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耶肋米亞 Jeremiah
1本雅明子民,請你們逃出耶路撒冷,在特科亞吹號,在貝特革楞豎立旗幟!因為有一個災禍,即一個巨大的毀滅,已由北方隱約出現。1People of Benjamin! Seek safety beyond Jerusalem. Sound the trumpet in Tekoa, raise a signal in Beth-hacherem, for misfortune pours out from the north: it will be a huge disaster.
2熙雍女郎彷彿美麗的草場,2Shall I not compare you, daughter of Zion, to a beautiful pasture?
3牧童領著自己的羊群向她進發,在她四周張設帳幕,各據一方牧放。3Shepherds with their flocks are coming to her, they pitch their tents and feed their flocks all over her.
4「請你們備戰,向她進攻;來,讓我們在正午就上前進攻!我們真不幸!因為日已偏西,暮影已長!4Declare a holy war against her, attack her at noontime. Woe to us! For the day declines; the evening shadows lengthen!
5不妨!就趁夜間上去,破壞她的宮闕。」5Rise up! We shall attack by night and destroy her palaces!
6因為萬軍的上主這樣說:「你們該砍伐她的樹木,堆起壁壘,圍攻耶路撒冷,這該受罰的城市,因為在那裡充滿了壓榨。6For Yahweh of hosts has spoken: "Cut down trees and build a siege-ramp against Jerusalem. This city must be punished for all in her is oppression.
7泉源怎樣湧出水,她就怎樣湧出邪惡;從那裡只可聽到強暴和迫害,我只看見疾病和瘡痍。7Evil springs from her as water from a well. Violence and opression are heard in the city, suffering and cruelty are always before me.
8耶路撒冷!你應接受訓戒,免得我的心疏遠你,使你荒涼,成為沒有人居住的地方。」8Take warning, Jerusalem, lest I turn away from you and make you a desolation, a no-man's land."
9萬軍的上主這樣說:「你應像收拾葡萄,把以色列的遺民收拾淨盡;又如收割的人向枝條再伸出你的手來。」9Yahweh of hosts further said, "You shall glean thoroughly as a vine, what is left of Israel. You shall do what the grape-gatherer does when his hand goes over the branches again."
10我應對誰說,應警告誰,使他們聽信我呢?看,他們的耳朵遲鈍不靈,不能留心細聽;看,上主的話對他們已成了笑柄,一點也不感興趣。10To whom shall I speak, whom shall I warn? No one of them wants to listen, that they may understand. Their ears are stuffed and they pay no attention. They scorn what Yahweh says and refuse to listen.
11為此,我滿懷上主的忿怒,我已無法再控制:「只得將忿怒洩在街上的孩童和青年的隊伍身上,因為男人和女人,年長和年老的人,都要被擄去;11The anger of Yahweh has filled me and I can bear it no longer! "Then pour it out on the children in the street and on the gathering of young men; both husband and wife will be caught, both the elderly and those who are not of age.
12他們的住宅、莊田和妻室,都要歸於他人,因為我要向本地的居民伸出我的手──上主的斷語。」12Their houses will be passed to others, together with their fields and their wives, when I stretch out my hand and strike the people of the land - it is Yahweh who speaks.
13實在,從最小的到最大的,都貪財圖利;從先知到司祭,都欺詐行事,13All of them - from the least to the greatest - are greedy for gain; prophet and priest alike are deceitful.
14草率治療我人民的瘡痍說:「好了,好了!」其實卻沒有好。14They treat lightly the disaster of my people saying, "Peace, peace," when there is no peace.
15他們既行事可憎,就理當知恥;可是,他們不但毫不知恥,反而連羞愧也不知是什麼;為此,他們要與倒斃者一同倒斃,在我降罰他們時,都要一蹶不振──上主說。15They should be ashamed of their abominable deeds. But they have no shame and don't even know how to blush. Surely they shall fall with those who will fall; when I ask them to account they will stumble - it is Yahweh who speaks.
16上主這樣說:「你們應站在交叉路口,觀察探問舊路;那一條是好路,就在那路上走,你們的心靈必獲安寧。」他們卻答說:「我們偏不走。」16This is what Yahweh says, "Stand in the roads and look. Ask for the ancient paths and know where the good way is. Walk on it and experience peace for yourselves." But you said, "We will not take it."
17「我給你們派駐哨兵,你們應注意號聲!」他們卻答說:「他們偏不注意。」17Then Yahweh set watchmen over you: "Pay attention to the sound of the horn!" But you said, "We will not listen."
18為此,萬民!你們應該細聽;群眾!你們應知道他們的遭遇。18Listen nations; know what will befall them!
19大地!注意:看,我必給這百姓帶來災禍,作他們失節的苦果,因為他們沒有聽從我的言辭,拋棄了我的法律。19Listen earth! I am bringing disaster on this people! It is the fruit of their rebellion, because they ignored my words and despised my Law.
20那些來自舍巴的乳香,出自遠方的香蒲,於我有何用?你們的全燔祭不受悅納,你們的犧牲不樂我意。20The incense from Sheba is useless for me, don't bring me the fragrant cane from a distant land. Your burnt offerings are not acceptable to me nor do I find your sacrifices pleasing."
21為此,上主這樣說,「看,我將給這人民設下絆腳石,使父子一起絆倒,使鄰居和朋友同趨滅亡。」21This is what Yahweh says, "I will place stumbling blocks before this people to make them stumble, parents and children, neighbors and friends together."
22上主這樣說:「看,有一個民族從北方前來,有一個強大的異邦從地極興起,22It is Yahweh who speaks, "See, a people comes from the north, a powerful nation from the ends of the earth.
23緊握弓戈,殘忍無情,像海嘯一般喧嚷,騎著戰馬,萬眾一心,嚴陣準備向你進攻,熙雍女郎!」23Armed with bow and spear they are cruel and merciless. Their voice roars like the roaring sea. Mounted on horses, in battle formation they come as a fire, against you, daughter of Zion."
24我們聽到了這消息,束手無策,不勝憂慮,痛苦得有如臨產的婦女。24When we heard this our hands went limp, anguish seized us like the birthpangs of a woman.
25你們不要到田間去,不要在路上徘徊,因為敵人正在撕殺,四處令人恐怖。25"Let us not go to the fields or onto the roads, for the enemy's sword brings terror on every side."
26我的女兒──人民──你該穿上麻衣,輾轉於灰麈,悲哀傷心痛哭,如喪獨子,因為劫奪者要突然來襲擊我們!26O my people! Wrap yourself in sackcloth and roll in ashes; mourn with bitter lament as for an only child, for the destroyer is coming against us.
27我立了你作我人民的考察員,原是為叫你認識並考察他們的行徑。27"I have appointed you as an examiner among my people, that you may see and appreciate their ways."
28他們盡是極頑固的叛徒,往來播散流言,確是壞透了的破銅爛鐵。28They are all rebels and slanderers. They are like bronze and iron and all are corrupt.
29風箱猛吹,雖有烈火,但鉛仍不溶化;煉工徒然鍛鍊,渣滓總煉不掉。29The bellows blow to burn away the lead with fire, but the smelter works in vain for the evil elements remain.
30人都稱他們為「拋棄的銀渣,」因為上主已將他們拋棄。30They will be called 'worthless silver' for Yahweh has rejected them.
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