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耶肋米亞 Jeremiah
1以色列,若是你歸來──上主的斷語──就應向我歸來;若是你從我面前除去你可惡的偶像,就不應再四處遊蕩;1"If you return to me, O Israel - it is Yahweh who speaks - if you convert to me and remove your dirty idols from my sight you will have no need to hide from me;
2若是你以誠實、公平和正義指著「上主永在」起誓,那麼,萬民必因你而蒙受祝福,也因你而得到光榮。2if you truthfully, justly and honestly swear by Yahweh's life, then you will be a blessing for all nations, and you will be their glory."
3因為上主對猶大人和耶路撒冷居民這樣說:「你們要開懇荒地,不要在荊棘中播種。3For thus says Yahweh to the people of Judah and Jerusalem, "Break up deeply your fallow land and do not sow among the thorns.
4猶大人和耶路撒冷的居民!你們應為上主自行割損,除去心上的包皮,以免因你們的惡行,我的忿怒如火發作,焚燒得無人能熄滅。」4O men of Judah and Jerusalem! circumcise yourselves for Yahweh and purify your hearts, lest my wrath spread like a fire that cannot be quenched because of your evil deeds."
5你們應該在猶大宣佈,在耶路撒冷發表,在境內吹起號角,大聲疾呼說:「你們應集合,我們要進攻堅城!」5Announce this in Judah, proclaim it in Jerusalem. Sound the trumpet through the land; shout aloud and say: "Assemble and go to the fortified cities!
6你們應該給熙雍指出路標,趕快出逃,絲毫不可遲延,因為我要由北方招來災禍,絕大的毀滅。6Raise a banner towards Zion! Run for your lives, do not tarry, for I will bring evil and great destruction from the north.
7獅子已衝出牠的叢林,毀滅萬民者已起程走出了他的宮庭,前來使你的地域變為曠野,使你的城邑荒涼,再沒有人居住。7The lion has come out of his den; the destroyer of nations has set out to devastate your country and make your cities ruins without inhabitants!
8為此,你們應身穿苦衣,涕泣哀號,因為上主尚未由我們身上撤回他的烈怒。8Because of this, wrap yourselves in sackcloth; lament and groan, for the fury of Yahweh's anger has not turned away from us.
9到那一天──上主的斷語──君王與王侯必失去勇氣,司祭必驚駭,先知必驚異;9On that day - it is Yahweh who speaks - the king and the leaders will be discouraged, the priests will be terrified and the prophets will be astounded.
10人必要說:「哎!吾主上主!你的確欺騙了這人民和耶路撒冷說:你們必享平安;其實,刀劍已到我們的咽喉!」10People will say, "Ah! Lord Yahweh, you have truly deceived this people and Jerusalem, saying: 'You will have peace' even as the sword is at our throat."
11那時,人要對這人民和耶路撒冷說:「荒丘的熱風由曠野向我人民吹來,不是為吹凈,不是為清潔;11When the time comes it will be said to the people of Jerusalem: "Wearing wind from the desert heights is coming to the daughter of my people, neither to winnow nor to cleanse!
12有一股強烈的風應我的命吹來;現在我要去裁判他們。」12A strong wind comes from there. Now I will declare my judgments against them."
13看啊,他如濃雲湧上來,他的戰車有如旋風,他的戰馬快過飛鷹,禍哉!我們算是完了!13See! Someone comes like the clouds, his chariots are like a whirlwind, his horses swifter than eagles! Woe to us for we are ruined!
14耶路撒冷!洗淨你心內的邪惡,好使你能獲救。你那不義的思念藏在你內,要到何時?14Cleanse your heart of every evil, Jerusalem, that you may be saved! How long will you harbor evil plans within you?
15因為由丹傳來信息,由厄弗辣因山聽到了凶信:15A voice from Dan declares of a coming disaster from Mount Ephraim! "Warn the nations.
16你們應通知人民,轉告耶路撒冷:圍攻的人由遠方前來,向猶大各城高聲吶喊,16Let everyone know in Jerusalem and Judah that enemies are coming from a distant land."
17像護守田地的人將她密密包圍,因為她觸怒了我──上主的斷語。17They encircle Jerusalem like men guarding a field, because she has rebelled against me - it is Yahweh who speaks.
18是你的徑和作為給你造成了這一切;是你的邪惡使你受苦,受到傷心的痛苦。18Your own conduct and actions have brought this upon you. How bitter is your punishment and how it deeply penetrates your heart because you have rebelled against me!"
19我的肺腑,我的肺腑!我痛苦欲絕,我心已破碎,我心焦燥不寧,我不能緘默!因為我親自聽到了角聲,開戰的喧嚷。19I am in anguish! I tremble in the depths of my being; my heart beats wildly. I cannot remain silent for I hear the sound of the trumpet and the clamor of war!
20真是毀滅上加毀滅,全地盡已破壞;我的帳蓬突然倒塌,我的帷幔忽然毀壞。20Disaster after disaster; all the land is laid waste; my tents are suddenly destroyed and in an instant all that shelters me is wiped out.
21我瞻望敵旗,聞聽角聲,要到幾時?21For how long must I see the banner raised and hear the sound of the trumpet?
22這是因為我的人民愚昧,竟不認識我,是些無知的子民,沒有明悟,只知作惡,不知行善。22"This happens because my people are foolish and do not know me. They are senseless and have no understanding, - wise in doing evil but stupid in doing good!"
23我觀望大地,看,空虛混沌;我觀望諸天,卻毫無光亮;23I looked at the earth and I found it formless and void; I looked at the sky but darkness engulfed it.
24我觀望山岳,看,它在戰慄,24I looked at the mountains and they were quaking, and all the hills were swaying to and fro.
25我觀望,看,一個人也沒有,連天空的飛鳥都已逃遁;所有的丘陵都在搖撼。25I looked and saw that it was a no-man's land; even the birds deserted the skies.
26我觀望,看,農田盡變為荒野,所有的城邑盡毀於上主,毀於上主的烈怒。26I looked and saw that the fruitful land was a desert and that all the cities were in ruins because of Yahweh and his fierce anger.
27原來上主這樣說:全地固然要荒蕪,但我卻不徹底加以毀滅。27Yahweh says, "The whole land may be desolate but I will not totally destroy it!
28為此,大地要悲傷,在上諸天要昏暗;因為我說了,再不後悔;決定了,再不撤回。28Because of this the earth shall mourn and the skies be darkened: I have declared my purpose and will not relent; I have made up my mind and will not change it."
29全城的人聽到了騎兵和弓手的喧嚷,都四散逃命,有深入森林的,有爬上山岩的:所有的城市都被放棄,沒有人居住。29At the sound of the horsemen and archers every town takes flight; some go to the thickets and climb among the rocks. All the towns are deserted and no one is left.
30你已被蹂躪,還有甚麼企圖?即使你身披紫錦,佩帶金飾,以鉛華描畫眼眉,使你漂亮,也是徒然!你的愛人蔑視你,想謀害你的性命。30And you, desolate one, what will you do? Even if you are garbed in scarlet and wear jewels of gold and put make-up on your eyes, in vain do you beautify yourself, for your lovers despise you and are ready to take your life.
31的確,我聽到了彷彿產婦的叫聲,彷彿首次分娩的呻吟,是熙雍女兒在伸開雙手喘息哀嘆:我真可憐,因為我的生命已陷在殘殺者手中!31I hear a cry as of a woman in labor, anguish as of one giving birth the first time. It is the cry of the daughter of Zion, gasping for breath with hands outstretched: "Woe is me! I am fainting amidst a band of murderers!"
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