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肋未紀 Leviticus
1上主訓示梅瑟說:1Yahweh spoke to Moses; he said:
2「你吩咐亞郎和他的兒子們說:全燔祭的法律如下:全燔祭應徹夜至早晨留在祭壇的火上,火應在祭壇上常燃不熄。2"Give these regulations to Aaron and his sons. This is the regulation for burnt offerings: the burnt offering shall stay on the altar all night until morning and the fire is to be kept burning.
3司祭應穿上亞麻衣,著亞麻褲遮蓋身體,除去祭壇上焚燒全燔祭的灰燼,倒在祭壇旁邊;3The priest is to put on his linen shirt and his linen drawers. Then he must remove the greasy ashes of the sacrifice consumed by the altar fire and place them at the side of the altar.
4然後脫去這些衣服,穿上別的衣服,將灰燼運到營外的清潔地方。4Then he is to change his clothes and carry the ashes to some place that is clean, outside the camp.
5祭壇上的火應常燃不熄;司祭每天早晨應添柴,放上全燔祭祭品,焚燒和平祭犧牲的脂肪。5The fire that consumes the burnt offering on the altar must not be allowed to go out. Every morning the priest must put firewood on it, arrange the burnt offering on it and burn the fat from the peace offerings.
6祭壇上的火應常燃不熄。6An undying fire is always to burn on the altar; it must not go out.
7素祭的法律如下:亞郎的兒子應將素祭帶到祭壇前,獻給上主;7This is the regulation for the grain offering: One of the priests, a son of Aaron, is to bring it into the presence of Yahweh in front of the altar;
8然後由素祭祭品取出一把細麵和一些油,以及所有的乳香,放在祭壇上焚燒,獻給上主作悅意的馨香,為獲得紀念。8he is to take a handful of the fine flour (with the oil and incense which have been added to it) and burn it on the altar as a memorial, to recall to Yahweh the person making the offering so that it becomes a sweet-smelling odor pleasing to Yahweh.
9剩下的,亞郎和他的兒子們應該吃,應吃死麵的,並且應在聖處,即在會幕庭院內吃。9After that, the remainder is to be given to Aaron and his sons; they shall eat it in the form of unleavened loaves. They are to eat it in a sacred place within the courtyard of the Tent of Meeting.
10烤時不可加酵。這是我由火祭祭品中,劃歸給他們的一份,是至聖之物,有如贖罪祭和贖過祭祭品。10The share I give them of my burnt offering must not be baked with yeast. It is most holy, like the sacrifice for sin and the sacrifice of repayment.
11亞郎的子孫中,凡是男人,都可以吃:這是他們在你們中世世代代,由上主的火祭中得享的永久權利。凡與這些祭品接觸的,即成為聖。」11All the males of Aaron's family may eat this part of Yahweh's burnt offering - this is a law forever for all your descendants. Everything that touches the offering becomes consecrated as well."
12上主訓示梅瑟說:12Yahweh spoke to Moses; he said:
13「亞郎和他的兒子們在受傅之日,應給上主獻的祭品是:十分之一『厄法』細麵,當作日常的素祭:早上獻一半,晚上獻一半;13"This is the offering that Aaron and his sons are to make to Yahweh on the day of their anointing as priests: two pounds of flour as a daily offering, half in the morning and half in the evening.
14應在鐵盤上用油調製;調好後,分成塊,將成塊的祭品,獻給上主作為悅意的馨香。14It must be fried on the griddle and mixed with oil; you must bring the paste as a grain offering in several pieces, offering them as a sweet-smelling odor pleasing to Yahweh.
15亞郎的子孫中,繼他位受傅為司祭的,都應奉獻此祭品:這是一條永久的法令。這祭品應全焚燒,獻給上主。15Every descendant of Aaron who succeeds him as high priest shall do the same. This is a law forever. This grain offering shall be completely burned as a sacrifice for Yahweh.
16凡司祭自獻的素祭祭品應全焚燒,決不可吃。」16Every grain offering made by a priest must be a total sacrifice; none of it is to be eaten."
17上主訓示梅瑟說:17Yahweh spoke to Moses; he said,
18「你告訴亞郎和他的兒子們說:關於贖罪祭的法律如下:贖罪祭犧牲應在宰殺全燔祭犧牲的地方,在上主面前宰殺:這是至聖之物。18"Say to Aaron and his sons: This is the regulation for the sacrifice for sin: The victim for the sacrifice is to be killed before Yahweh in the place where the animals for the burnt offerings are killed. It is a most holy offering.
19奉獻贖罪祭犧牲的司祭,應吃這犧牲,應在聖處,即在會幕庭院內吃。19The priest who offers this sacrifice is to eat it. It must be eaten in a holy place within the courtyard of the Tent of Meeting.
20凡與這祭肉接觸的,即成為聖;若血濺在衣服上,濺有血跡的衣服,該在聖處洗淨。20Everything that touches the flesh of this animal will become consecrated; if any of the blood splashes on clothing, the stain must be cleaned in some holy place.
21用為煮祭肉的陶器應打破;但若是在銅器內煮,銅器該擦光,用水洗淨。21The clay pot in which the meat is cooked must be broken; if a bronze pot has been used for the cooking, it must be scrubbed and thoroughly rinsed with water.
22司祭家中,凡是男人都可以吃:這是至聖之物。22Any male who is a priest may eat the meat. It is a most holy thing.
23但是,任何贖罪祭犧牲,如果牲血帶進了會幕,為在聖所內行贖罪禮,決不可吃,應在火裡燒盡。23But no one may eat any part of the animals offered for sin, whenever any of the blood is brought into the Tent and used in the sacrifice to take away sin. The meat must be thrown on the fire.
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