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耶肋米亞 Jeremiah
1關於摩阿布:萬軍的上主,以色列的天主這樣說:「禍哉,乃波!因為她遭受了浩劫;克黎雅塔殷蒙受了羞辱,被人攻佔;城堡被人侮辱,飽受驚恐。1Concerning Moab. Yahweh the God of Israel, says this: "Woe to Nebo, for it is laid waste. Kiriathaim is captured and disgraced; the fortress is shattered and abased.
2摩阿布的誇耀不再存在,在赫市朋就有人對她蓄意謀害:「來,我們將她剷除,使她不再是個民族!」連你瑪德門,也要遭受蹂躪,在你後面緊隨著刀劍。2No more will Moab be praised; men in Heshbon are plotting her downfall: 'Let us put an end to that nation!' You, too, Madmen, will be subdued; behind you stalks the sword.
3由曷洛納因傳來哀號的聲音:蹂躪!絕大的蹂躪!3Listen, a cry from Horonaim - a cry of ruin and destruction!
4摩阿布遭受了蹂躪,哀號之聲直達祚阿爾。4Moab is destroyed; her cry is heard as far as Zoar.
5他們哭泣著攀登路希特山坡;在曷洛納因斜坡上,人們可聽到悽慘的悲號:5Her little ones go up the way to Lulith, weeping bitterly as they make the ascent. On the descent to Horonaim the cry of destruction is still heard.
6請你們逃跑,拯救你們的性命!願你們有如曠野中的楊柳!6Flee, run for your lives, like the wild asses in the desert.
7正因你信賴你的工作和財富,你也要被佔領;革摩士與自己的司祭和執事,也要一同充軍。7Since you trusted in your deeds and riches, you also will be captured. Chemosh will go into exile, together with her priests and officials.
8正如上主說了:蹂躪者必踏遍所有的城市,無一可以幸免;山谷必遭破壞,平原必受摧殘。8Upon every city the destroyer comes, and not a single city escapes. The valley is despoiled, the plain plundered, as Yahweh has declared.
9你們給摩阿布立墓碑,因為她已全被消滅,她的城邑全化為無人居住的荒野。──9Bury Moab for she has perished! Her cities will become desolate, with no inhabitant left.
10那怠慢執行上主工作的,是可咒罵的;那制止自己的刀劍見血的,也是可咒罵的。──10A curse be on him who is lax in performing the work of Yahweh! A curse be on him who holds back his sword from shedding blood!
11摩阿布自少年就享安逸,安息在自己的糟粕上,從沒有由一缸傾注到另一缸內,也從沒有被擄充軍,為此她的滋味仍然存在,她的香味還未改變。11From his youth Moab has lived at ease resting complacently upon lees, never having gone into exile, never having been decanted; so she kept her own flavor as wine, her aroma remained the same.
12惟其如此,看,時日將到──上主的斷語──我必給她派傾倒的人來將她倒空,倒乾她的酒缸,打碎她的酒瓶;12And so the day will come - Yahweh says - when I will send decanters to her. They will empty her flasks and break her jars.
13那時,摩阿布必因革摩士而受辱,就如以色列家因他們信賴的貝特耳而受辱一樣。13Then Moab will be ashamed of Chemosh, as Israel has been ashamed of Bethel, in which they put their trust.
14你們怎能說:「我們是勇士,善戰的力士?」14How can you say, 'We are heroes and valiant men of war?'
15蹂躪摩阿布者上來進攻她的城市,精銳的少年,下去遭受殺戮──名叫「萬軍上主」的君王的斷語──15Moab will be destroyed, her towns shattered; her finest young men will be slaughtered - it is the King who speaks, whose name is Yahweh Sabaoth.
16摩阿布的災難已逼近前來,她的禍患加速進行。16Moab's ruin is near at hand; her downfall comes at top speed.
17你們四鄰,凡認識她聲名的,都應對她惋惜說:「怎麼,威能的權杖,光榮的柄杖,也被折斷!」17All you her neighbors, mourn for her, all you who knew her well; say, "How the mighty scepter is broken, the glorious rod!"
18住在狄朋的女兒!你該由榮耀中下來,坐在乾地上,因為蹂躪摩阿布者已前來攻擊你,摧毀你的要塞。18Come down from glory, sit on the parched ground, all you who dwell in Dibon; Moab's destroyer has come against you, he has destroyed your stronghold.
19阿洛厄爾的居民!請你站在路旁觀望,向在逃亡出走的男女探問說:「發生了什麼事?」19Stand by the way and watch closely, you who dwell in Aroer; ask the men who flee, the women who escape, ask them what has happened.
20摩阿布已羞愧無地,因為已經瓦解;你們應悲哭哀號,在阿爾農宣布:「摩阿布遭受了蹂躪!」20Moab is shamed, oh, yes, destroyed; howl and cry out for her. Announce it by the Arnon that Moab is ruined.
21懲罰已來到了平原之地,到了曷隆、雅哈茲和默法阿特;21Judgment has come on the tableland: on Holon, Jahzah and Mephaath,
22到了狄朋、乃波和貝特狄貝拉塔因;22on Dibon, Nebo and Bethdiblathaim,
23到了克黎雅塔殷、貝特加慕耳和貝特默紅;23on Kiriathaim, Bethgamul and Bethmeon,
24到了克黎約特、波責辣和摩阿布地遠近的各城市。24on Kerioth and Bozrah, on all the cities of Moab, far and near.
25摩阿布的角已被砍下,她的手臂已被折斷──上主的斷語。25The horn of Moab is cut off and her arm broken - it is Yahweh who speaks.
26請你們灌醉她,因為她自高自大,反抗上主;摩阿布必要在自己的嘔吐中輾轉,連她自己也要成為笑柄。26Make her drunk! Because she magnified herself against Yahweh, Moab will wallow in her vomit and become a laughingstock in turn.
27以色列為你豈不是一個笑柄?難道她是被人發現在盜賊之中,為什麼你一提到她,就只有搖頭?27Was not Israel a laughingstock to you? Was she found among thieves, that whenever you speak of her you wag your head?
28摩阿布的居民!你們該離棄城市,住在巖石間,彷彿在深谷懸崖邊緣結巢的鵓鴿。28Leave the cities and dwell in the rocky cliffs, O inhabitants of Moab. Learn from the dove that makes its nest out of reach on the edge of a cliff.
29我們聽說過摩阿布的驕傲,她的確驕傲無比;我們也聽說過她的強橫、矜誇、自大和心中的傲慢。29We have heard of the pride of Moab, of her loftiness and arrogance, of the haughtiness of her heart.
30我知道她狂妄,好事空談,舉動輕率──上主的斷語──30Yahweh says: I know her insolence; her words are false, her deeds are vain.
31為此,我為摩阿布哀哭,為整個摩阿布悲號,為克爾赫勒斯人嘆息。31And so I wail for Moab; for the whole of Moab I moan; for the men of Kir-heres I mourn.
32息貝瑪葡萄園!我為雅則爾痛哭,更為你痛哭;你的枝葉曾越過海洋,伸展到雅則爾;現在蹂躪者竟突然來摧殘你夏季的果實和秋季的收穫。32O vineyard of Sibmah, I weep for you more than for Jazer. Your branches spread as far as the sea, all the way to the sea of Jazer. The destroyer has fallen on your harvest and your vintage.
33摩阿布的田園已再沒有歡欣喜樂;我已使槽中無酒可榨;榨酒的不再榨酒,再也聽不見歡呼。33Jubilation is at an end in the fruit gardens of Moab; the vintage shout of joy is not heard, for I have drained the wine from the wine vats.
34赫市朋和厄肋阿肋的哀號遠達雅哈茲,由左哈爾發出的呼聲,直達曷洛納因和厄革拉舍里史雅,因為尼默陵的水業已枯竭。34The cry of Heshbon and Elealeh is heard as far as Jahaz. From Zoar to Horonaim and Eglathshelishiyah, their lament is heard, for even the waters of Nimrim have become desolate.
35如此,我要給摩阿布滅絕上高丘向神祗獻香的人──上主的斷語──35Yahweh says: I will bring to an end any man in Moab who offers sacrifice on the high place and burns incense to his gods.
36為此我的心像笛簫一般為摩阿布嗚咽,我的心像笛簫一般為克爾赫勒斯人嗚咽,因為他們獲得的積蓄,都已喪失。36And that is why my heart, like a flute, sobs for Moab, moans for the men of Kir-heres whose accumulated riches have all perished.
37人人剃光頭髮,人人剪去鬍鬚,手上帶有割傷,腰間繫有苦衣;37Every head is shorn, every beard cut off; gashes are on their hands, sackcloth covers their loins.
38摩阿布所有的屋頂和廣場上,處處可聽到哀聲,因為我擊碎了摩阿布,有如擊碎一不中人意的器皿──上主的斷語──38There is nothing but lamentation on all the housetops and in the public squares of Moab, for I have shattered her like a vessel that no one wants - says Yahweh.
39摩阿布崩潰得多麼悽慘!你們真該嚎啕!她是多麼含羞轉過背來!摩阿布竟成了她四鄰的笑柄和恐怖。39What terror has seized Moab, what wailing! Oh, how she has turned back in shame! Moab has become a laughingstock and a horror to her neighbors.
40因為上主這樣說:「看,敵人好像老鷹飛翔,向摩阿布展開自己的翅膀,40For thus says Yahweh: Look, an eagle is swooping down, spreading its wings over Moab.
41攻取了城池,佔領了要塞;在那一日,摩阿布的勇士必心志頹喪有如臨產的婦人。41The towns will be captured, the strongholds seized. The heart of Moab's warriors on that day will be like the heart of a woman in travail.
42摩阿布必要消滅,不再成為一個民族,因為她自高自大,反抗上主。42Moab will be destroyed as a nation because she defied the Lord.
43摩阿布的居民!恐怖、陷阱和羅網齊來襲擊你──上主的斷語──43Terror, pit, and snare be upon you, O people of Moab - says Yahweh.
44逃脫了恐怖的,必落在陷阱裡;爬出了陷阱的,必為羅網纏住;在懲罰她的那年,我要給摩阿布召來這一切──上主的斷語──44He who flees from terror will fall into the pit; he who climbs out of the pit will be caught in the snare; for I will let this happen to Moab in the year of her punishment - says Yahweh.
45逃命的人,筋疲力盡,站在赫市朋的陰影下;但是從赫市朋發出了火,從息紅宮中冒出了火焰,吞滅了摩阿布的首領,和騷動子民的頭目。45Fugitives stop in the shadow of Heshbon, for a fire has gone from the house of Sihon, burning Moab's skull and her boasters' crown.
46禍哉,摩阿布!革摩士的人民!你算完了,因為你兒子已被擄去充軍,你的女兒流為囚徒;46Woe to you, Moab, people of Chemosh who suffer calamity! Your sons are taken into exile, your daughers into captivity.
47雖然如此,在末日我仍要轉變摩阿布的命運──上主的斷語。至此是關於摩阿布的判決。47But in the days to come I will restore the fortunes of Moab - Yahweh declares." The judgment on Moab ends here.
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