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若蘇厄書 Joshua
1上主訓示若蘇厄說:1Yahweh said to Joshua,
2「你應告訴以色列子民說:他們應照我藉梅瑟向你們所提及的,指定一些避難城,2"Speak to the Israelites and say to them: Choose the cities of refuge about which I told you through Moses,
3好使無心誤殺人的,能逃到那裡去。這些城市作為你們逃避報血仇者的地方。3towns where a person who kills someone accidentally may find safety; they are to be your refuge from the dead person's relative who is looking for revenge.
4那誤殺人的,只要逃往這些城中的一座,立於城門口,將自己的事,報告給這城的長老聽;長老就該將他接入城中,給他地方,讓他住在他們中間。4The man who has killed may run away to one of these towns; he shall appear at the entrance to the town and explain his case to the elders of the place. They shall welcome him and assign him. place to live among them.
5如果報血仇者追來了,長老不可將他交於報血仇者手中,因為他殺人原是出於無心,素無仇恨。5If the person who wants revenge follows him there, they are not to hand him over, since he has killed his neighbor accidentally and not out of hatred.
6殺人者應住在這城內,直到他在會眾面前出庭受審,直到現任的大司祭去世之後,方可回到本城本家,即由之逃出的城市。」6The man who has killed must remain in that town until he has received a public trial and until the death of the high priest then in office. Only then may the man who has killed go back to his own town and his own house, to the town from which he has escaped."
7以色列人於是在納斐塔里山區,指定了加里肋亞的刻德士;在厄弗辣因山區指定了舍根;在猶大山區指定了克黎雅特阿爾巴,即赫貝龍;7For this purpose they set aside Kedesh in Galilee, in the hill country of Naphtali, Shechem in the highlands of Ephraim, and Kiriath-arba, which is now Hebron, in the hill country of Judah.
8在約但河東岸,耶里哥東面,在曠野高原裡,勒烏本支派內指定了貝責爾;在加得支派內,指定了基肋阿得的辣摩特;在默納協支派內,指定了巴商的哥藍。8East of the Jordan, in the desert east of Jericho, they chose Bezer in the territory of Reuben, Ramoth-gilead in the territory of Gad, and Golan in Bashan in the territory of Manasseh.
9以上是為所有的以色列人和寄居他們中間的外方人指定的城市,使凡誤殺人的,能逃往那裡去,在他未出庭受會眾審判以前,不致死在報血仇者的手裡。9These were the towns set aside for all the Israelites and for any foreigner living among them, where anyone who had killed a person accidentally could find safety from the dead person's relative looking for revenge, until he had been given a public trial.
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