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約伯傳 Job
1約伯繼續他的言論說:1Job continued his discourse:
2誰能賜我似以前的歲月,像以往天主護守我的時日呢?2Oh, that I were in months gone by, in the days when God watched over me,
3那時他的燈,光照在我頭上,藉他的光明,我走過黑暗。3when his light shone upon my head and I walked with it through darkness.
4惟願我如壯年之時,那時天主護佑我的帳幕;4Oh, that I were in my prime, when God's friendship blessed my home,
5全能者與我相偕,我的子女環繞著我;5when the Almighty was still with me and my children were around me,
6那時我以奶油洗腳,崖石流油成河。6when milk bathed my footsteps and olive oil flowed from the rock.
7當我走出城門,在市井設我座位之時,7When I went to the city gate and took up my seat in the square
8少年人看見我都迴避,老年人都起身站立;8the young men stepped aside and the old men rose to their feet;
9王侯停止講話,用手堵住自己的口;9the chief men dared not speak but laid their hands on their mouths;
10首領不敢出聲,舌頭緊貼上顎。10the princes were silenced, their tongues stuck to the palate.
11凡有耳聽見我的,必稱我有福;凡有眼看見我的,都必稱讚我。11Whoever heard me, spoke well of me, and those who saw me commended me,
12因為我援助了呼救的窮人,和無依無靠的孤兒。12for I rescued the poor who cried for help, the fatherless and the unassisted.
13那受喪亡之痛的人稱謝我,我使寡婦的心歡樂。13I was blessed by the dying man; I turned to peace the widow's pining.
14我披上正義,正義就如我衣;我的公正,猶如我的長袍和冠冕。14I was wearing my honesty like a garment, my integrity was my robe and turban.
15我作了盲人的眼,跛者的腳。15I was eyes to the blind and feet to the lame,
16我成了窮人之父,我調查過素不相識者的案件。16father to the needy, the stranger's advocate.
17我打碎惡人的獠牙,由他牙齒中奪出了獵物。17I broke the jaws of the wicked, and from his teeth forced out the prey.
18我心想:我必壽終正寢,我的壽數必如塵沙。18I said to myself: "I will die old, my days as many as the grains of sand.
19我的根蔓延到水邊,夜間甘露落在我的枝葉上。19My roots will reach to the water; at night my branches will be wet with dew.
20我的榮耀不斷更新,我手中的弓日新月異。20My glory will remain fresh, the bow ever strong in my grip."
21聽我講話的人,屏息等待,靜聽我的指教。21They listened to me and waited in silence for my counsel.
22我講話之後,無人再敢講話,我的話像水珠滴在他們身上。22Once I spoke they said no more, but drop by drop my words kept falling on them.
23他們期待我如望甘霖,張著大口如渴盼春雨。23They waited for me as people wait for showers; they drank in my words as spring rain.
24我向他們微笑,他們不敢相信;我和善的面容,他們必不放過。24If I smiled at them, they did not dare believe it; not a glance of mine was lost.
25我為他們選擇了道路,身居前導,一如立在軍中的君王;我引他們到那裡,他們就去。25I pointed out the way, as a leader and took a king's place among the troops. Wherever I led them, they went.
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