焚燒。14He washed the internal organs and legs and burned them on the altar in addition to the burnt offering.
15隨後他奉獻了人民的祭品:將那為人民作贖罪祭的公山羊牽來,宰殺了,獻作贖罪祭,如前一犧牲一樣。15He then presented the people's offering. He took the goat for the people's sacrifice for sin, killed it and offered it as a sacrifice for sin in the same way as the first.
16又奉獻了全燔祭,全按禮儀進行;16Then he had the animal for the burnt offering brought forward and offered it according to the regulations.
17又奉獻了素祭,由其中取了一滿把,放在祭壇上焚燒,這是早晨全燔祭以外的祭獻。17Next he had the grain offering brought forward, took a handful of it and burned it on the altar in addition to the morning burnt offering.
18最後,他宰殺了為人民作和平祭的公牛和公綿羊;亞郎的兒子將血遞給他,他就將血灑在祭壇四周。18Finally, he slaughtered the ox and the ram as a peace offering for the people. Aaron's sons handed him the blood and he poured it out on the sides of the altar.
19至於牛羊的脂肪、肥尾、遮蓋內臟的脂肪、兩腎和肝葉,19The fat of the ox and of the ram - the tail, the fatty covering, the kidneys, the best part of the liver -
20他們都放在犧牲的胸脯上;亞郎遂將脂肪放在祭壇上焚燒,20all of this he laid on the breasts and burned it all on the altar.
21胸脯和右後腿,拿來在上主前行了奉獻的搖禮,照梅瑟所吩咐的。21With the breasts and the right hind leg Aaron made the gesture of offering by waving them as Yahweh had commanded.
22以後亞郎向人民舉起手來,祝福了他們。當他獻完了贖罪祭、全燔祭及和平祭以後,就由祭壇上下來了。22Then Aaron raised his hands toward the people and blessed them. Having thus performed the sacrifice for sin, the burnt offering and the peace offering,
23以後,梅瑟和亞郎走進了會幕,二人出來,祝福百姓時,上主的榮耀顯現給全體百姓;23he came down and entered the Tent of Meeting with Moses. Then they came out together to bless the people and the Glory of Yahweh appeared to the whole people -
24由上主前出來了火,吞噬了祭壇上的全燔祭祭品和脂肪。全體百姓見了,齊聲歡呼,俯伏在地。24a flame leaped forth from before Yahweh and consumed the burnt offering and the fat that was on the altar. At this sight the people shouted for joy and fell on their faces.
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