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耶肋米亞 Jeremiah
1上主這樣說:「你下到猶大王宮去,在那裡宣佈這話,1Yahweh said to me, "Go to the palace of the king of Judah and give him this message:
2說:坐在達味寶座上的猶大王!你和你的臣僕及從這些門進來的人民,該聆聽上主的話。2Hear the word of Yahweh, O king of Judah who sit on the throne of David. To you, your servants and all who enter by these gates,
3上主這樣說:你們應執行公道正義,從壓迫人的手中解救受剝奪的人,不要傷害虐待外方人和孤兒寡婦,不要在這地方上流無辜者的血。3Yahweh says: Practice justice and do good. Free the oppressed from their oppressor. Harm not the foreigners, the orphans and the widows; do them no violence, and let no innocent blood be spilled in this place.
4假使你們實在照這話去做,必有坐在達味寶座上的君王,乘車騎馬,與自己的臣僕和人民從這宮殿的門進來;4If you do this, kings succeeding King David will enter these gates riding on their chariots and horses, together with their servants and their people.
5倘若你們不聽從這話,我指著自己起誓──上主的斷語──這宮殿必要變為廢墟。5But if you do not heed my word - it is Yahweh who speaks I swear by myself that this place will become a ruin."
6因為上主這樣論猶大的宮殿說:即使你為我有如基肋阿得,又如黎巴嫩的山頂,我仍要使你變為荒野,成為無人居往的城市;6For this is what Yahweh says of the royal house of Judah: For me you are like Gilead, like a peak of Lebanon! And yet I will transform you into a desert, a city where no one lives.
7我要祝聖那已武裝的毀滅者來攻擊你,砍伐你最佳美的香柏,投入火中。7I will prepare destroyers to attack you, each with an axe in his hand. They will cut down your choice cedars and throw them into the fire.
8許多民族經過這城時,必互相問說:為什麼上主這樣對待了這座大城市?8Pagans without number will pass by this city and say to one another, "Why has Yahweh dealt with this great city in such a way?"
9人必答說:因為他們廢棄了上主他們的天主的盟約,敬拜事奉了別的神祇。」9And they will answer, "Because they broke their covenant with Yahweh, their God, and worshiped and served other gods!"
10你們不要為已死的人哭泣,不要為他舉哀;卻要為遠去的人痛哭,因為他不會再回來,見他的生身地。10Weep not for the one who is dead! grieve not for him. Mourn rather for him who is in exile for he will never return to see his homeland again!
11因為上主這樣論猶大王約史雅的兒子,即繼承他父親約史雅為王的沙隆說:「他一離開這地方,就不會再回來,11For this is what Yahweh has said of King Josiah's son, Shallum, who succeeded his father as king of Judah:
12必死在被擄去的地方,不會再見此地。」12"He will never return, for he will die in the place to which he has been deported and will never see this land again.
13禍哉,那不以公道正義建築自己的宮殿樓臺,叫人為自己徒勞而不給他工資的人!13Damned is the man who builds his house with stolen goods, and extends it upwards by means of injustice; he who makes his fellowman work for nothing and refuses to give him his wages!
14他說:我得給自己建築廣大的宮殿,寬敞的樓臺,開設窗戶,鑲上香柏,塗上丹砂。14So you build for yourself a fine palace with spacious upper rooms! So you have large windows put in, you have it paneled with cedarwood and painted vermillion.
15你為王是要以香柏爭勝嗎?你父親豈不也吃也喝?但他執行公道正義,為此能一切順利;15Does amassing cedar make you more of a king? Was not your father a just man? He ate and drank to his life's content, but he acted justly and all went well for him.
16他親自裁判弱小和貧苦人的案件,因此一切順利;這豈不是表示他認識我?──上主的斷語──16He defended the cause of the poor and needy: this is the meaning of knowing Yahweh.
17至於你,你的眼和心,只顧私利,只知流無辜者的血,施行欺壓和勒索。17But your eyes and heart are set on selfish gain, on the shedding of innocent blood, and oppressive violence.
18為此上主這樣說:「對於猶大王約史雅的兒子約雅金,人必不哀悼他說:哀哉,我兄弟!或哀哉,我姊妹!人必不哀悼他說:哀哉,主上!或哀哉,陛下!18Therefore this is what Yahweh says concerning Jehoiakim, son of Josiah, king of Judah: No one shall lament for him saying: Alas, my brother! Alas, O sister! No one shall lament for him saying: Alas, my lord! Alas, your majesty!
19人要埋葬他如同埋葬一匹驢,將他拖出,拋在耶路撒冷的門外。」19He will be given the burial of a donkey, dragged away and thrown out beyond the gates of Jerusalem.
20你該上黎巴嫩去呼喊,在巴商提高你的聲音,由阿巴陵喊叫,因為你的情侶都已滅亡。20Go up to Lebanon and cry out; weep from the heights of Bashan cry out from Abarim, for all your lovers have been crushed.
21在你歡樂時,我曾勸告過你,你卻說:「我不聽從。」你從幼年,就是這般行徑,從不聽我的聲音。21I spoke to you in more fortunate days, but you said: 'I will not listen.' You have been like that since your youth, paying no attention to my word.
22你所有的牧人將被風捲去,你的情侶必流徙遠方;那時你必因你行的一切邪惡,含羞抱愧。22All your shepherds will be scattered by the wind and your lovers will be taken captive; then you will be covered with shame because of your evil deeds.
23你現在住在黎巴嫩,在香柏樹上營巢,但是,當痛苦,像產婦的痛苦襲擊你時,你將多麼可憐!23You who call your house: 'Lebanon' and made your nest of cedarwood, how you will groan when sorrow comes like the birthpangs of a woman in labor!
24我永在──上主的斷語──猶大王約雅金的兒子苛尼雅,即使你是我右手上蓋章的指環,我也要將你拔除,24By my life - says Yahweh - even if Jeconiah, Jehoiakim's son, king of Judah, were the signet ring on my right hand I would pull him off!
25交在圖謀你性命和你畏懼的人的手中,交在巴比倫王拿步高和加色丁人的手中;25I will hand you to those who seek your life, to the Chaldeans you fear.
26將你和你生身的母親,拋在不是你們出生的異地,叫你們死在那裡。26Then I will hurl you and the mother who bore you into a foreign land where you were not born. There you shall die,
27他們必不能回到他心靈渴望回去的地方。27for to the land for which you long, you will never return!"
28苛尼雅這人,不是個可鄙而該毀滅的器皿,或無人喜悅的傢具嗎?為什麼他和他的後裔被拋棄,被投擲到自己不相識的地方去?28Is this Jeconiah a broken and useless crock that no one wants? Why has he been expelled, he and his family, to a land they do not know?
29地啊!地啊!地啊!請聆聽上主的話!29Land, land, land! Hear what Yahweh says.
30上主這樣說:「你應記錄:這人是一個無子女,畢生無成就的人,因為他的後裔中,沒有一人能成功,能坐上達味的寶座,再統治猶大。」30These are his words, "List this man as childless!" None of his race will succeed; not one will be fortunate to sit on David's throne and rule again over Judah.
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