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約伯傳 Job
1叔亞人彼耳達得發言說:1Bildad the Shuhite replied:
2你到何時纔停止講話?你且留心,也讓我們說幾句話。2When will your empty words end? Listen, and then we can talk.
3你為何以我們為走獸,視我們為畜牲?3Why do you regard us like beasts? Are we stupid in your sight?
4因了你的憤怒,你必粉身碎骨!為了你,難道大地要被遺棄,盤石要轉離原處?4You who tear yourself in your wrath, must the earth be lost on your account the rocks be moved out of their place?
5惡人的光必要熄滅,他的火炎必不發亮。5Surely the evil man's lamp is snuffed out; his fire stops burning.
6他帳幕內的光必變暗淡,懸在上面的燈必要熄滅。6The light dims in his tent; the lamp shining on him goes out.
7他強健的腳步要躊躇不前,他的計謀必使自己顛仆。7His vigorous steps weaken; his own schemes make him stumble.
8因為他的腳要走入羅網,徘徊於陷阱之上。8His feet take him to a net or lead him into a pitfall.
9圈套要纏住他的腳跟,樊籠要拘禁他。9A trap seizes him by the heel; a snare lays hold of him.
10絆他的繩索埋藏在地下,捉他的陷阱暗設在途中。10Hidden in the ground is a noose for him; pitfalls await him along the way.
11恐怖由四周來恐嚇他,在他腳後緊緊跟蹤他。11Terrors assail him on every side; they harry him at every step.
12饑餓常陪伴著他,災禍不離他身旁。12Hungering among his goods, doom awaits him if he falls.
13疾病腐蝕他的皮膚,死亡的長子耗盡他的肢體。13Sickness eats his skin; death's firstborn devours his limbs.
14他必由所仰仗的帳幕中被拖出,被引到可怕的君王面前。14Torn from the security of his tent, he is marched off to the king of terror.
15魑魅要住在他的帳幕中,硫磺散布在他的居所之上。15His tent is no longer his: take it! Brimstone is scattered over his field.
16他下面的根要枯乾,他上面的枝葉要凋謝。16Dried up below are his roots; withered above are his branches.
17他的紀念必由地上消滅,他的名字必不傳於街市。17His memory perishes in the land, his name is forgotten on the earth.
18他將由光明被驅入黑暗,他將從世上被趕走。18From light he is driven into darkness; he is banished from the world.
19他在本族中無子無孫,在他寄居之地沒有留下一人。19He has no descendants among his people, no survivor where once he lived.
20他的末日,西方人都為之驚訝,東方人都為之恐怖。20All in the west are appalled at his fate; those of the east are seized with fright.
21的確,這就是惡人的結局,這就是不認識天主者的境遇。21Such is the lot of the wicked; such is the place of one who knows not God.
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