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友弟德傳 Judith
1友弟德於是俯伏在地,將灰撒在頭上,露出所穿的苦衣;其時耶路撒冷的天主聖殿內,正奉獻晚香祭。友弟德就大聲呼求上主說:1Judith knelt and bowed her head to the ground, put ashes on her head and uncovered the sackcloth with which she was clothed. At precisely the same moment as incense was being offered in the House of God at Jerusalem, Judith invoked aloud the Lord God, she said,
2「上主,我祖先西默盎的天主!你曾將刀交在他手裡,去報復外方人,因為他們解開了一個處女的腰帶,加以玷污;袒露了她的股部,加以羞辱;破壞了她的貞操,加以作賤;雖然你曾說:不要這樣作,他們卻作了。2"Lord, God of my father Simeon, you placed a sword in his hand to punish the foreigners who did violence to a young girl. For they had abused her, uncovering her body to shame her and violating her womb to dishonor her. They did this though you said: This shall not be done.
3因此,你讓他們的首領遭受殺戳,使那因欺騙受染污的床榻,反而受騙,染滿了血污;僕役與首領,君主與王位,你一律加以打擊。3Because of this you handed over their leaders to be slain and their bed, reddened because of their deceit, was left red with their blood. You struck down the slaves with their leaders and the leaders themselves with their servants.
4你又使他們的妻室,遭人搶去,女兒被人俘擄,使你所愛的子民,平分那些人的贓物;你的子民為了你的嫉憤而嫉憤,憎恨自己的血液所受的玷污,而哀求了你的援助。天主,我的天主!求你也俯聽我這個寡婦!4You handed over their women to rape, their daughters to slavery and all their possessions to be shared among your favored sons who were filled with horror at this defilement of their blood and invoked your help.
5是你作了這些過去、將來以及現在的事;是你計劃了現在和將來的事;那現在發生的事,也正是你所計劃的。5O God, my God, listen to me, a widow! It is you who made all things past, what is present and what is yet to come. It is you who consider things present and to come. Those things which you decided have been realized.
6你所決定的事好像前來說:看我們在這裡。因為你的一切行徑,早已準備;你的判決,已預先知道。6The things you have planned have presented themselves saying: Here we are. In truth, all your ways are prepared and your decision is known from the beginning of time.
7亞述人擁有雄厚的軍隊,自負有駿馬,有鐵騎,矜誇步兵的武力,自恃堅甲利兵,憑著弓箭和投石器,卻不知道你乃是消弭戰爭的上主。7Therefore see what a great multitude these Assyrians make with their army, how they pride themselves on their horses and their cavalrymen. They have placed great pride in the strength of their foot soldiers and their trust in their shields, javelins, bows and arrows.
8上主乃是你的名號!願你以你的德能,擊毀他們的勢力,用震怒屈服他們的強權,因為他們已決意要褻瀆你的聖所,要污辱你尊名所居的帳幕,要用斧砍去你祭壇的四角。8But they do not recognize that you, Lord, decide the outcome of wars. Lord is your name; wipe out their force with your power, and in your anger overthrow their superiority; for they intend to profane your Sanctuary, to defile your Tabernacle where your glorious Name resides, to overturn by force the horn of your Altar.
9你看他們的驕傲,願你的震怒,降在他們的頭上,賜我這寡婦的手有能力,去完成我所圖謀的事!9Consider their pride, let your anger fall on their heads and give to my hands, the hands of a widow, the strength necessary for what I have decided.
10願你用我口舌的巧言花語,去打擊他們的奴僕和主人,主帥與官員!願你用一個女人的手,去減滅他們的威風!10By my lying lips punish the slave with his master and the master with his servant; put an end to their arrogance by the hand of a woman.
11你的力量,不在乎人多;你的威能,並不靠強力;但你卻是謙卑者的天主,弱小者的扶助,無力者的保護,無靠者的依賴,失望者的救主。11Truly your strength is not in number nor your power in strong men for you are a God of the humble, the defender of the little ones, the support of the weak, the protector of the abandoned, the savior of those in despair.
12你的確是我祖先的天主,以色列祖業的天主,天地的主宰,水的創造者,萬有的君王,你俯聽我的祈求罷!12Yes, God of my fathers and God of the heritage of Israel, Ruler of the heavens and the earth, Creator of the waters, King of all creation, listen to my prayer.
13願你使我巧妙的言辭,去傷害,去殺死那些想出陰謀,破壞你的聖約、聖殿、熙雍山和你子民所佔居的家鄉的人!13Give me tempting words to wound and kill those who have conceived cruel designs against your Covenant, your consecrated House, Mount Zion and the House which belongs to your sons.
14願你使你的眾民族眾支派都知道:你是天主,萬能全權的天主;除你以外,以色列族沒有別的保護者。」14Make the nation and all the tribes know that you are God, all-powerful and strong, and that, apart from you, there is no other protector for the people of Israel."
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