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約伯傳 Job
1厄里烏接著說:1Elihu continued speaking:
2你們有智慧的人,請聽我言;你們明白人,請側耳聽我。2Hear my words, you wise men; listen to me, you who know.
3原來耳朵是為辨別言語,有如口腔是為辨嘗食物。3The ear tests the word, as the palate tastes the food.
4讓我們來檢討一下誰為正義,讓我們看看何者為善。4Let us discern what is right, learn between us what is good.
5約伯說過:「我是無罪的,但我的理,卻為天主奪去。5Job has said, "I am innocent, but God denies me justice
6我雖無罪無辜,卻成了說謊者;我雖未行不義,卻受了不可醫治的創傷。」6and disregards my right. Though guiltless, my wound is hopeless."
7那有一人像約伯,肆口漫罵如飲水?7What man is like Job, who drinks in blasphemies like water?
8他豈不是與作惡的人結夥,同壞人交結來往?8He keeps company with evildoers and follows the path of wicked men.
9他豈不是說過:「盡心悅樂天主,為人能有什麼好處?」9For has he not said, "It does not profit a man if he tries to please God?"
10為此,你們心地明白的人,請聽我說,天主決不行惡,全能者決無不義!10So hear me, you men of understanding, far be it from God to do evil, far from the Almighty to do wrong!
11他必照人行為報答他,按他的品行對待他。11Rather, he repays man for what he has done; he gives him what his conduct deserves.
12天主絕對不能作惡,全能者絕對不能顛倒是非。12How unthinkable that God would do wrong, that the Almighty would pervert justice!
13誰委派他掌管大地,誰任命他治理普世?13Who gave him charge over the earth? Who else laid out the whole world?
14他若將自己的神魂收回,將氣息復歸於自己,14If he were to take back his spirit, to withdraw his breath to himself,
15所有有血肉的人必都消滅,世人都要歸於塵土。15all flesh would perish together and man would return to dust.
16若你聰明,請聽這事,側耳傾聽我的話。16If you have any intelligence, listen, Job, hear what I say.
17憎恨正義的,豈能掌權?而你竟敢定那至公義者的罪?17Can an enemy of justice govern? Or do you condemn him who is mighty and just,
18他能稱君王為歹徒,能稱官吏為壞人。18who says to kings, "You are worthless," and to nobles, "You are wicked,"
19他對權貴不顧情面,亦不重富輕貧,因為都是他一手造成的。19who is impartial to princes and favors not the rich over the poor, for they are all his handiwork?
20他們猝然在半夜死去,貴族能立即氣絕逝世;他剷除權貴者,無須人手。20They die in a moment, even at midnight; people are shaken and pass away. Without effort he removes a tyrant.
21因為他的眼監視人的動作,觀察他的行徑。21His eyes are upon the ways of men, and he sees their every step.
22沒有黑暗,也沒有陰影,可將作惡的人掩蔽。22For him there is no dense darkness where evildoers can hide.
23天主不必給人指定時間,為使人到他前去受審。23He forewarns no man of his time to come before God in judgment.
24他粉碎權勢者,無須審察,即刻能派定別人代替他們。24He shatters the mighty without inquiry, and sets in his place another strongman.
25他原知道他們的行為,一夜之間將他們推翻消滅。25Because he knows their evil deeds, he turns at night and crushes them.
26在眾目昭彰之下,鞭打他們有如罪犯。26He punishes them for their wickedness in a judgment that men witness.
27因為他們遠離了他,不重視他一切的道,27For they had turned away from him, heeded none of his ways,
28致使窮人的哀號上達於他,使他聽到了受苦者的哀求。28and oppressed the poor so much that their cries of suffering reached him.
29他若安息,誰敢騷擾?他若掩面,誰敢窺視?他對國對人都予以監視,29If he remains silent, who stirs him up? If he hides his face, who can see him? Yet he watches man and nation alike,
30使凡欺壓人民的不得為王。30and restrains those who mislead the people.
31如果惡人向天主說:「我受了欺騙,以後不再作惡。31If a wicked man says to God, "I was misguided but will offend no more.
32我所看不透的,求你指教我;我若以前作了孽,不敢再做了。」32Teach me what I do not see; if I have done wrong, I will do so no more."
33他施行報應,豈應隨你的心意?或者你能拒絕不受嗎?決定的是你,而不是我!你若知道,儘管說罷!33In such a case, do you think God will punish? Speak, you who reject his decisions and think you know more than I do; tell us what you know.
34但是心地聰明,具有智慧,且聽我說話的人,必要對我說:34Men of understanding, wise men who hear my views will say to me:
35「約伯所講的話毫無知識,他的話全不明智。」35"Job speaks without knowledge; his words are without insight.
36為此,約伯還要受徹底的究察,因為他的答覆好似出自惡人之口,36Let Job be tried to the utmost for answering as wicked men do!
37因為他在罪上又加反叛,當著我們磨拳擦掌,講出許多相反天主的話。37To his sin he adds rebellion by scornfully brushing off our arguments and multiplying his words against God."
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