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友弟德傳 Judith
1友弟德說:「請你們向我的天主擊鼓奏樂,向我的上主敲鈸歌唱,向他吟詠詩歌,讚揚歡呼他的聖名!1Judith said, "Sing a song to my God with tambourines, sing in honor of God with cymbals. Compose for him a psalm of praise. Exalt and bless his Name!
2上主原是粉碎戰爭的天主,在民間支搭他的幕府,救我脫離仇人的毒手。2The Lord is truly a God who crushes war, who encamps in the midst of his people for he has snatched me from the hand of those who pursued me.
3亞述由北嶽出發,率領著千軍萬馬;大軍阻塞了溪流,鐵騎掩蔽了山丘,3The Assyrian came from the mountains of the north. He came with the myriads of his army, his soldiers have filled the torrents and his cavalry covered the hills.
4本想焚毀我村落,刀斬我青年,摔死我乳兒,俘擄我幼童,掠奪我婦女;4He wanted to burn my land, to kill the young men by the sword, to destroy my children at the breast, to hand over my little ones to slaughter and to rape my young maidens.
5但全能上主,只憑一弱婦之手,把他們消除!5The Lord Almighty has driven them back by the hand of a woman.
6亞述的名將,非壯丁所能擊斃,非巨人之後所能擊倒,非大力士所能征服,卻為默辣黎之後友弟德,以她花容玉貌,使其心醉。6Their hero has not been overcome by young warriors; he was not struck down by the sons of the Titans, or laid low by any great giants. But it is Judith, the daughter of Merari, who by the beauty of her face has defeated him. For the relief of the oppressed in Israel
7她脫去寡婦的衣服,去拯救受苦的以色列。香膏敷面,7she took off her widow's robes, anointed her face with perfume,
8帶束雲髻,身披錦衣,為將他勾引。8put a jewelled band around her hair, and put on a linen dress in order to seduce him.
9涼鞋奪目,玉容勾魂,短劍斷其頭。9Her sandals delighted his eyes, her beauty captivated his soul, and the scimitar cut through his neck.
10她的膽量,波斯人見而戰慄;她的奮勇,瑪待人因而恐懼。10The Persians trembled with fear at her boldness, and the Medes were upset by her daring.
11我卑微者一呼喊,他們便膽破;我弱小者一吶喊,他們便恐慌。高聲一嚷,他們都逃亡!11Then my oppressed people shouted for joy; my weak ones cried out, the enemy was terrified; they raised their voices; the enemy took to flight.
12少婦之子,將他們刺死,擊殺他們像逃陣的小卒;我上主一佈陣,他們即告滅亡。12The children of young women pierced them through and struck them down like fugitives, and so the enemy perished in a battle arranged by God.
13我要向我天主詠唱新歌:上主,你偉大而榮耀,德能神妙,戰無不勝!13I will sing to my God a new song: Lord, you are great and glorious, wonderfully strong, invincible!
14願你所造萬物,都服侍你,因你一命,萬物造成,你一噓氣,化工成形;你一發命,無人敢違。14May the whole of your creation serve you, for you spoke and all things were, you sent forth your spirit and all things came into being: No one can resist your voice.
15山嶽振撼,山基隨水而動,在你面前,磐石似蠟消溶;但敬畏你的,你必仁慈憐憫。15For the mountains with the waters will be shaken to their foundations, the rocks will melt like wax before you, but to those who fear you you will always show mercy.
16祭祀原屬小道,不過香煙一縷;種種燔祭油脂,於你實微不足道;但敬畏上主的人,偉大永存。16The fragrance of any sacrifice is little to please you and the holocausts of fatted animals are as nothing before you, but he who fears the Lord is forever great.
17禍哉,那攻擊我族的異民!全能的上主在審判之日,必要報復,他們的肉體必受火燒蟲蝕;哀痛哭泣,永不止息!」17Woe to the nations which rise up against my people: The Lord Almighty will punish them in the day of judgment, with fire and worms under their skin, and they will keep on weeping, suffering forever."
18百姓進入耶路撒冷,朝拜了天主;取潔之後,奉獻了全燔祭、自願祭和供物。18When they arrived in Jerusalem, they worshiped God and, when the people had been purified, they presented their holocausts, freewill offerings and gifts.
19友弟德將人民送給她的敖羅斐乃的各種物品,和拿自他寢室內的帷帳,都獻給了天主,作為還願的獻禮。19Then Judith offered all of Holofernes' belongings which the people had given her and she dedicated to the Lord the hangings from his room which she herself had taken.
20三月之久,民眾於耶路撒冷,在聖所前舉行慶祝;友弟德也與他們同樂。20So the people remained in Jerusalem, rejoicing before the Sanctuary for three months and Judith stayed with them.
21過了這個日期,各回本家,友弟德也回了拜突里雅,住在家裡,一生到處受尊榮。21After these days were over, each one returned to his own house. Judith returned to Bethulia and devoted herself to her household. During her lifetime she was famous throughout the land.
22想念她的人,雖然很多,但她自從丈夫默納舍去世,歸於親族之後,她一生歲月,再沒有認識男人。22Though many desired to marry her, she had no relation with any man since the death and burial of Manasseh, her husband.
23她活了很大的年紀,在他丈夫的家裡,活到一百零五歲,解放了自己的奴婢,然後死在拜突里雅,埋葬在丈夫默納舍的墳墓裡。23She spent her old age in the house of her husband. And she set her maidservant free. She died in Bethulia at the age of a hundred and five and was buried in the grave of Manasseh, her husband.
24以色列家,舉喪七天哀悼她。她去世以前把家產分給了自己丈夫默納舍的至親,和自己的至親家人。24All Israel mourned for her for seven days. Before her death she had divided her property among the relatives of her husband, Manasseh, and those of her own family.
25友弟德在世之時,以及在她去世之後,很長久的時期,沒有人敢擾亂以色列子民。25No one again threatened the people of Israel while Judith lived, nor for a very long time after her death.
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