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1那一天德波辣和阿彼諾罕的兒子巴辣克作歌說:1On that day, Deborah and Barak, the son of Abinoam, sang this song:
2「為了以色列中間有指揮的元帥,為了百姓自願從軍,你們應祝頌上主!2In Israel the warriors let their hair loose, in Israel they presented voluntary offerings for the war. Blessed be Yahweh!
3諸民,請聽!君王,請聽!諸侯,側耳!對上主,我要歌唱,要讚頌上主以色列的天主!3Listen, O kings; pay attention, O princes. To Yahweh will I sing. To Yahweh, the God of Israel, will I offer praise.
4上主,當你由色依爾出征時,當你由厄東地前進時,天搖地動,密雲滴雨。4When you went forth from Seir, O Yahweh, when you came from the camp of Edom, the earth trembled, the heavens reeled and the clouds poured down rain.
5山岳搖搖欲墜,在上主前,在上主以色列的天主前。5The mountains rocked before Yahweh, before Yahweh - the God of Israel.
6阿納特之子沙默加爾年間,在為奴的當時,商隊歛跡,行人轉向彎曲的陌徑。6In the days of Shamgar the son of Anath, in the days of Yael, caravans ceased and travelers wandered through the byways.
7威力在以色列消逝了,消逝了!直到我德波辣崛起,直到以色列的母親興起。7There were no leaders in Israel until I, Deborah, awoke and arose as a mother of Israel.
8以色列選擇了新神,戰爭即臨門下。四萬以色列人中,不見一面盾牌,一支長矛。8They went after new gods, and war was upon them. There was hardly a shield or a spear for forty thousand men in Israel!
9我的心靈嚮往以色列的首領,嚮往百姓中自願從軍者。請你們祝頌上主!9My heart is with the leaders of Israel, among the people who came willingly. Blessed be Yahweh!
10騎白驢的,坐華氈的,和過路行人,你們都要歌唱,10Those who go riding on white asses, those who walk by the way, meditate!
11加入水泉間繚繞的歌聲!那裡正在歌頌上主的勝利,歌頌他統治以色列的勝利。上主的百姓,速下到城門口!11Hear the voice of those who divide the plunder near the watering place: they sing the favors God has done to Israel when the people of Yahweh march down to the gates.
12奮發啊!奮發,德波辣!奮發啊!奮發,請歌唱!奮勇,起來,巴辣克!阿彼諾罕的兒子!擒住你的俘虜!12Wake up, Deborah, wake up! Wake up, wake up and begin to sing. Arise, Barak! And bring your songs, son of Abinoam.
13英雄的後裔,請出征!上主的百姓,請隨勇士為我出征!13Let the survivors of the people rule over their oppressors! May Yahweh be with me, stronger than the valiant!
14厄弗辣因盤據在山谷中,本雅明隨你加入了行列;領袖由瑪基爾進軍,手執權杖的由則步隆出發。14Your roots, O Ephraim, are in Amalek; your brother Benjamin is behind you among your army. From Machir the commanders marched down; from Zebulun the leaders bearing the brass staff.
15依撒加爾的首領與德波辣和巴辣克相偕;巴辣克在山谷中率領自己的步兵襲敵。勒烏本境內,大有運籌帷幄之士!15The leaders of Issachar are with Deborah, Issachar is with Barak; the people rushed forth following their footsteps into the plain. There were long talks among the clans of Reuben.
16為什麼你坐在羊圈內,靜聽牧童的笛聲?勒烏本境內,都是猶豫滿懷的人。16Why did you choose to remain in your folds listening to the flute among the flock? The clans of Reuben could not decide.
17基肋阿得在約但河東安居;丹人為什麼寄居船上?阿協爾在海岸靜坐,在港口悠閑;17Galaad remained on the other side of the Jordan, and Dan, why did you remain in your ships? Asher has remained on the seacoasts; he is quiet in his ports.
18則步隆是好冒死捨命的子民,納斐塔里在高原上奮不顧身。18Zebulun, in turn, has scorned death; Naphtali went up to the battlefield, too.
19君王齊來戰鬥,客納罕眾王鏖戰,在默基多水傍──塔納客,未曾掠去一個銀錢。19The kings came to fight; the kings of Canaan fought at Taanach, near the waters of Megiddo, but they got no silver.
20星辰由天上參戰,自其軌道與息色辣交鋒。20From the heavens the stars fought, from their orbits they fought against Sisera.
21克雄河的急流將仇敵沖沒。我的心靈,勇敢踐踏罷!21The torrent Kishon dragged them away, the cold torrent, the torrent Kishon. March on without fear, my soul!
22勇士急奔飛騰,馬蹄撻撻作響。22Hoofs of horses shake the ground: the galloping, galloping of his horses.
23詛咒默洛次,詛咒其中的居民,因他未率領勇士來協助上主!23Cursed be Meroz, said the angel of Yahweh, cursed be it, cursed be its inhabitants, for it came not to the aid of Yahweh, not like the heroes.
24雅厄耳,在女子中是可讚美的!在居於帳棚的女子中是可讚美的!24Blessed among women be Yael, wife of Heber the Kenite, among the women who dwell in tents, blessed may you be!
25他求水,她給了奶,以珍貴的杯盤呈上了乳酪。25He asked for water, she gave him milk; in the cup of honor she served him cream.
26她左手拿著橛子,右手拿著匠人的鎚子,打擊了息色辣,打穿了他的頭顱,擊穿了他的太陽穴。26She put her hand to the peg and with her right hand took the hammer of a workman. She struck Sisera, crushed his head, pierced and shattered his temple.
27在她腳前屈身仆倒,深深入睡,昏迷至死;在她腳前屈身仆倒,蜷伏在那裡,僵臥在那裡。27He collapsed at her feet, and there he fell, and lay still.
28息色辣的母親自窗口探望,在鐵欞中長歎:戰車為什麼遲遲不來?車輪為什麼緩緩而行?28Sisera's mother looks out of the window, and she cries out behind the lattice: Why is his chariot late in coming? Why is his chariot delayed?
29聰明的宮女作了回答,自己心中亦反複思想:29The wisest of her women answers and says:
30或者獲得掠物而在分贓,每人分得一二少女;息色辣取得彩衣為掠物,為我的頸項,獲得錦鏽彩衣。30Surely they are dividing the plunder - one captive, two captives for each warrior; colored cloths for Sisera as booty, colored cloths twice adorned with raised embroidery for a scarf.
31上主!願你的敵人如此滅亡,願愛你的人像興起的旭日。」境內於是平安了四十年。31So may all your enemies perish, O Yahweh, but may your friends be like the brilliant sun!
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