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耶肋米亞 Jeremiah
1禍哉,那把我牧場上的羊群摧殘和趕散的牧人──上主的斷語──1"Woe to the shepherds who mislead and scatter the sheep of my pasture!"
2為此上主,以色列的天主,對牧放我民的牧人這樣說:「你們驅散趕走了我的羊群,不加照顧;現在,看,我必依照你們的惡行來懲罰你們──上主的斷語──2This is the message of Yahweh, God of Israel, to the shepherds in charge of my people, "You have scattered my sheep and driven them away instead of caring for them. Now I will deal with you because of your evil deeds.
3我要從我以前驅散他們所到的各地,集合我尚存的羊,引導牠們再回自己的羊棧,叫牠們滋生繁殖;3I will gather the remnant of my sheep from every land to which I have driven them and I will bring them back to the grasslands. They will be fruitful and increase in number.
4我要興起牧者來牧放牠們,使牠們無恐無懼,再也不會失掉一個──上主的斷語。4I will appoint shepherds who will take care of them. No longer will they fear or be terrified. No one will be lost."
5看,時日將到──上主的斷語──我必給達味興起一支正義的苗芽,叫他執政為王,斷事明智,在地上執行公道正義。5Yahweh further says, "The day is coming when I will raise up a king who is David's righteous successor. He will rule wisely and govern with justice and righteousness.
6在他的日子裡,猶大必獲救,以色列必居享安寧;人將稱他為「上主是我們的正義。」6That will be a grandiose era when Judah will enjoy peace and Israel will live in safety. He will be called Yahweh-our-justice!
7為此,看,時日將到──上主的斷語──人不再以『那領以色列民由埃及地上來的上主,永在』的話起誓,7"The days are coming," says Yahweh, "when people shall no longer swear by Yahweh as the living God who freed the people of Israel from the land of Egypt.
8卻要以『那領以色列家的後裔,由北方,由他驅逐他們所到的各地回來,使他們再住在自己故鄉的上主,永在』的話起誓。8Rather, they will swear by Yahweh as the living God who restored the descendants of Israel from the northern empire and from all the lands where he had driven them, to live again in their own land!"
9論到先知:我的心在我懷內已破碎,我渾身骨骸戰慄;為了上主,為了他的聖言,我好像成了一個醉漢,成了一個不勝酒力的人,9About the prophets: My heart breaks within me, and all my bones tremble, I am like a drunken man, like a man overcome by wine because of Yahweh and his holy words.
10因為地上充滿了犯奸的人,為此,地受詛咒,只有哀傷,原野草場已枯乾;他們奔走的是邪路,他們的勢力是不義。10The land is full of adulterers. Because of this I put a curse on the country; it is in mourning and the desert grasslands have withered. They follow an evil path and readily act unjustly.
11實在,先知和司祭都不虔誠,以至連在我的殿裡,也發見了他們的邪惡──上主的斷語──11Even the prophet and the priest are corrupt; I have found out about their wickedness in my House - word of Yahweh.
12因此,他們的道路為他們必將變為滑道,他們必被驅入黑暗,必要跌倒;因為到了降罰他們的年分,我必給他們招來災禍──上主的斷語──12That is why their path will become slippery in the dark, making them stumble and fall when I bring evil upon them in the year of their punishment.
13在撒瑪黎雅的先知中,我亦發見了可惡的事:他們竟奉巴耳的名義說預言,使我的以色列民誤入歧途。13I well know how stupid the prophets of Samaria were; they prophesied in the name of Baal and led my people Israel astray.
14在耶路撒冷的先知中,我更發見了極可惡的事:他們竟犯姦淫,行動虛偽,助長惡人的勢力,致使誰也不痛悔自己的邪惡;他們對我猶如索多瑪,其中的居民好像哈摩辣人。14But among the prophets of Jerusalem I have likewise seen horrors: for they are adulterers and liars! They encourage the evildoers so that none of them turns away from wickedness. For me all of them are like Sodom; and the common people like Gomorrah.
15為此,萬軍的上主論先知這樣說:看啊!我必叫他們吃苦艾,喝毒水,因為全地邪惡蔓延,都是出於耶路撒冷的先知。15That is why Yahweh the God of hosts speaks against the prophets: I will give them bitter food to eat and poisoned water to drink, for from the prophets of Jerusalem evil has spread all over the land.
16萬軍的上主這樣說:不要聽向你們說預言的先知的話;他們只使你們妄想,他們講的,並非出自上主的口,而只是他們心中的幻想。16Thus Yahweh warns, "Do not listen to what the prophets say. They give you false hope and tell you their own illusions, and not what comes from the mouth of Yahweh.
17他們對那輕視我的人肯定說:「上主說:你們必享平安。」對一切隨從自己頑固的心行事的人說:「災禍不會來到你們身上。」17They dare say to those who despise me: 'Yahweh has spoken, be at peace'; and to those who follow their own stubborn hearts they say: 'No misfortune will come upon you!'
18其實,有誰參加過上主的會議,親自聽見過他的話?有誰曾留意聽他的話,而實在聽到了?18Who then has been present in the council of Yahweh? Who has heard and understood his word? Who has paid attention to his word and is able to pass it on?
19看,上主的憤怒,如暴風發作,像旋風在惡人的頭上旋轉。19The storm of Yahweh's wrath breaks forth and a whirling hurricane bursts upon the head of the wicked!
20上主的烈怒必不止息,直到他執行和完成了他心裡的計劃;到末日你們必能徹底明瞭。20Yahweh's wraths will not relent before the full accomplishment of his plans. The time will come when you will understand what it is.
21我並沒有派遣這些先知,他們卻自動奔走;我並沒有對他們說話,他們卻擅說預言。21I did not send these prophets, yet they went running. I did not speak, yet they prophesied!
22假使他們果真參加過我的會議,就該使我的人民聽到我的話,叫他們離棄自己的邪道和自己邪惡的行為。22Were they present in my council? Then let them proclaim my word to my people and have them turn away from their evil ways and their wicked deeds.
23難道對近處的,我是天主──上主的斷語──對遠處的,我就不是天主了嗎?──上主的斷語──23Am I a God only when I am near - it is Yahweh who speaks - and not when I am far off?
24人若隱藏在暗處,我就看不見了嗎?──上主的斷語──難道我不是充滿天地的天主嗎?──上主的斷語──24If someone hides in secret places do I not see him? - Do I not fill the heavens and the earth?
25我聽見了這些先知說的,他們奉我的名預言虛妄說:我做了一夢,我做了一夢!25I have listened and heard the lies that the prophets have proclaimed in my name. All said: 'I had a dream! I had a dream!'
26先知在民間妄說預言,宣講自己心中的幻想,要到幾時呢?26How long will there be prophets of lies who proclaim their own illusions?
27他們互相傳述自己的夢幻,企圖使我的人民忘記我的名,如同他們的祖先為了巴耳忘記了我的名一樣。27They would like to make the people forget my Name by the dreams they relate to one another, just as their fathers forgot my Name when they followed Baal.
28得了夢的先知,讓他傳夢;得了我的話的,就該忠實傳述我的話;麥稈怎能與麥粒相比?──上主的斷語──28The prophet who has a dream prophesies a dream, whereas the one who receives my word proclaims the word of truth. What have straw and wheat in common?
29我的話豈不是像火?──上主的斷語──豈不是像擊碎巖石的鐵鎚?29Isn't my word like fire, like the hammer that shatters a rock?
30為此,看──上主的斷語──我要懲罰互相竊取我話的先知。30That is why I oppose the prophets who steal from one another words that are supposedly mine.
31看──上主的斷語──我要懲罰那些轉動自己的舌頭,妄說「神諭」的先知。31I am against the prophets who have only to move their tongues to utter oracles.
32看──上主的斷語──我要懲罰那些預言和傳述幻夢,以自己的謊言妄語迷惑我人民的先知;我既沒有派遣他們,也沒有對他們有所吩咐,他們對這人民就決不能有任何貢獻──上主的斷語。32I am against those whose prophecies are based on lying dreams, who lead my people astray with their trickery and pretensions. I did not commission or charge them to transmit my orders, so they are of no benefit to my people - word of Yahweh.
33若是這人民,先知或司祭問你:什麼是「上主的重擔?」你就答應他們說:你們就是重擔,我要將你們拋棄──上主的斷語──33And when these people, or a prophet or a priest jestingly asks you: What is the 'Burden' of Yahweh? you will answer: 'You are the burden - and I am going to get rid of you.' This is Yahweh's word.
34凡是問「上主的重擔」的先知、司祭或人民,我必懲罰這人和他的家。34And the prophets, priests or common people who say: 'Burden' of Yahweh, will be punished, and their household as well.
35你們應每人對自己的鄰人和兄弟這樣說:「上主有了什麼答覆?」或「上主說了什麼?」35This is what you should say, each one to his friend or brother, "What is Yahweh's answer?" or "What has Yahweh said?"
36不應再提「上主的重擔;」不然,各人的話必要成為自己的重擔,因為你們歪曲了永生的天主,萬軍的上主,和我們的天主的話。36But there must be no mention of 'Burden' of Yahweh for it shall be burdensome for the one who says it.
37你應這樣問先知說:「上主對你有什麼答覆?」或「上主說了什麼?」37And if you want to know,
38如果你們還說:「上主的重擔。」上主就要這樣說:就因你們還說「上主的重擔」這句話──我原派人對你們說:不要再說「上主的重擔」──38this is what Yahweh says:
39為此,看,我要把你們卸下,把你們和我賜與你們及你們祖先的城市,由我面前遠遠拋棄,39Since you use this expression in spite of my prohibition, I will cast you off and thrust you out of my sight, - you and the city I gave to you and your fathers.
40使你們永遠受辱,受永遠不能忘的污辱。40I will bring upon you everlasting shame and dishonor that will be yours forever.
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