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約伯傳 Job
1我同我的眼立了約,決不注視處女。1I have made a covenant with my eyes not even to gaze at a virgin.
2天主由上所注定的一分是什麼?全能者由高處所給的產業是什麼?2For what is man's lot from God on high, his heritage from the Almighty above?
3豈不是為惡人注定了喪亡,為作孽的人注定了災殃?3Is it not ruin for the wicked, disaster for the wrongdoer?
4他豈不監視我的行徑,計算我的腳步?4Does he not see my ways and number all my steps?
5我若與虛偽同行,我的腳若趨向詭詐,5Have I walked in falsehood? Have my feet hastened towards deceit?
6願天主以公正的天平秤量我,他必知道我的純正。6Let me be weighed in honest scales, that God may know I am guiltless.
7我的腳步如果離開了正道,我的心如果隨從了眼目之所見,我的手若持有不潔,7If my steps have turned from the way and my heart's desire has gone astray, if my hands have been stained,
8那麼,我種的,情願讓別人來吃;我栽的,情願讓別人拔出。8then may others eat what I have sown, or may my crops be stricken down.
9我的心如果為婦女所迷,我如果曾在鄰人門口等候婦女,9If I have been enticed by a woman, if I have lurked at my neighbor's door,
10就讓我的妻子給人推磨,讓別人與她同寢。10then may my wife grind for another, and may other men sleep with her.
11因為這是淫行,是應受嚴刑的罪惡;11(For that is enough to make one ashamed, a crime that should be utterly condemned.)
12是一種焚燒至毀滅的火,燒盡我全部產業的火。12For it is a fire that burns to destruction; it would have consumed all my possessions.
13當我的僕婢與我爭執時,我若輕視他們的權利,13If I have denied justice to my servants when they had a grievance against me,
14天主起來時,我可怎麼辦呢?他若追問,我可怎樣回答?14what would I do when confronted by God? What would I answer when called to account?
15在母胎造成我的,不是也造了他們?在母胎形成我們的,不是只有他一個?15No less than I, they too were formed in the womb by the same God who formed us all within our mothers.
16我何時曾拒絕了窮苦人的渴望,我何時曾使寡婦的眼目頹喪?16Have I denied anything to the poor, or allowed the widow's eyes to languish?
17我何時獨自吃食物,而沒有與孤兒共享?17Have I eaten my food alone, not sharing it with the fatherless?
18因為天主自我幼年,就像父親教養了我;自我出了母胎,就引導了我。18No! since youth I have fostered him, and from my mother's womb, I have guided the widow.
19如果我見了無衣蔽體的乞丐,無遮蓋的窮人,19Have I seen a man cold and shivering, destitute, in need of clothing,
20如果他的心沒有向我道謝,沒有以我的羊毛獲得溫暖,20who did not bless me from his heart for giving him the warmth of my fleece?
21如果我在城門口見有支持我者,就舉手攻擊無罪者,21If I have raised my hand against the orphan, trusting in my power and influence,
22那麼,讓我的肩由胛骨脫落,我的胳膊由肘處折斷!22then let my shoulder fall from its socket, let my arm be broken at the joint.
23因為天主的懲罰使我驚駭,因他的威嚴,我站立不住。23For I feared God-sent calamity, and how could I stand in his presence?
24我何嘗以黃金為依靠,對純金說過:「你是我的靠山?」24If I have put my trust in gold or have sought my security from it,
25我何嘗因財產豐富,手賺的多而喜樂過?25if I have gloated over my wealth, my fortune and accomplishments,
26我何時見太陽照耀,月亮皎潔徐行,26if I have regarded the sun in its radiance or the moon in its splendor,
27我的心遂暗中受到迷惑,我的口遂親手送吻?27and having been enticed offered them a kiss of my hand in homage,
28這也是應受嚴罰的罪過,因為我背棄了至高的天主。28then these also would be sins to judge for I would have been unfaithful to God.
29我何時慶幸恨我者遭殃,見他遭遇不幸而得意?29Have I rejoiced at my enemy's misfortune or gloated over disaster that came his way?
30其實,我沒有容我的口犯罪,詛咒過他的性命。30I have not even allowed my mouth to sin by invoking a curse against him.
31我帳幕內的人是否有人說過:「某人沒有吃飽主人給的肉?」31Those of my household used to say, "Who has not been fed with Job's meat?"
32外方人沒有睡在露天地裡,我的門常為旅客敞開。32No sojourner ever spent the night in the street, for my door was always open to wayfarers.
33我的田地若控告我,犁溝若一同哀訴,33Have I, out of human weakness, hidden my sins and concealed guilt in my heart,
34我若吃田中的產物而不付代價,或叫地主心靈悲傷,34keeping silent by myself, because I feared the crowd and their contempt?
35願此地不再長小麥而長荊棘,不長大麥而長惡草。35Oh, that I had someone to hear me! Let the Almighty answer! This is my plea. Let my accuser write his indictment
36我豈像凡人一樣,掩飾過我的過犯,把邪惡隱藏在胸中?36and I will wear it on my shoulder, or bind it round my head like a turban.
37我豈怕群眾的吵鬧?親族的謾罵豈能嚇住我,使我不敢作聲,杜門不出?37I would give him an account of my every step, and go as boldly as a prince to meet him. This is the end of the words of Job.
38惟願天主俯聽我,這是我最後的要求:願全能者答覆我!我的對方所寫的狀詞,38If my land has cried against me and its furrows wept
39我把它背在肩上,編成我的冠冕。39because I have eaten its fruits unjustly after getting rid of its owners,
40我將像王侯一樣走向他面前,向他一一陳述我的行為。──約伯的話至此為止。40let thorns grow instead of wheat and weeds in the place of barley.
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