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岳厄爾 Joel
1此後──上主的斷語──我要將我的神傾注在一切有血肉的人身上:你們的兒子們和你們的女兒們要說預言,你們的老人要看夢境,你們的青年要見神視;1In the last days, I will pour out my Spirit on every mortal. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.
2在那些日子裡,甚至在奴僕和婢女身上,我也要傾注我的神。2Even upon my servants and maidens, I will pour out my Spirit on that day.
3我要在上天下地顯示奇異的徵兆:血、火和煙柱。3I will show wonders in the heavens, and on earth blood and fire and columns of smoke.
4在上主偉大可畏的日子來臨以前,太陽要變為昏暗,月亮要變成血紅。4The sun will darken and the moon turn to blood at the approach of the great and dreadful day of God.
5將來,凡呼號上主名號的人,必然獲救,因為如上主所說,在熙雍山,在耶路撒冷必有救援,必有上主召選的劫後餘生。5Then all who call upon the name of Yahweh will be saved. For on Mount Zion there will be a remnant, as Yahweh has said; in Jerusalem some will be saved - those whom Yahweh will call.
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