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約伯傳 Job
1約伯,請你且聽我的話,側耳靜聽我說的一切。1So now, O Job, hear my discourse, listen to everything I say.
2請看,我已開口,舌頭已在口腔內發言。2My words are on the tip of my tongue,
3我的話是出於正直的心,我的唇舌要清楚說明真理。3words from an upright heart, words full of knowledge and sincerity.
4天主的神造了我,全能者的氣息使我生活。4The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty keeps me alive.
5你如果能夠,就回答我,請準備好,來對抗我。5Answer me if you can; draw up your arguments and take your stand.
6看,我與你在天主前都是一樣,我也是用泥土造成的。6Like yourself, I too have been taken by God from the same clay.
7所以我的威嚇不會使你恐怖,我的手也不會重壓在你身上。7Thus no fear of me need alarm you, nor should my presence lie heavy on you.
8你所說的,我已耳聞,聽到了你所說的話:8But I heard what you said, none of your words escaped my hearing:
9「我本純潔無罪,清白無瑕。9"I am clean and without sin; I am innocent, guiltless.
10但天主卻在我身上找錯,視我為他的對頭;10Yet God has found fault with me and considers me his enemy;
11他把我的腳縛在木樁上,窺察我的一切行動。」11he shackles my feet, keeps watch of all my paths."
12我答覆你說:你這話說的不對,因為天主遠超世人。12I tell you, you are wrong in this, for greater than man is God.
13他既不答覆你說的一切話,你為何還同他爭辯?13Why then do you complain that he will answer none of your words?
14原來天主用一種方法向人講話,人若不理會,他再用另一種方法:14See God gives a warning but does not repeat it a second time.
15天主有時藉夢和夜間的異像,當人躺在床上沉睡的時候,15In a dream, in a night vision, when deep sleep falls on men, while they slumber in their beds,
16開啟人的聽覺,用異像驚嚇他,16it is then he opens the ears of men and gives warning by terrifying them.
17使人脫離惡念,使人剷除驕傲,17So he turns man from wrongdoing and keeps him away from pride,
18阻攔他陷於陰府,救他的性命脫離溝壑。18God preserves his soul from the pit, his life from perishing by the sword.
19天主也有時懲罰人在床上受痛苦,使他的骨頭不斷的刺痛,19Man is also chastened on his bed by pain and constant distress upon his frame,
20以致他討厭食物,他的心厭惡美味。20so that he finds food repulsive, even the choicest meal loathsome.
21他身上的肉已消逝不見,他枯瘦的骨頭,已開始外露。21His flesh wastes away to naught; his bones, once unseen, now protrude.
22他的靈魂已臨近墓穴,他的生命已接近死亡之所。22His soul draws near to the pit, and his life to the place of death.
23一千天使中,若有一個在他身傍,作他的代言人,提醒他應行的義務,23Yet if there is an angel by his side - a mediator, one in a thousand - to show him what is right for man, to give him justice once again,
24且憐憫那人,為他轉求說:「求你拯救他,以免陷於陰府,因為我已找到了贖金。」24God will have mercy on him and say, "Deliver him from going down to the pit; I have found for him a ransom."
25他的肉身比少年人的肉身必更健美,他的青春歲月又恢復了。25Then his flesh will be renewed as a child's, restored as in the days of his youth.
26他祈求天主,必獲得悅納。他必歡然得見天主的儀容,天主也必恢復他的正義。26He will pray and find favor with God; he will see God's face and rejoice.
27那時,他將在人前重述所經歷的事說:「我犯了罪,顛倒了是非,但他沒有照我的罪罰我。27He will witness to men and say, "I sinned and perverted what was right, but I was not punished as I deserved.
28他救了我生命免入陰府,使我重見光明。」28He rescued my soul from going down into the pit, and gave me life to enjoy the light."
29這就是天主接二連三為人所做的事,29God does all this to man - twice, even thrice -
30挽救他脫離陰府,重見生命之光。30to turn him back from the pit, to lead him with the light of life.
31約伯啊!請留神傾聽,靜靜地聽我說話!31Pay attention, Job, listen to me; be silent, and I will continue to speak.
32你若有話說,請即回覆我,你儘管說,因為我願聽你的理。32But if you have anything to say, say it then; speak up, for I wish to see you justified.
33若沒有話,且聽我說,靜聽我要教給你的智慧。33If not, then do listen; be silent as I teach you wisdom.
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