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肋未紀 Leviticus
1若有人聽了詛咒的誓言,能為所見所知的事作證而不肯聲明,就犯了罪,應負罪咎;1Sacrifice for sin is required in the following cases: A man should have come forward to give evidence in court when officially summoned; but he did not speak and give information about something he had seen or heard; and so he is guilty.
2或有人誤觸了什麼不潔之物,不論是不潔野獸的屍體,或是不潔家畜的屍體,或是不潔昆蟲的屍體,而未發覺,以後發覺自己成了不潔的,因而有罪;2Or else he accidentally touches something unclean, whatever it may be - the dead body of an unclean animal, wild or tame; or the dead body of one of the unclean beings that swarm - and so without realizing it, he becomes unclean, and guilty.
3或有人誤摸了人的不潔,任何能玷污人的不潔,而未發覺,以後發覺,就有了罪;3Or else he accidentally touches some human uncleanness, whatever it may be, and contact with it makes him unclean; so he becomes guilty as soon as he realizes what he has done.
4或有人出言輕易發了誓,或懷惡意,或懷善意,人無論在什麼事上輕易發了誓,當時未發覺,而以後發覺自己在某件事上有了罪;4Or else a man makes a careless vow to do either evil or good in any of those matters on which a man may swear unthinkingly; he does not notice it, then, but when he realizes it later, he becomes guilty.
5那麼幾時他發覺自己在上述某件事上有了罪,就該承認自己所犯的罪,5He who is guilty in any of these cases, shall confess the sin committed,
6為賠補所犯的罪,應由羊群中取一隻母羊或綿羊,或山羊,獻給上主作贖罪祭,司祭應為他的罪行贖罪禮。6and bring to Yahweh as a sacrifice for the sin committed a female of the flock (sheep or goat); and the priest shall offer the sacrifice for the man's sin to free him from his sin.
7如果他的財力不足備辦一隻羊,為賠補所犯的罪,應獻給上主兩隻斑鳩或兩隻雛鴿:一隻作為贖罪祭,一隻作為全燔祭。7If a man cannot afford a sheep or a goat, he shall offer to Yahweh, as payment for the sin he has committed, two turtledoves or two young pigeons, one for a sacrifice for sin and the other for a burnt offering.
8將牠們交給司祭;司祭應先奉獻那作贖罪祭的一隻,掐住脖子扭斷牠的頭,卻不可分離;8He will bring them to the priest who is to offer first the one intended for the sacrifice for sin. The priest shall wring its neck, without removing the head.
9然後取些贖罪祭犧牲的血,灑在祭壇壁上,其餘的血都擠在祭壇腳旁:這是贖罪祭。9He shall sprinkle the side of the altar with the victim's blood, and then drain out the rest of the blood at the foot of the altar. This is a sacrifice for sin.
10至於第二隻:照全燔祭的儀式獻作全燔祭。司祭這樣為他所犯的罪行贖罪禮,他方可獲得罪赦。10Of the other bird he is to make a burnt offering according to the regulations. When the priest offers the sacrifice for the man's sin, he will be forgiven.
11如果他的財力連兩隻斑鳩或兩隻雛鴿也不能備辦,為賠補所犯的罪,應獻十分之一『厄法』細麵,作贖罪祭祭品,上面不可倒油,也不可放乳香,因為是贖罪祭。11If this man cannot afford two turtledoves or two young pigeons, he is to bring two pounds of flour as an offering for the sin committed; but he shall not mix oil with it or put incense on it, for it is a sacrifice for sin.
12將祭品交給司祭,司祭就取出一把麵,放在祭壇上與獻給上主的火祭一同焚燒,為獲得記念:這是贖罪祭。12He is to bring it to the priest, who is to take a handful of it to be put on the burnt offering for Yahweh in order to recall this man to Yahweh. This is a sacrifice for sin.
13司祭這樣為他所犯的罪過行贖罪禮,他方可獲得罪赦。剩下的,如素祭一樣,應歸於司祭。」13This is how the priest is to offer the sacrifice for the sin the man committed in any of these cases, and he will be forgiven. In this case, as in the case of a grain offering, the rest of the flour belongs to the priest."
14上主訓示梅瑟說:14Yahweh spoke to Moses; he said:
15「若有人有了過犯,不慎冒犯了上主的聖物,為賠補自己的過失,應從羊群中取一隻無瑕的公綿羊,依照你的估價,按聖所的幣制折合銀子,獻與上主作贖過祭。15"If anyone is guilty of unintentionally cheating by failing to hand over the payments that are sacred to Yahweh, he is to bring to Yahweh as a sacrifice of payment a ram with no defects. This ram is to be valued according to the official standard. This is a sacrifice of repayment.
16為賠償他對聖物所犯的過失,還應另加五分之一,交給司祭。司祭應用贖過祭的公綿羊為他行贖罪禮,他方可獲得罪赦。16He must make the payments he has failed to hand over, pay an extra fifth as well, and give it to the priest. The priest shall offer the ram as a sacrifice for the man's sin and he will be forgiven.
17若有人犯了罪,不慎做了上主誡命所不許做的事,有了過犯,應負罪債,17If anyone sins and does one of the things forbidden by the commandments of Yahweh without realizing it, he is guilty and must pay the penalty for his fault.
18他應照你的估價,從羊群中取一隻無瑕的公綿羊,交給司祭作贖過祭。司祭這樣為他不慎而誤犯的過失,替他行贖罪禮,他才可獲得罪赦:18As a sacrifice of repayment he is to bring to the priest a ram without any defect. Its value will be according to the official standard. The priest shall offer the sacrifice for the sin he has committed without realizing it and he will be forgiven.
19這是贖過祭,是他應向上主獻的贖過祭。」19This is a sacrifice of repayment for the man was guilty in the eyes of Yahweh."
20上主訓示梅瑟說:20Yahweh spoke to Moses; he said:
21「若有人犯了罪,冒犯了上主,因為在寄託物上,或抵押品上,或劫掠物上欺騙了自己的同胞,或剝削了自己的同胞,21"This refers to the man who sins against Yahweh by not returning to his neighbor a deposit or a security, or withholding something due to him or cheating him;
22或對拾得的遺物,加以否認,或對常人慣犯的罪發了虛誓;22and also to the one who finds lost property and swears he has not found it; and also to the man who swears falsely in one of the cases in which people usually swear.
23如果他犯了這樣的罪,而自知有過,應歸還劫掠所得,或剝削所得,或人寄存之物,或拾得的遺物,23In all these cases the man who sins and becomes guilty is to give back what he has taken or demanded that does not belong to him: the deposit entrusted to him, the lost property that he found,
24或以虛誓所佔奪的任何物件,應全部償還;此外還應另加五分之一。他那一天認錯,那一天應歸還物主。24or any object about which he has sworn untruthfully. He must repay the owner in full and give an extra fifth as well on the day when he is found guilty.
25為賠補自己的過犯,應照你的估價,從羊群裡取出一隻無瑕的公綿羊,交給司祭獻與上主作贖過祭。25Then he is to bring a ram without any defect to Yahweh as a sacrifice of repayment.
26司祭應為他在上主面前行贖罪禮。不論他犯的是什麼過犯,他都可獲得罪赦。」26The priest shall offer the sacrifice for the man's sin and he will be forgiven, whatever the act of which he became guilty."
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