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哀歌 Lamentations
1上主,求你眷念我們的遭遇,垂顧憐視我們受的恥辱。1Remember, Yahweh, what has befallen us. Look, and see our disgrace,
2我們的產業,轉入外人手中;我們的房舍,歸屬了異邦人。2our home handed over to strangers, our inheritance to foreigners.
3我們自己變成了無父的孤兒,我們的母親好像寡婦一樣。3We are as orphans, fatherless, and early widowed are our mothers.
4我們自己的水,必須用錢買來喝;我們自己的木柴,需要用款換來。4Our drinking water we must buy; for our own wood we have to pay.
5重軛加在我們的頸項上,受人折磨迫害;我們困憊疲乏,不得安息。5With the yoke stifling our breath, without rest we work to death.
6我們向埃及伸手,向亞述乞食充餓。6We have bowed down to Egypt, and to Assyria, just to subsist.
7我們的祖先犯了罪,已不存在;我們卻要承擔他們的罪債;7Our fathers who sinned are no more but we bear their guilt.
8原是奴隸的人,竟然統治我們,但沒有人解救我們,脫離他們的手。8Slaves rule us, and there is no one to rescue us from their hands.
9我們面臨曠野刀劍的威脅,該冒性命的危險,纔能得到食糧。9We brave the desert heat and the sword just to get our hard-earned food.
10我們的皮膚因飢餓而發炎,發熱有如火爐。10Our skin is hot like a furnace, dried up and shriveled by hunger.
11婦女們在熙雍被人強姦,處女們在猶大遭人奸污。11Ravished are the wives in Zion, the virgins in the towns of Judah.
12王臣被人縛手吊起,長老的儀容受人凌辱,12Princes are hung up by their hands; elders shown no respect.
13青年人應該服役推磨,幼童倒在柴捆之下。13Young men toil at the millstones, boys stagger under heavy loads.
14長老們不再安坐城門口,青年們不再奏樂高歌。14The old have shunned the city gate, the young, their music.
15我們心中已毫無樂趣,我們的歌舞反而變成悲愁。15From our hearts joy is gone; we danced then, but now we lament.
16我們頭上的花冠已經墮地。我們犯罪的人,確是有禍的!16The garlands have fallen from our heads. Woe upon us, for we have sinned!
17我們的心神所以徬徨,我們的眼睛所以模糊:17Over all this our hearts are sick; and our eyes have grown weak:
18因為熙雍山已經荒蕪,狐狸成群出沒其間。18for we see Mount Zion desolate; the jackals prowl within.
19上主,至於你,你永遠常存,你的寶座萬世不替。19You, O Yahweh, forever reign; your throne endures from age to age.
20為甚麼你常忘記我們?為甚麼你常拋棄我們?20Why, then, should you abandon us, why forget us for so long a time?
21上主,求你叫我們歸向你,我們必定回心轉意;求你重整我們的時代,如同往昔一樣。21Lead us to you again, O Lord, that we may be restored; renew our days as of old.
22你豈能完全擯棄我們,豈能向我們憤怒到底?22Have you utterly rejected us? Is there no end to your wrath against us?
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