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約伯傳 Job
1厄里烏又接著說:1Elihu proceeded further:
2你且等一會,容我教導你,因為為天主,我還有些話要說。2Bear with me a little and I will explain, for I have more to say on God's behalf.
3我要將我所知的傳到遠方,將正義歸於我的造主。3I will spread my knowledge afar to do justice to my Maker.
4的確,我的話正確無偽,知識全備的人同你一起。4Be assured that my words are not false, for you have before you an enlightened man.
5的確,天主寬宏大量,決不藐視任何人,並且有廣大的同情心。5God is mighty indeed but he does not despise the pure of heart.
6他決不容許惡人生存,但給窮苦人伸冤;6He cuts off the power of the sinner and restores the right of the oppressed,
7他也不剝奪義人的權利。他使君王永久坐在寶座上,但是他們卻驕矜自大;7he does not forsake their claim. He sets kings on their thrones and makes them firm forever. But if they raise themselves in pride,
8故此,當他們一旦被鎖鏈束縛,被痛苦的繩索所繫,8he has them bound with fetters and held fast by bonds of affliction.
9天主就向他們指明他們的惡行,和他們所誇耀的過犯,9Then he tells them what they have done, all their sins and arrogance.
10開啟他們的耳朵,以聽訓戒,囑咐他們離開邪惡。10He opens their ears to correction and exhorts them to repentance.
11如果他們服從順命,便能幸福地度過歲月,能安樂地享受天年。11If they obey and serve him, they spend their days in prosperity and their years in contentment.
12如果不服從,必被射死,於不知不覺中逝去。12But if they do not listen, they go to the grave: knowledge would have saved them.
13心術敗壞的人,憤怒填胸,縱被囚禁,仍不呼求救助;13These hypocrites harbor resentment: they do not pray for help in their bonds,
14他們必早年夭折,喪命如男倡。14therefore they die in their youth and perish among the reprobate.
15所以天主藉痛苦拯救受難的人,以患難開啟他們的耳鼓。15God saves the wretched through their suffering, God instructs the unfortunate.
16他也要救你擺脫災難,領你到廣闊自由之地,在你桌上常擺滿肥饌美味;16In like manner, he brings you from distress to a free and broad space, to a table filled with rich food.
17無如你判斷與惡人完全一樣,那麼懲罰和判案必集於你身。17Then you will judge the wicked; justice and judgment will be yours.
18小心!不要讓忿怒引你肆口謾罵,也不要為重罰讓你離棄正道。18Take care lest you be seduced by generosity; do not yield to arrogance, bribery and corruption.
19你的哀號和你所有的力量,豈能使你擺脫患難?19Your wealth and all your mighty efforts will not bail you out of distress.
20不要希望黑夜,那是人民由本地被劫去的時候。20Do not long for the coming of night to drag people away from their homes.
21小心!別傾向不義,因為這正是你遭難的真正原因。21Beware of turning to iniquity; because of it you have been tried by affliction.
22天主的能力確實偉大,那有像他那樣的主宰?22God is exalted in his power. What teacher is there like him?
23誰能規定他的道路,誰敢說:你行的不對?23Who has prescribed his ways for him, or said to him that he has done wrong?
24你應記住要讚頌他的工程,這是人們應歌詠的。24Remember to extol his work, of which many men have sung.
25人人都能觀賞,都能從遠處仰望;25All mankind has seen it; men gaze on it from afar.
26天主何其偉大,我們不能理解!他的歲數,無法考究。26God is great beyond our understanding; the number of his years is past reckoning.
27他汲收水滴,使水氣化為雨露,27He holds in check the waterdrops which distill from the mist as rain,
28雨即從雲中傾盆而降,沛然落在眾人身上。28then the clouds pour them down and drop them upon the earth as showers.
29但誰能明瞭雲彩怎樣散布,天幕中怎樣發出隆隆之聲?29Who can understand how he spreads the clouds, how he thunders from his pavilion?
30他將雲霧展開,遮蓋了群山山頂。30He unfurls his mists and covers the expanse of the sea.
31他藉此養育萬民,賜給他們豐富的食糧。31This is the way he nourishes the land that provides food in abundance.
32他掌中握著電光,對準目標發射出去。32With both hands he lifts up lightning and commands it to strike the target.
33雷霆報告他的來臨,他的怒火將要懲罰邪惡。33His thunder warns the shepherd and the flock senses the tempest.
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